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  1. Oh awesome! I must have missed that post.
  2. Everything seems to be working well on 1.7.3, I did a fresh install of JNSQ and redid my settings and nothing looks out of ordinary so far. Is there a way to make city lights work with JNSQ? I noticed KSC from orbit and thought it looked very lonely.
  3. I'm also having issues with the zoom map, but I'm currently on 1.7.1 with JNSQ. Did you ever find a solution Musdancat? Also thanks for all the years of SCANSat, it's a mod that is basically a requirement for me, just adds so much to the game.
  4. That's what I figured but I wanted to ask just in case. Thanks a bunch!
  5. So I noticed an update to KS3P today and was wondering if it is likely to conflict or cause any issues with JNSQ. The pack looks beautiful as is, but post processing tends to be nice for screenshots. Any thoughts?
  6. I'm not sure which planet pack he is using, but I know Astronomers Visual Pack adds Sorlon which is an asteroid in a highly elliptical orbit that's similar. It's a pain to try and stop at. Edit: Check Kerbol Origins, I think that might be the planet pack in the video.
  7. They also posted on the forums about 1.7.3 it's going to add the ability to have same ship part interactions so we can make gears and stuff. While I'm glad they're still hard at work after all these years, it can be rough on mod makers having so many updates close together.
  8. I can't wait to try this out. I'd like to play it on 1.7.2 so as soon as Kopernicus releases their update I'm going to have to try this. I remember learning a lot during my GPP 2.5x playthrough so I think this planet pack will be a lot of fun. Also thanks for the DeltaV map, I was going to post on here asking if anyone had one until I saw that one was posted with the mod!
  9. Thanks for all the hard work, any plans to do ladders in the future? I remember the ladders in Vens Srock Revamp were my favorite part, and something that in the base game just look kind of ugly. I'd love to see some enhancements in that area.
  10. Looks like #VALUE is gonna take it again lol. Go ProbesPlus! I've been hoping for support for it for awhile, the nice thing is that _Zee shouldn't have to move very much with it, a lot of the parts feel like they're in good nodes already. I think the main thing will be tweaking things like the science experiment placement and values for the alternate skins it provides for both the vanilla experiments and DMagic Orbital Science.
  11. I've been learning from his mistakes so I don't make them too lol, I'm using a tech tree that starts with unmanned and I'm only just getting to the manned part. Also thanks for the update to the CKAN!
  12. Ah ok, yes that would be the case. I had 1.3 checked for a couple of older mods that still work (Crowd Sourced Science is still amazing), I don't really need it checked now anyways. Thanks!
  13. Hey so I was installing this mod through CKAN for the first time and I noticed that it defaults to BP-1.4.3 instead of 2.1.2, I wasn't sure if you were aware of this so I just wanted to let you know in case you weren't.
  14. I've been playing with your mod on 1.6.1 and so far everything seems to be working as intended, I haven't come across any issues I can think of so far. Love the work you've done, this is one of those must have mods for me, I've been using it with a CTT config that is centered around starting with probes and this mod fits almost perfectly with it. I'm hoping at some point he adds full support for your mod.