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  1. I have another update on my progress and a new build is posted for Alpha 8.
  2. I have made a new update video and posted a new public alpha build. Thanks for checking it out!
  3. I have another update video finished that covers the addition of creatures to the world and some updates to the probe.
  4. I have a new update video and a new playable alpha build to share. Thanks for taking the time to check out the project.
  5. I have played a lot of ONI. The biggest challenge is managing heat. You can grow crops and find water, make O2 and get through a couple hundred cycles. Eventually the warmth from the surrounding areas seeps into your base and when it gets too warm to grow food, you be done for.
  6. Explorer Mk9 - land on Minmus Pioneer Mk1 - establish outpost on minmus.
  7. I've been building hour long playlists for all the bands I listen to, finding that many tracks for NIN was tough, but I found a few I never heard before. Somewhat damaged has been stuck with me for days now.
  8. I have never played career on hard settings and have always wondered if you could get through it without a ton of grinding. So here is a log of my attempt to do just that. Each link takes you to an imgur album of shots from that mission. I have unlocked all the 90pt tech nodes and upgraded all the facilities onces (about 2mil credits) in 11 launches, 12 if you count the rescue for the rescue mission. Explorer Mk1 - first launch Explorer Mk2 - escaping the atmosphere Explorer Mk3 - orbiting kerbin Explorer Mk4 - flyby of Mun Explorer Mk5 - orbit Mun Explorer Mk6 - Land on the Mun, twice Savior Mk1 - rescue 5 kerbals Savior Mk2 - rescue 5 more kerbals Explorer Mk7 - flyby of minmus Explorer Mk8 - orbit minmus
  9. I have posted a new update video that talks about the Science Lab section of the home base.
  10. Now that the staging bar shows the Delta V info also, it would be great to show it in map view. You plan burns in the map view and you can see how much delta V those take, but you can't see how much delta V you have unless you switch back to the vessel view.
  11. Europa Explorer is a project I have been working on to create a game inspired by real world science. You drive a robotic probe exploring the ocean on the moon Europa. You can download the alpha build from www.EuropaExplorerGame.com or Itch. This is a solo dev project by myself, so it is self promotion, but not for profit, so hopefully this post is within the forum rules. I have been doing bi-weekly video updates on my progress. If you want more info. Alpha 1 Update - Tools Alpha 2 Update - Systems Alpha 3 Update - World
  12. This mod has no parts that I'm aware of. I just changes how all animated parts work so you can attach things to the moving bits, like putting a thermometer on the door of the service bay.
  13. It did indeed return after a save/reload as @Streetwind suggested. Its a weird bug.
  14. Using RemoteTech I'm trying to determine which antenna is sufficient for a specific planet. Is there a formula where I could plug in the orbital parameters of two planets and get the max and min separation between the bodies. Or is that information already available somewhere?
  15. So in the VAB my hex truss has EC, but the one I delivered to my station does not... Any way to fix this without taking another one?