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  1. very inspiring work.
  2. I was having this same bug last time I was building something. Things with rigid connect on a radial decoupler, even with autostruts, were not strong enough to hold and required lots of extra struts. My issues was with SpaceY SRBs though.
  3. running multiple life support mods is never a good idea.
  4. I've seen some bug reports on tweakscaled parts on the git, so it should be supported in the end. Not sure where it stands with the current dev version.
  5. Love the way you used the rotating ring
  6. It does not seem to work with Real Fuels? I don't see any of the new options on any engines after adding the part to a vessel and opening the control panel.
  7. You can open the vessel info page, there are tabs across the bottom. I think its the Auto one, whichever one it is, there are check marks for each of the conditions that can stop time warp, just uncheck the ones you dont want.
  8. @AG5BPilot It has to do with how the Kerbalism science system works. @ShotgunNinja recently went into detail on it, just read back a few pages on the Kerbalism thread.
  9. I've been playing around with my own layouts and resolved any input lag concerns. I however cann't get camera feeds to work. Do they have another dependency? I have hullcam VDS installed.
  10. My understanding is that Kerbalism strives to change this by using a resource cache and a new warp helper module. @ShotgunNinja talks about it here. https://github.com/ShotgunNinja/Kerbalism/issues/96
  11. @Crimeo There is a config file where you can toggle off the features. Check out the github wiki, it has details.
  12. I soo need to try some Principia
  13. My concern with making the default scale something other than 1 is that installing tweakscale will make those parts bigger than normal without actually doing anything. I did configs for 30 or so mods literally every part was consistent in that simply installing tweakscale didn't change anything about the parts you were used to using, and this was the only mod that had surface parts with defaultScale of something other than 1. I had assumed it was a typo when the config was originally created, but I could see reverting that change to keep backwards compatibility. Its a delicate balance.