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  1. Probably either Jacksepticeye or that one PewdiePie video. After about 750 hours of gametime, I am amazed how little they knew about the game.
  2. Hey guys, I think I have found a fix for the solar panels. It is a bit sturdy, but works, as first tests show no issues. To fix these weird rotations, just go in your persistens save file and change the statestring: EXTENDED to statestring: RETRACTED of every solarpanel2,3,4 or 5. When you load the vessel, extend the panel and everything should be fine. Note that this can be done by the replacement tool (replace EXTENDED with RETRACTED), but then, everything has to be extended again, so anntenae, solar panels from mods, experiment things and so on. But no harm to the vessels is done.
  3. I actually used surface docking several times, on an ike and a minmus base, to be exact. No problems at all, you just need the right height.
  4. I had various ideas for missions, one being a duna outpost landing by radially attached fuel-tanks+engines that had wings for stability on their sides. I never finished the Idea. Another one was actually realised, it was a big rover landing on Dres, and when its time has come, the plane-like part of the rover detaches from the rest, flying back to Kerbin to land on the runway.
  5. Scientist Seefen Kerman, rescued from LKO, landed on the Moon, was the main Kerbonaut for Phobos, the first manned mission to orbit Eve and land on Gilly. The craft had a unique flaw: leave the craft and you're spun off into deep space at up to 16 m/s. As you might know, if you leave a vessel while on a planet, Ragdoll effects apply, but if you're not on a planet, they don't. The cannon-ball-effect was just slightly bugging, and had no real impact. BUT on Gilly, leaving the Phobos would lead to the astronaut ragdolling for minutes. Problem is, after some minutes of ragdolling, the kraken appears and.. well. So, every time Seefen would need to step out to review experiments, the Phobos would do a ~5m jump that game him enough time to leave the vessel without being attacked by the kraken. He managed to do all 3 of the spacewalks and is now on his way home, together with the pilot and engineer I don't know the name of. this is what happened after a few minutes.
  6. I've had two manned craft that did not go quite the mission plan. Number one was a very nooby, insufficient mun lander/ship design dubbed Erebos (you know, underworld ruler, much like hades, powerful, strong). I had few knowledge about how stuff works, so I just kept firing the engine when burning for mun transfer. It ended on a trajectory crossing eve's orbit, but it would'nt hit it in the next hundreds of years. I even eva-d at one point trying to get a kerbin encounter, but at the end I was just left with Val having no eva-fuel on a solar orbit. I soon launched a rescue mission, that made use of ladders for valentina to grab on while the "Zilean V" (Zilean for the life-saving supporter champion from LoL, V for Valentina) was coming at her at about 0.2 m/s. The return was uneventful and within 250 days of the capture. The mission taught me a lot about orbital mechanics and rendevouz. Number two is a bit more difficult: The powerful nuclear reactor on the litium-fueled spacecraft "Erebos 3" (heh, that name's got no good history) dedicated for a Jool-5 mission would just randomly explode on load without any reason. The rescue mission is ongoing, but is very basic in comparison with Zilean V: a capsule, solar panels, an engine and fuel. There is no reason to save the craft already there, since literally everything that was not the capsule exploded into nothing or going on a NaN orbit as I panicked and alt-f4ed out, leaving the game no time to calculate all these trajetories. But chances are high that it will be a success. I don't care about the craft. Only very few of my ships are desinged to be reused&refueled, an ion-propelled Moho orbiter with lander being the only one that has been refueled at least two times, and a duna fuel&engine module being the other one.
  7. I guess he's in. They just can't let that opportunity zip by!
  8. I actually like making new boosters, I stuck to a 15- and 30-ton booster (15-ton looks like Delta IV medium, 30-ton like Delta IV heavy) for quite a long time, but especially with new problems for me, as getting 100-ton eve landers in orbit, I've found out that creating tailored boosters, all with ~3.5k delta V for the payload they're supposed to lift. But if you rather fly a craft than designing it, this is a very good technique to get your stuff to LKO and beyond.
  9. Not really losing ideas, but losing interest in doing them. A recent bug-based explosion ripped apart my Jool-5 plans, some bugs led to the dissappearing of -big manned moho mission -Eeloo rover mission -First duna&ike probe mission -many minor mission sats&stations Also, with NMS coming around, I have a new game to play (and damn, these orbital mechanics are unrealistic af). I'll probably come back to the game when I get either bored or "finish" NMS.
  10. Hah, thats not even much. I got like 8000.
  11. KSPRC has major texture overworks for all celestial bodies, and it makes Duna a lot better.
  12. I pretty much forgot about that mission until this post, and I have plans (that are delayed due to a Moho probe+lander closing in) using a klaw probe, as I did with my first Asteroid mission to add the newly installed mechjeb, for making the base worth the money. But I'm rich, so even the 1.5 Million fund loss on my krakened manned moho mission did not hurt at all. I repaired the wheels on MSOB too, so, as of now, everything works good again. I have to process all the stored science first, of course, so that will take some time too. KIS/KAS adds too much to install during a running save, but thats just my opinion.
