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  1. It would have to move all missile units, instead of one at the time, since it is impossible to have multiple turrets on the same part.
  2. First of all, great mod! I'm just a simple computer player but it looks to me as if you were modelling the parts with way more attention to detail (and skills) than squad does. Also, would it be possible to make some Russian Cruiser missile tubes?
  3. If you are playing in 1.0.5, you should take a look at the PEW mod.
  4. How about some simple (maybe ubio welding compatible) window-lookalikes as they are in stock parts. There are some already but not in an array, Which makes it terrible to work with it on ships.
  5. Well thank you for using different words than before i am from germany and im not the only person on this forum who isnt from a primarily english speaking part of the world and by the way where i come from it is spelled nuklear and said nookleah. but everybody understud what i ment. Also ive been told that my english sounds "rude" . If what i said was rude. It wasnt ment this way! P.s. good luck with you're mod development learning and the icbm P.p.s. there still is a max. loading range P.p.p.s when i checked last time harpwner said he would make a naval gun update.
  6. If there is anything i learned in my life it is that you can not tear down real work. And please stop spaming this thread if you wonna say something to ME do it. Also i send him a message saying im sorry and that we should take down the posts, but he ignored me. So if this forum has administrators, it would be nice if you could delete this conversation. I think the reasons are selfspeaking.
  7. Did you forget that i asked you for a part and he "commented" on my post?