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  1. The quest for hardware continues.
  2. more testing on my kerbpollo rocket and working on my controller project.
  3. If that is the case, then why is such a big deal made about Starship being able to hit some specific tank pressure?
  4. The wiki should perhaps have a section on contract packs and which ones are recommended to use with Kerbalism.
  5. With all the different part switch modules, how come there is no mod for changing the tank pressure on a given part? I imagine something like where you can double the fuel inside a part and triple its dry mass weight, etc... whatever the balance should be I'm not the expert. Currently I end up just clipping tanks together to get the performance I am after inside the form factor that looks right. Fewer parts for a small mass penalty would be good with me.
  6. finished my first button strip for my mfd controllers.
  7. I have been looking for a while for any great space themed music albums, I think the winner is this for a variety of reasons. Anyone have any challengers? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Seeking_Major_Tom https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=OLAK5uy_ka5zCM_uBDE04ofIifQn5cDbEt2AG5dPw https://music.amazon.com/albums/B005M695TE
  8. You also have to consider that CLS is essentially just putting restrictions on how you can build your rocket, requiring crew parts to be connected to crew parts. I stopped using it long ago because I am going to do that anyhow and less mods means less bugs.
  9. Restock is amazing. yes, but you also need a font that supports it. I am using Unifont for my terminals.
  10. we did not make it to the mun today.
  11. I redesigned my mfd button controller one more time, did half the soldering on the aviation connectors, broke my soldering iron, and did some more programming on the kos side.
  12. more testing of the kerpollo 3 and kos scripts and more work on my mfd controller.
  13. I finally figured out how to use modifier keys in the keybinding window. YAY! Is there a way to import the names of groups when creating a new craft? I see that the keybinds are stored in a settings file in the mod dir, but the group names are stored per craft on every part. Do I need to copy the module from one .craft file to the other?
  14. I think his goal is to have them both on at the same time to build a replica of a real world probe. Currently not possible. An option on the part to play the animation without activating the scanner might could be added. or kerbalism could get a tweak that would allow for multiple of the same experiment to be activated. You know, some experiments might should be combinable like antenna, having multiple running at once increased the data collection rate.
  15. I have encountered a bug that I am having a hard time working around, I know this won't effect many people but is there a way you could look at it? Put two cameras on a vessel. Open and pin both the right click menus. Activate one camera and then activate the other camera without deactivating the first one. It gets stuck and I can't get it to change at all from that point. Using the keyboard commands override that state and reset things back to normal. I have made a camera control script for one of my MFDs and if the active camera is on a part that gets detached from the main vessel, then kOS has no way to interface with it anymore.