  13. Soo.. my Minmus Surface Observation base [TM] got bugged after attaching a mining rig to it, losing half of the solar panels and most of the mining rig itself. At every load, it flew a few meters in the air. So I wanted to make a new, better base. I came up with the SSMO, the Self-sustaining Minmus Observer, using a biome-hopper rocket with mining attached. The launch (done by a rather expensive 3.75m booster) and everything else went perfectly well, I landed within 500m of MSOB and nothing went to explode. I landed safely and started the Mining process, only to find out that I had forgot to attach an ore tank, since the ISRU has no ore storage on its own..
  14. Hello everyone! As the title already says, in my modded main install are frequently ships going missing (at least 4 by now, 3 of them interplanetary) . I did not remove any modpacks required for them. The Victims are manned, unmanned, modded or stock. It even happened when I did not have anymods installed but KAC and graphical ones. For saving before closing the game, I use the Save button on the escape menu in the KSC view. I tried manually editing the ships from previous saves where they still existed in, but failed and nothing happened. I also can't load previous save files from the escape menu, as the game crashes when I try to do so. When I have set up an alarm for that vessel and it dissapears, KAC states "vesselID not found". It seems to be a variation of the nullspace/hell kraken, as when I have last switched to a vessel that went to the grave some saves later, the altidude meter changed to white, speed went to NaN, black main screen. The only way to fix it was alt-f4 to save the vessel, but it also happens when I do not switch to the vessel before, it can randomly dissappear at any time as I feel. Does anyone know a trick to edit the save mechanic to prevent this or some other tips? It really bugs me out, lost the Eeloo rover, a manned moho mission, the 1.000.000 funds refueling station in Kerbin orbit and a contract kerbol refueling station with duna landers on it already.
  15. Apollo with 1 person to land would be the best way to do it, yeah. I can't really tell from experience, as my early designs needed cheats to get anywhere but death, my first legit munar steps happened when I got good 2.5m parts. It is very possible to do with 1m parts however. A lander could consist of a 180l tank+terrier and the mercury capsule with science in between. Put a Docking port above it and you're ready to go.
  16. this sounds pretty epic. I had three (two accidental due to bugs, one wanted due to a docking bug-It did not want to release, so I killed the messing probe,created lots of debris) explosions in space, all creating lots of debris, but this sounds more kerbal than anything I have ever heard of. Will try this some time.
  17. My lift needs are not so big, most of my rockets are 2.5m. Heaviest launcher is made for 60t to lko.
  18. Ven's has a 2.5m srb and its not really useful in most cases. Almost only Ares-1 style boosters can use it, as it is just too long for most rockets to look good/be efficient when attached radial.
  19. I get a crash almost everytime I enter a facility if it is the first time since I started the Computer. After that, it is pretty ok, only one or two crashes every day.
  20. Do you have the 1.1.3 version of kopernicus? That might be the problem. Do you have the 1.1.3 version of kopernicus? That might be the problem.
  21. I lost Valentina in one of my first -very kerbal- mun attempts, as I just kept firing the engines even after I had an encounter and ended in an interplanetary orbit with no re-encounter for the next 100 years. Then I left the dead capsule, as I was trying to get a kerbin encounter with the eva fuel. Did not work, so I left her rot for 3 years until I could put together a pretty thoughtful rescue mission (I had no more EVA fuel) . Right now, she's about half a year away from getting back to kerbin, a lot has changed since she departed on the mighty 1MN of Erebos 1 because I finally became somewhat good at this game and science-harvested the Mün, Duna, Gilly, Ike and Moho. Anyways, she has to wait until Ven and co update the mods so my save file is no longer bugged.
  22. Looks fantastic! Plans on adding near future propulsion? I have the mod and it's kinda weird that this is the only popular engine mod thats not supported.
  23. After being amazed by the options this mod i found (by browsing the KSRPC folder names) provides, I pretty much instantly installed it. Yet, I have a problem. Since KSPRC provides a Jool Ramp and a Storm texture for KE but does not use them, I simply changed some things in the example configs for procedural jool to make the rings come true. Here is the code. @Kopernicus:AFTER[Kopernicus] { @Body[Jool] { @ScaledVersion { ProceduralGasGiant { rampTexture = KopernicusExpansion/Data/JoolRamp cloudSpeed = 100 hasStorms = true stormFrequency = 1.77 stormThreshold = 0.33 seed = 738314 distortion = 0.009 frequency = 13.074 lacunarity = 1.163 gain = 1.262 } } } } After checking the folder names (the texture is indeed in the data folder now) and all that, the wanted rings do not appear. I have just left everything else as it was in the example configs, since my kerbal coding skills are not very far beyond changing some names or deleting folders. The texture for the Ramp is a PNG, if this helps. Also, if somebody could explain me how to make the other texture, a JoolStorms one, work, that would be great. I thank in advance.
  24. I love it- but I hate it. This mod is kind of like that hot girlfriend that becomes annoying because she is as smart as a worm with down syndrome. The Mod itself is absolutely gorgeous. If you want not only a bag of eye candy, but a truck size load of eye candy, this is the perfect mod for you. I am astonished by how good the game looks with it. However, after some time, it gets annoying. The framerate is reduced by a fair amount, some ground textures are not fitting, say goodbye to that smooth 64x feeling. Because of some cache-stacking (I think), you get only 10 fps in the ground control map view after a while. Aside from that, I am downloading it the third time now, I can't play without it. Keep up the good work Proot, this is even better than the astronomers visual pack ever was!