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  1. Only the regular wheels, landing legs, kerbals and deployable science parts have terrain collisions.
  2. I don't understand what you are trying to do? The BoulderCo folder is just configs. Do you see clouds in the game? If yes, then its working.
  3. I realize its a testing program, but it seens like every engine test reveals engine issues. At what point do we start to consider that using the most complicated rocket engine ever built for starship might not have been the right move. I am a huge SpaceX fan, but i really worry how they are going to get super heavy to work with so many engines.
  4. A secondary mission was launched and placed some dual band relays into a high orbit out beyond the Mun, to makin comm with the Duna mission that was in-transit. Also, more issues with the base design of the KShip has caused the engineers to return to the drawing board yet again. This new revision, model E, includes fuel drain valves, a larger cargo bay, a new crew elevator, and adjustments to the aero surfaces. Mun Mission Six is a test flight to setup an automated mining depot to provide a substrate supply to the existing base facilities.
  5. Holy Shazbot man, I wish I could like a post more than once. Amazing work.
  6. Have you used BV in 1.11? I keep getting scrambled rovers when i try to use it.
  7. ok, so here we have one more revision to the design. Tweakscale had a bugfix update which changed the lowered the drag on the scaled up parts and made the ship burn up in the atmosphere. I tried a bunch of different solutions, but the real problem was that the aero fins at the bottom were too large and had too much control vs the body size. Smaller fins worked, but they could not provide enough drag during reentry. Finally I decided to just move the fins to the center of the craft which allowed the aero surfaces to do the
  8. I think I finally figured out a way to do a crew elevator safely.
  9. I don't get the option to climb here. Is it only for specific parts? Even using the ladder I don't get an option to climb up onto the platform. Its a little frustrating.
  10. They are in a new category for "Rovers" if you have Community Category Kit installed.
  11. will do, i was going to but there were so many open issues i didn't know if you looked at those.
  12. https://gfycat.com/quaintamplelangur the top node on the scout landing module needs to get moved up slightly
  13. when they added the stock commnet it was made entirely optional, so I'm sure they would take the same approach for a stock life support system.
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