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  1. First, I think we can all establish that the majority of Kerbal fans dislike Take Two's acquirement of Kerbal Space Program. It happened right around the GTA V modding fiasco, so there was a lot of paranoia in the first few days about what would happen to mods. In addition, Take Two has a less than stellar track record of their financial systems, namely the ability to buy in-game skills or equipment with real world money. Finally, they have not come to the forums to talk with us at all. So there's been a lot of fear and crazy threads running around. I think it would be very beneficial for Take Two to introduce themselves to our community and answer some of our questions that we have posed, namely the modding and pay-to-win fears that have been flying around. At the very least, it would affirm our fears but keep us certain and no longer in that terrible area known as uncertainty; at the best it could be used as a discussion on what Take Two and the KSP community can do to line up their goals to achieve the best of both worlds. I will say that Take Two has nothing to lose and everything to gain by talking with us. With this, I extend an open hand and ask Take Two to start discussing what their vision of the game is on these forums. This is a community that has existed for a very long time; it will continue to exist and will be the best place to gather data on what we expect and want from Take Two. I hope that somewhere, a Take Two employee is reading this and wants to get started on joint collaboration. We can make this next phase of KSP a monumental one, but only if we have understanding, trust, and communication on both sides.
  2. What resolution do you play KSP at?

    I play 4k because that's my native resolution, and KSP is one of the few games that the game itself will slow down before my FPS begins to tank. GTX 950M is not kind to many AAA games.
  3. A couple things about torpedoes. First, why do they sink half the time? Second, is there supposed to be an aiming circle or something like in WoWs? Third, why do they keep following the mouse after deactivated?
  4. A question... Does the BDA craft have to be "planelike" as in at least X amount of wings and a back mounted jet, etc? Thanks
  5. KSP Acquired by Take-Two Interactive

    But (as T2 may see it) all the moneys from multiplayer! I'd think that T2 wants to expand the game audience. So they're probably going to do so by making it more like a space war game, which would include multiplayer for sure.
  6. How do you dock?

    I'm a big noob and use RCS whenever I can, because I'm not very good at engines like Puff, etc.
  7. Hello, When I play Kerbal Space program and alt+tab out, when I alt+tab back in, the taskbar shows up at the bottom of KSP. Any fixes? EDIT: Screenshot Thanks, Slntreaper/TwinKerbal.
  8. DMP dogfights in space?

    It's incredibly laggy and sometimes will duplicate ships without any reason. I tried this, believe me, my friend and I took two space frigates and shot stock missiles at each other. I never saw the missile being fired, possibly because of my shaky camera but probably because I was lagging very hard. In the end, I was shot up by a missile that was never rendered on my end, against an enemy that was duplicated. Very unsatisfying, what I would like to see is a larger server dedicated to being able to work together in the same draw area, not just "oh you can build two space stations" kind of thing.
  9. Hello, I have downloaded the Core Pack and the new parts pack, however when I launch KSP, it crashes. This only happens when I have the new parts pack, when I keep the core pack and nothing else IR related, it works fine. Can I get some help? Best, Slntreaper/TwinKerbal
  10. Take Two has acquired Kerbal Space Program and plans to add in more monetization, said here. I, for one, think that there will be monetization and OP DLC (IE engines with crazy thrust) that will be paid. I'm also not ready for KSP to go the way of big gaming.
  11. 1.3 - What will it have?

    Hopefully has more advanced IVA, like the ability to move around a cockpit. That would be fun.
  12. DarkMultiPlayer [KSP 1.3.0] [Alpha]

    Hello, DMP Client is currently broken. The Client window to connect to other servers doesn't show up in the main menu. I do have DMP server installed, but it's in another folder. I have tried reinstalls from the DMP main website, none of them work. Are there any files that I need to delete in order for it to work? Thanks, Slntreaper/TwinKerbal Spoiler is KSP log
  13. I mean, there's a brand new Minimus Base. But it's small, so I don't expect much out of it
  14. Dres ship? ... Oh shoot. Did it crash into something?