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  1. [waves of empathy and sympathy] Good ol' Career Restart Syndrome. Every time I get out to a certain point, I say, "This is it. I am sticking with this one, no matter what comes out." But, inevitably, something gets released that I really want to play with... and then, before you know it, bam! Back to Tech Level Nothing. In two careers, I have made it to landing a probe or rover on Duna; in other careers I have managed Eve and Moho flybys. I have never been to Dres, Eeloo, or the Jool system, and I have never gotten a full Minmus fuel mining operation up and running. Someday
  2. I'm no programmer, but I have long wished for more functionality in the astronaut office building-- viewing service records, administrative moves or rank/title assignments, maybe designation of primary and backup crews. Retirement and vacation could fit there, too. Mostly role-playing stuff, but it'd be fun.
  3. Truth and truth. Making a decision on whether or not to buy a product that isn't really much more than a fancy trailer and a lot of hearsay isn't sensible. I get from some of the developer statements that they are fully aware that mods are a big part of what drove KSP's success, and that they fully intend to recreate that with KSP2. So, yes, the mods will affect my purchase timing as well... not to mention that, in the industry as a whole, there is a bit of a tendency to rush things to market in a state that once might have been called "beta." Not saying that Star Theory in particular
  4. Piffle. Dollars (or Euros) (or, specifically, missed sales goals) speak more loudly than words do to marketing people. If you don't buy, they will sweeten the offer to try to get you to do so, either by increasing what's offered or decreasing the asking price. It's inevitable. You just have to wait-- if you want it as soon as it comes out, sure, you'll be paying extra for that privilege.
  5. I don't see the point of announcing "I'm not going to pay X for Y." Just don't make the purchase.
  6. >> Whew << Deleting persistent.loadmeta and persistent.sfs and renaming quicksave.loadmeta and quicksave.sfs to "persistent" allowed me to recover my campaign. Weird.
  7. A lot of entries look this: [ERR 16:34:15.026] Input is null for field 'agent' in config node 'CONTRACT_FINISHED' at System.Environment.get_StackTrace () [0x00000] in <ad04dee02e7e4a85a1299c7ee81c79f6>:0 at ConfigNode.AddValue (System.String name, System.String value) [0x00000] in <9d71e4043e394d78a6cf9193ad011698>:0 at Contracts.Contract.Save (ConfigNode node) [0x00000] in <9d71e4043e394d78a6cf9193ad011698>:0 at Contracts.ContractSystem.OnSave (ConfigNode gameNode) [0x00000] in <9d71e4043e394d78a6cf9193ad011698>:0 at ScenarioModule.Save (Co
  8. "ScienceChecklist" appears to be a module or part of "[x] Science". Will try isolating it.
  9. Just got a whitescreen crash... the log is full of entries similar to or identical to this: [EXC 21:26:49.087] NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object ScienceChecklist.ExperimentFilter.IsAmountLimitedByDMagic (ScienceChecklist.ScienceInstance x, System.Collections.Generic.IList`1[T] DMModuleScienceAnimateGenerics) (at <e37e30492055407cb07984669fc8a878>:0) ScienceChecklist.ExperimentFilter+<>c__DisplayClass42_0.<UpdateFilter>b__4 (ScienceChecklist.ScienceInstance x) (at <e37e30492055407cb07984669fc8a878>:0)
  10. Head's up: on Spacedock, the "SpacetuxSA" update directs to SSR Microsat (as does SSR Microsat, properly). @linuxgurugamer
  11. I'm running GT on 1.8.1, no problems. There does seem to be something up with World Stabilizer, but I'm not programmer enough to say much more than that!
  12. Crossposting one of my posts from another thread: I'm far from an expert in reading logs, but I'm seeing a lot of these in the log when I was looking at said rover: [ERR 17:36:00.062] Module SafeBrakes threw during OnUpdate: System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object at SafeBrakes.SafeBrakes.OnUpdate () [0x001b4] in <e8f4061f37b542f9b11eea8271dcef40>:0 at Part.ModulesOnUpdate () [0x0004a] in <9d71e4043e394d78a6cf9193ad011698>:0
  13. I'm not so sure that SafeBrakes was the problem, but I'll keep looking.
  14. I *think* this might help... [LOG 12:27:30.378] [MessageSystem] Save Messages [LOG 12:27:30.433] Game State Saved as persistent [LOG 12:27:33.613] Unpacking Thoth Mockup [LOG 12:27:33.616] WST: onVesselGoOffRails:0: off rails: mk1pod.v2: alt: 69.3725394621724; radar alt: 0.404832810163498; alt: 69.3725394621724 [LOG 12:27:33.616] WST: onVesselGoOffRails:0: mission time: 0 [LOG 12:27:33.616] WST: onVesselGoOffRails:0: checking if we're inside the hangar [LOG 12:27:33.618] WST: getClosestForeignPart:0: closest part for direction (0.0, 1.0, 0.0): , distance: 1000 [LOG 12:27:33.618] WST: get
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