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  1. Have any of y'all considered running this on DMP? We could get some cool results if we got it to work.
  2. I don't believe NAS has hull parts. You may be thinking of Maritime pack or SM Marine. NAS just has bigger guns and torpedoes.
  3. Would any of y'all be so kind as to post a download file for a ship? I'm thinking about making another ship w/ NAS and I want to test against yours. Thanks,
  4. Can we use NAS and other ship building mods (examples like Large Boats pack or Maritime pack)? If not I'll still enter. EDIT: I made a ship: https://kerbalx.com/TwinKerbal/KSS-Kerbton Unmodded except BDA, but I can convert it into a destroyer if NAS is allowed.
  5. You may need to put it in a certain orbit. This will be outlined in the tracking station as a grey (I think) line.
  6. check if you have electricity or enough reaction wheels to actually be able to turn and stay put. Sometimes with big ships you have reaction wheels, but when you turn you don't stop turning, so you drift around a lot.
  7. They use esoteric rituals to resummon their souls into a new body.
  8. 1. Some bugfixes and probably some optimization. Maybe localization for more languages. 2. Maybe more hostile planets? Like volcanoes on Laythe? It's pretty complete as is, we could use some stuff but there's nothing that we REALLY need. 3. Multi-core support and optimization mostly. Something that would be REALLY cool is an optimization where the game engine counts the entire ship as a part, then when it breaks, it calculates the individual parts. Much like Havok physics. Also, maybe, just maybe, we could use a nVidia PhysX engine? Probably not, but I'm not gonna stop hoping for more optimization.
  9. Hello, my friend and I were messing around with DMP again. Our internets are better this time around, so we can actually get a somewhat stable connection sometimes. However, we noticed the tick rates are very slow. We want to edit the files to increase the tick rates ourselves. Is there any way we could do this? Or is the coding very complicated? My friend and I know some C. Thanks, Slntreaper If you keep the server running from Monday to Wednesday, your friend can join the IP, do his thing, and then log off while you're offline.
  10. Hello, my friend and I were messing around with DMP again. Our internets are better this time around, so we can actually get a somewhat stable connection sometimes. However, we noticed the tick rates are very slow. Is it possible to increase the tick rate? Thanks, Slntreaper
  11. First, I think we can all establish that the majority of Kerbal fans dislike Take Two's acquirement of Kerbal Space Program. It happened right around the GTA V modding fiasco, so there was a lot of paranoia in the first few days about what would happen to mods. In addition, Take Two has a less than stellar track record of their financial systems, namely the ability to buy in-game skills or equipment with real world money. Finally, they have not come to the forums to talk with us at all. So there's been a lot of fear and crazy threads running around. I think it would be very beneficial for Take Two to introduce themselves to our community and answer some of our questions that we have posed, namely the modding and pay-to-win fears that have been flying around. At the very least, it would affirm our fears but keep us certain and no longer in that terrible area known as uncertainty; at the best it could be used as a discussion on what Take Two and the KSP community can do to line up their goals to achieve the best of both worlds. I will say that Take Two has nothing to lose and everything to gain by talking with us. With this, I extend an open hand and ask Take Two to start discussing what their vision of the game is on these forums. This is a community that has existed for a very long time; it will continue to exist and will be the best place to gather data on what we expect and want from Take Two. I hope that somewhere, a Take Two employee is reading this and wants to get started on joint collaboration. We can make this next phase of KSP a monumental one, but only if we have understanding, trust, and communication on both sides.
  12. I play 4k because that's my native resolution, and KSP is one of the few games that the game itself will slow down before my FPS begins to tank. GTX 950M is not kind to many AAA games.
  13. A couple things about torpedoes. First, why do they sink half the time? Second, is there supposed to be an aiming circle or something like in WoWs? Third, why do they keep following the mouse after deactivated?
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