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  1. I gave it a short try. It worked, they even destroyed some sciende... Sadly dont have much time to test it more.
  2. Thanks for recompiling it, just a few days ago I remembered about this mod. I see it's compiled for 1.8 , I'm giving it a try on 1.11 i supose it will work.
  3. Hello, Since the mod wasn't loading on KSP 1.11 and made it hangs I went to the file DeployableScience.cfg and changed this line, it appears three times: :NEEDS[SquadExpansion/Serenity,SimpleLogistics]:AFTER[SimpleLogistics] Into this one: :AFTER[SquadExpansion,SimpleLogistics] Not sure how it will behave if you dont have any squad expansion, but it made the mod load... I supose.
  4. As far as I played with them, just a little, it's pretty cool, it gives some more stuff to do near kerbin.
  5. Just wanted to say Thanks to Nertea and the rest of the guys who worked in this. It's an awesome and incredible mod and the models all look amazing. Thanks for your hard work.
  6. I still use it, just some bits here and there, but it sure was an incredible mod when it came out.
  7. I just want to give my thanks to everyone working ont his project, everything looks so awesome. Thanks a lot. This kind of stuff is what I talk to my friends when they ask me why am I still playing KSP after more than 1000 hours of playtime according to Steam. I tell them, the community, it's awesome. Thanks a lot.
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