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  1. Anderia's Comrade Premier Kosynko, the Executive Committee, and the Party Politburo are undoubtedly paying close attention to the situation!
  2. Can I continue Kerbol Outer Bodies Expanded?

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    2. Alaygrounds



      Then where do I get permission to continue the mod?

    3. The Cuttlefish Empire

      The Cuttlefish Empire

      Well, you really don't, unless you can find a licencing loophole somewhere or another

    4. Alaygrounds



      Loophole investigation, GO!

      Already found.

      If I give credit that it was thought up by Andem, and indicate I changed it, I can re share it !

  3. Yo, where ya been? 

  4. In all honesty it's probably how I use the part. I don't build replicas, and dislike the "integrated ablator" that the parts in tantares have, so I usually take out the ablator and add a stock heatshield or build a reentry structure. This probably adds a lot of drag making reentries significantly easier. I'm not sure how much this would effect the outcome, but I also use 64K.
  5. Odd, I haven't noticed any issues with it. And it's probably my most used part in Tantares.
  6. 1. A New Hope 2. the Empire Strikes Back 3. Return of the Jedi 4. Revenge of the Sith 6. The Force Awakens 7. Rogue One The order in which they should be watched, IMO.
  7. If anyone is escalating it, you are. I asked a question and left it up to moderators. That's all the discussion I want to have about it, so kindly don't escalate this further.
  8. Yes, I can do that, but I don't see why it has to get removed in the first place. It's basically done, save any work @Beale chooses to put into it down the road. It just seems like a pointless removal to me when it could just stay in the mod without being changed.
  9. I hear that the Vostok is getting removed? That makes me extremely sad, as I will now be unable to update Tantares and enjoy any of the new/improved stuff.
  10. Alberta is a province, not a city.
  11. Ah. It was meant to be addressing the complaints with the "Art Style" ( it's actually the aesthetic but if I call it that people will just flay me alive) earlier up the page.
  12. Well, in Star Trek they're built in Spacedocks, they start with the frames and build from there like any other ship on earth. As for Star Wars, the ships built by Kuat Drive Yards are built like any plane or naval vessel on earth.
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