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Found 16 results

  1. Well, I'm currently trying to get more science in Kerbin. Lately I discovered that you can get "flying" situation under the KSC's mini-biomes (e.g. Kerbin's Launchpad, Kerbin's FlagPole, etc.). This was done by an accident: Moving toward the FlagPole at high speeds but low enough to not break any parts. And collecting science while doing so. However, any subsequent attempt to get to the "flying" situation (i.e. just don't touch the ground) would result me in taking the biome under it (i.e. Kerbin's Shores). I'm a Science hardcore, I'll go any lengths to extract science from a planet to the last bit. So please tell me if it's possible to get "flying" situation in the mini-biomes.
  2. So when I go to minmus and explore the planet, the biomes that should be there, are not there. So, Flats gets mixed up with Lesser Flats. Slopes with lowlands, same with midlands. I've double checked the biome map online and my game and I know I'm in a spot where there should be a certain biome, but a different biome is present. I do have quite a few mods, but I removed all of them and did an uninstall/reinstall and I still have the same problem. Is it something gameplay specific? Something I'm not recognizing? A glitch? How do I fix it? My kerbal doing the research is a scientist on a rover. Mods: Filter Extensions, BoulderCo, Community Kit/Pack/TechTree, Distant Object, EVE, GEAFlags and Terrain, Grounded, Interstellar Mods/fuel switch/hybrid rocketry, KAS, Kerbal Engineer, Joint Reinforcement, KIS, MechJeb2, Modular FlightIntegrator, Patch Manager, PlanetaryBaseInc, RealPlume, Scatterer, SmokeScreen, TextureReplacer, TweakScale, WarpPlugin Let me know if you need more details
  3. I've found it quite irksome that when a spacecraft gets into orbit around Kerbol, you always get the same result for experiments regardless of the distance to Kerbol itself. I believe that the results for certain experiments should change in relation to the spacecraft's distance from Kerbol, especially if it's in or around a planet's orbital area. Is there a mod that adds extra biomes to achieve this, including 'interstellar' ones?
  4. I recently started trying to figure out how to make a new planet with Kopernicus. Long story short, I've coded the planet but haven't drawn the planet or its biomes. After some searching, I still can't seem to find out how. Any ideas?
  5. Hello fellows I'm playing through a career and have almost finished all the biome on Mun with the help of [x] Science! Mod. I've however bomp inot this question: I can't find "Northern basin!!!!" which appeared on the science list! After some struggle with the orbit, It seems that the "Northeast basin" is used by all experiments and kerbnet system. "Nortern basin" is used by KSP wiki and the [x]Science! https://imgur.com/a/ZC1WI I know it's probably a small thing, just post it here incase anyone have the same question. Are there anywhere I could report this typo?
  6. Science checklist with all biomes and situations Why another one? There have been many such lists made before, but I didn't really like any of them. Either they were too detailed (separate checkboxes for every single experiment, when you usually perform many if not all of them at once), or not detailed enough (no provision for all the biome-specific science in every possible vessel situation). How is this one better? It provides checkboxes for all combinations of biome and situation, for all biomes of all stock planets and moons, so you won't forget to do your "Flying Low" science over Eve's Peaks. It includes the "splashed down" situation where possible, and also all of KSC's special biomes. All this in merely 4 pages (plus the title page). It even shows the altitude to achieve each situation of "space high", "space low", "flying high" and "flying low" (where applicable), and which of the stock experiments are biome-specific in each situation. I also added some coordinates for some hard-to-find combinations of biomes, such as getting "splashed down" on Kerbin's mountains or Eve's peaks. Downloads Without further ado, here are the downloads: PDF document for printing LibreOffice/OpenOffice document if you want to edit something Or some images to look at if you prefer: Hope it helps! Go max out your science! Suggestions for improvement welcome! [edit] Fixed images. Note that since the 1.2 biome changes, the landing locations indicated are not nearly as complete anymore biome-wise.
