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  1. I don't want to seem harsh or rude. But I can't understand your post. Is this a development discussion or craft showcase? Language aside I like you car, it has a great shape.
  2. Great I'm looking forward to it. Thank you for doing such amazing work. I've tried making story driven Kerbal videos and I just couldn't do it. All the set up and behind the scenes was just to much. I'm glad that there are more patient people like you that make such creative and fun works. Happy landings, Planetfall
  3. I read Dinosaur and got excited. Than I saw the awesome plane and got excited
  4. I am always impressed with your builds, your Star Wars builds especially, this is no exception. Love it! Is the Kerbal Star Wars story coming back?
  5. Oh I totally know the feeling! I always have little project in my head but the hear and now always destract me.
  6. Woooo! that dog fighting scene was tense! and I like how there was a tactical twist it wasn't just a slug fest. Saying that though I was kind of hoping for more ground combat. But I suppose that's really not the focuse of the serise. Besides that nitpick I loved it! (Also it has my name so XD)
  7. Ooh this sounds interesting. *opens imgur* those are some nice blueprints but where are the replicas? *brain clicks* ..... Oh.... Wow...
  8. I like this but I wonder how it could work. Would the ports provide the tork or the modules reaction wheels?
  9. Ooh this is a tad of topic, but I think a lot of you would like The clockwork rocket by Greg Egan.
  10. I would like a dence belt of small comets so close together as soon as you drift from one SOI you fall into another. You could hop from one to anther by jumping. the g.s would be so low!
  11. Well I'd personally like it if the seas got some love. maybe sea life (coral, sponges, etc.) and a deep sea biome. Than add boat and sub parts. I mean just adding schools of fish as sprites would add a lot to the imersion (literally).
  12. Hmm. Mk0? Sounds interesting. What do you have in mind? Is it a mod?