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  1. It's all free...again... Where are the times we thanked SQUAD at least THANKS KSP-TEAM!
  2. I am the only one? I am absolutly not hyped by Next Gen Tech
  3. They really love the Market
  4. You're a wanderer? And keep on walking :-) this is the NASA Countdown Thread
  5. More Science Parts (I know there are mods) Oh, I forgot there is since the last Update
  6. ..and then many more. But this one is still the most usefull after all. Thanks @TriggerAu
  7. Please folks Laythe thread away and Gilly yourself
  8. Sorry Folks for 2 boring Questions. I just found this mod and I'm wondering, if I can deactivate each LED i would (not just the one in the OP Pictures). And is there somme issues if I try install this on a running career game and then uninstall it again (will it "block" my builded Vessels withit?) Mayby someone can answer? Thanks a lot and yes english isn't my native language
  9. For me the problem since 1.7.x was that the mod only showed up under Blizzys toolbar.