  7. They could include cars and other vehicles, npcs and biome in kerbal, how would it feel, feel free to express yourself? Type in my channel on youtube the name (sandboxgamer) with two kerbais as the channel figure. BATMOVEL crazy
  8. Here is a feature request that should have been implemented already a long time ago: science experiments should not give full science if similar results have already been obtained from another biome on the same planetary body. 1. First science report (specific to instrument) should give full science return, as it is now. 2. Any subsequent science experiment (specific to instrument) from the same body but different biome should only give ~1/2 of science return (i.e., C*2^(-N) outcome, where N is number of biomes already explored prior with this particular experiment). This does not require much change - even if keeping track of "science values" could be tricky, post-factum processing is easy ("you received only 1/8 science from gravity scan of surface of Mun Midland Craters, as it does not bring as much new information compared to the gravity scan results your have already obtained on this planet). This change will curtail the desire to grind science on easily accessible bodies and will subtly force player to explore further, providing a lot more depth and challenge to tech progression (btw, it is not about "hardcore challenge", it is about keeping the player's interest in exploration and not routine/boring/repetitive missions). Please consider this, as it is a major factor in player's enjoyment of continually exploring the game, as opposed to boredom of continually doing the same thing over and over again (the latter is more cost-effective in the current implementation, and that is a problem). P.S. Mods!???? Please? Pretty please? P.P.S. This needs more consideration for surface/flying/low/high/space/etc. biomes, but it should not be difficult to come up with a proper formula (in the first approach, altitude-related biome variations can just be considered separated - i.e., gravirty scans on surface in various biomes are treated independently of gravity scan while in space over the same biomes. That is not perfect but is already quite good.... and simple).
  9. This is a quick tutorial on how I create biome maps. I have read how others do it and I'm sure others do exactly as I do but I haven't seen a tutorial so, here is mine. If i do anything wrong in this tutorial please feel free to correct me. I'll be using the latest Photoshop CC during the tutorial, but it can easily be done in Gimp. Ok so, lets begin: Create a new project, DUH Select whatever texture you want to create a biome for. Once you have done that, create a new layer. Next, Select your rectangle tool and cover the entire texture with a black rectangle. Now set the opacity of this layer to roughly 30%. Now pick an area that you want to have a biome. For my example im using this crater. Now Select a color that you want to represent this biome. Ill be using RGB Red. select a solid brush and set the hardness to 100%. You can set to whatever size you want, I wouldn't go too big or too small though. (don't select the type of brush I used, its too soft). Now, color in the area you wanted as a biome with the color you chose earlier. You can get as detailed as you want. Now you can choose another area that you want as a biome. I chose another crater area (you can do anything, not just craters) Again choose another color. I chose RGB Green. Color that area in with the color you chose You can do as many biomes as you would like but KSP only allows so many. I forget how many that is. Once you finish coloring in the areas you want to be biomes, go back to your layers and change the opacity back to 100% Your texture should now look like this (obviously if you have more biomes it will look different) Now go to your Window Tab and select Info Now if you move your cursor over your biomes the info tab will reflect the RGB value associated with that biome. Remember this or write it down. Now you can save your work. I usually save my biomes as PNG but DDS will work as well. Remember those RGB values? now you can imput those into your biome node in your planet's cfg (I'm not going to teach how to write out a cfg. If you are making biome maps you are beyond that already) Thats basically it. Just place your biome map where ever you need it to be. Again, if you are making biome maps you probably know where you need to put it. If there is anything that i need to change or include let me know. I made this rather quickly and probably skipped something. I hope this helps those of you that want to know how to do this. It may not be the best technique but it works for me, so maybe it will work for you.
  10. I'm new to modmaking and I'm making a mod that adds four new experiment situations: SrfSpashedJustBelowS, SrfSplashedHighBelowS, SrfSplashedLowBelowS, and SrfSplashedLandedSeabed. I have a few questions. How do you add said situations? How do you add biomes? How do you control in which biome (and at which height) they appear? Can you set negative heights? Thanks for your time!
