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  1. I installed RSS+SMURFF+RSSVE on 1.3.1 over the weekend using the test dll that's available on github. It seems fairly stable, though obviously an unsupported configuration.
  2. +1 I use the closed cycle engine on medium sized interplanetary craft. Switch both tank and the engine propellant to 'Liquid Fuel', and the results are great. It also makes for a dependable power source if you're sending a lab or life support recycler and solar power isn't enough. (For example, to Jool.)
  3. Oh, glad I looked for this, found some other boat launch material. Not sure if it's compatible with current versions though. If you look at this mod thread, there's a 'Reveal Hidden Content' section under "Other Ship and Boat related useful mods and addons see below" that has some other boat launch features for Kerbal Konstructs.
  4. I think most people use VesselMover or HyperEdit to get their boats in the water. There's also a mod to Kerbal Konstructs that adds boat launching sites, but I forget the name. It's not in CKAN or recently updated, so you'd have to find in the forums.
  5. Are the new antimatter tank costs expected to be in the billions when empty? The 'large' at 1.25m shows as 3,957,731,000 cr empty and 5,276,954,000 full in the VAB. The 'compact' at 1.25m shows 60k empty as expected from the config. Also the description of the large is 2.5m but defaults to 1.25m in the VAB. Is tweakscale messing this up?
  6. For an example, I was able to successfully use the drive with minimal deltaV cost by waiting until Eve was directly adjacent. Left from the outer side of the orbit, so my kerbol relative speed would've been about 9200 m/s + 1500 m/s. Since Eve's orbital velocity is ~10800 according to the wiki, it was simple to find a spot near Eve that was already a valid orbit. Had I left from the inner side, my kerbol relative speed would've been 9200 - 1500, which is about what you need for Duna. As to why your speed increases when you enter the SOI, that sounds very strange.
  7. I've been playing with this and haven't been able to get the ISRU Refrigerator to convert the Fluorine into Lqd Fluorine. There are no buttons other than Sample Atmosphere, Sample Ocean, and Toggle Refinery Window. The refinery window only has Atmospheric Extraction and Solar Wind Process. I was able to convert it using the Universal Liquidifcator part, though the UI is a bit wierd on that. (You have to move a slider instead of clicking a button.) I noticed the same slider is on the IFS Cryogenic Tank (CT2501), and also appears to work if the slider is between 5 and 95, but trails off after awhile.
  8. I had quite a bit of fuel left when I arrived. Not sure if that's a bug with the reactor window, as it's reporting zero usage and zero days left, but the reactor should still be generating its fusion maintenance charge. http://imgur.com/NeOnp5a Our kerbals had just woke up from deep freeze at this point, and discovered that Bill forgot to attach the thrusters to the capsule, so I had to de-orbit the entire ship to land. Oops.
  9. Yeah, the speed number is from the Ctrl-F3 menu, which apparently is not to be trusted. I just reloaded the game to a point prior to Proxima Centauri SOI and the number is crazier. http://imgur.com/Lpy9g5z "Highest Speed Achieved: 53,991,013,762m/s" The orbit number visible in the screenshot is better, 1027339.7m/s. I'll update with that, though I wonder "orbit of what?" The DeltaV is from MechJeb, and Kerbal Engineer mostly agreed.
  10. Here's a screenshot of my mostly successful attempt. I have videos but I'll need to piece them together. total launch mass 9068.11 total launch cost 13361780 total launch part count 129 interstellar vessel dry mass 26.569 interstellar vessel wet mass 108.381 interstellar vessel part count 70 interstellar vessel cost 10859690 total travel time 299y330d maximum achieved speed 1027339.7m/s deltaV 2767705 RSS_ProximaCentaurib.png Gallery: http://imgur.com/a/KJ3OT
  11. No EVA. Current situation is interstellar craft with Daedalus drive approaching Proxima Centauri 1b, with some switching between manual burns and full burns with warp.
  12. I'm running with similar log spam. https://www.dropbox.com/s/ag3zwowu4ayt2yf/output_log.txt?dl=0 NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object at BetterTimeWarp.BetterTimeWarp.OnGUI () [0x00000] in <filename unknown>:0 (Filename: Line: -1)
  13. I have an attempt at this in progress and I'm at the point where I wonder the best way to navigate once you're interstellar. Just point at the target and go? It seems like the only option available. I did manage to get a maneuver node out of MechJeb when I was still in a circular orbit but it was going to take over 2.2 million years!
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