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  1. For me the problem since 1.7.x was that the mod only showed up under Blizzys toolbar.
  2. I got the Toolbar from CKAN. Toolbar Toolbar Controller Maybe there is a Problem with it. I will check this, after 1.8. compatibility is confirmed with. Thanks @VoidSquid for your hint.
  3. I did a little break from playing. Now with 1.73 and 6.8.3 the mood seems broken. There is no Toolbar Icon and the mood doesn't work Anyboday else have these issue? Do I have to wait or is it a problem by me own? Fly safe and thx4answers.
  4. We will see. Surprized but not hyped.
  5. be nice to each other and *for not *für one ü for free
  6. Anyone else have some viewing troubles with SVE and newes SCatterer v0.0540? Black sky with white clouds from terrain and clunky clouds in the orbit.Module Manger is 4.0.2 (I know I need logs and screens for help - I'm not asking for help, just wondering if I'm the only one and so the problem is elsewhere
  7. Finaly I understand how this Engine works