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  1. MaxwellsDemon

    1.75m Soyuz?

    Ever since Making History's Vostok/Voskhod analogues came out, I've been wishing for a compatible set of Soyuz capsules. Tantares is nice but is all based around 1.25m parts and doesn't seem to react well to TweakScale (at least in my admittedly limited skill range), and Homegrown Rockets/HGR is old and needs a considerable amount of tweaking to make them work... Anyone working along these lines?
  2. MaxwellsDemon

    For Questions That Don't Merit Their Own Thread

    Not a question, just a gripe. I wish news writers would stop using the phrase "dark side of the moon" in connection with the recent Chang-E landing. Even when they call out in the article that the far side is not the same thing as "the dark side," the phrase still tends to crop up in the headline. There's as much a "dark side of the moon" as there is a "dark side of the Earth," for Pete's sake! It's called "night." [/gripe]
  3. Just can't get enough of supporting mods, can you? XD Seriously, thank you for picking this one up-- it's one of my must-haves. (Well, maybe that's a tad strong. Really-prefer-to-haves.)
  4. MaxwellsDemon

    EVA / Crew Report swap mod?

    Aha... I think this was it:
  5. MaxwellsDemon

    EVA / Crew Report swap mod?

    I seem to recall that there was a mod that swapped Crew Reports and EVA Reports, so that when you were orbiting low over a body, you made successive crew reports above each biome instead of popping outside, grabbing an EVA report, and popping back inside again... I don't think it was the only thing in the mod-- maybe not even the main feature-- but I can't remember which mod had it. Anyone else remember it?
  6. MaxwellsDemon

    Soviet/Russian Spaceflight Bibliography (English)

    Here's one to skip: Eberhard Rodel's The Soviet Space Program:  First Steps, 1941-1953. Looks slick, but is choppy and severely lacking on sources and annotations. Also, strange in places: one two-page spread describing the German invasion of 1941 actually summarizes a movie about the event, rather than the actual invasion.
  7. MaxwellsDemon

    [1.5.1, 1.6.1] NASA CountDown Clock Updated

    I noticed this as well-- the radio button to switch to GT appears to have gone away. That might be linked to the fix recently implemented for the repeatedly-checking-GT-availability, at a guess.
  8. More likely the former than the latter. Two possibilities occur to me: 1. If you're playing a campaign game, you may not have researched the tech that makes Gravity Turn auto-circularize your orbit; or 2. You might not have enough delta V remaining in the stage to circularize. If the first, you'll need to manually circularize the orbit... (Or, it might be something else, of course, but I'd check those two first.)
  9. MaxwellsDemon

    [1.5.*] Bob's Panic Box

    Awesome! This will help lots. Will d/l and start using... er, testing... immediately.
  10. MaxwellsDemon

    [1.5.1+] Vapor Vent released

    Oh, no. But it's easy enough to stick the part on there.
  11. MaxwellsDemon

    [1.5.1+] Vapor Vent released

    In the VAB, yes. Looks especially nice with the FASA towers in particular. It's just adding the part to the clamp in the VAB. I'm primarily thinking of the FASA towers, though; haven't tried it with the stock launch clamps-- maybe it wouldn't work. Will have to try it out.
  12. MaxwellsDemon

    [1.5.1+] Vapor Vent released

    I do that by adding the "emissive" part to the launchclamps.
  13. MaxwellsDemon

    Optimum altitude to jettison fairings?

    Thanks! Sounds like something I can quit worrying about-- roughly 50km is about the altitude that I pop them as it is, so sounds like there's no big adjustment to be made on my part.
  14. Is there a general rule of thumb as to the optimum altitude/velocity/pressure (Q, I think) to jettison fairings-- where the aerodynamic drag reduction is no longer worth the weight/gravity loss? I don't really need the exact equations-- just a general "feel" for the right timing/altitude. Thinking of firing off a series of sounding rockets to test, but I imagine someone else has done a lot more thinking about it already...
  15. MaxwellsDemon

    What did you do in KSP today?

    Got my kerbosynchronous commnet up and operating, flew a couple of rescue missions, built a second launch pad (Kerbal Construction Time), upgraded Mission Control, and sent Jeb up in a KV-2 "Pea" pod using my R-7 tribute in honor of the anniversary of Yuri Gagarin's flight. I believe I heard Jeb shout "Eelakeyop" at liftoff.