  11. So, I'm trying to figure out "what biome is the ship in". Simple, right? So far, I've found two ways: ScienceUtil.GetExperimentBiome ResourceUtilities.GetBiome ...and they both work... mostly. However, they appear to be clueless about the various mini-biomes around KSC. For example, if I'm sitting on the launch pad and query either of those mechanisms, they'll simply say "Shores". How do I get the actual science biome of the current ship position? In other words, "If I were to take a science measurement right now, what biome would it say", including the micro-KSC biomes?
  12. Hello, I am trying to create my first addon for KSP and I am having problems detecting which biomes my active vessel is currently. I've looked through the API calls, class calls and some old code on Github but none of it has really helped. I feel like I am on the right track but hung up. Below is a snippet of my code where I am getting ready to detect the current biome my vessel is in. CelestialBody Body = new CelestialBody(); CBAttributeMapSO.MapAttribute[] biome = Body.BiomeMap.Attributes; I feel like my Body variable is the right route or maybe my FlightGlobals.activevessel. As far as I can tell, biome above just gives me a list of the current CelestialBody biomes, is that correct? In my code, I already have access to the Vessel class and the FlightGlobals class and my program is inheriting from : monobehavior. Any help or hints you can give would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  13. This could be a friction multiplier for wheels, or even parts in general, based on the biome you're in. For example, when you're on Kerbin's ice caps, your friction should be way less than on its grasslands. This could prove fun for some ice-skid designs. Maybe this will make rough terrain really feel rough, or allow for some out-of-control drifting on the minmus flats with the new wheel physics. I don't imagine this to be hard for the devs to do, but I'm not a modder, so please correct me if I'm wrong. So, what are your opinions on this matter? Or are there already mods which do this? (Also, first post)
  14. So, when using Kopernicus to tinker with biomes, I note that one can specify not just the name and the "color" (from the biome map), but also a value, which supposedly is the relative science value. For example, suppose I want a biome to have half the usual science value for that planet, I'm supposed to be able to do this, right? Biome { name = Lesser Craplands value = 0.5 color = 1,0,0,1 } ...The thing is, as far as I can tell, that "value" parameter is completely ignored in-game. Doesn't seem to do anything. I can set it to less-than-1, I can set it to greater-than-1, I can omit it entirely... the game always uses the same science values for all biomes and doesn't seem to be doing anything with the value there. What am I missing, here? Is this a bug? Or am I somehow using the feature incorrectly?
  15. How do I get biome definitions and science descriptions for a celestial body? I can see where I get the biome map, on CelestialBody.BiomeMap. That allows me to get at, for example, the name of a biome for a given lat/long, or the color displayed on the debug biome map overlay. But how do I get the following? A list of all the biome names for a body What color on the biome map a given biome is set to A list of all the text descriptions for all the science experiments for a given biome (e.g. what's the text for gravioli detector landed in Mun Farside Crater) I've been hunting around in this forum, can't find anything about this, with no success. Rummaging around in the API, I've seen various classes that looked promising (ScienceExperiment, ScienceSubject, others), but none of them are quite what I need. Anyone have any idea?
  16. On the wiki, in one location, it claims that there are/were 42 total biomes on Kerbin. A very propitious and philosophically important number. In previous versions, apparently the 42nd was a structure called the VAB South Complex Building -- which seems to no longer exist. It is certainly not listed in the wiki under the VAB biomes list anymore, and I can't find it. So can it truly possibly be that there are only 41 biomes on Kerbin now? How could such a travesty be true? I was hoping that "Deep Underwater" would be the new 42nd biome, but the other submariners and I tried that, and it doesn't work. (But i think it would be really cool to make people explore underwater to get more science points!) Maybe a tiny cavern someplace? You park on top of it to be "landed" and then float inside to get "splashed" maybe?
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