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  1. time for a clean install since i havent played in a while. Gotta include this mod as usual. parts mods usually work okay with new versions, it's my dozens of other mods i have to figure out again. edit: f yeah supersaber!
  2. Got a fresh batch of mods running on a 1.4.3 install, this mod is always included. It really is an unsung hero for people that make streamlined craft. A guy earlier asked about B-29 cockpits; here's a mod that has one. Here's some bonus pictures from my last install. Mostly cold war aircraft. S-3 Viking F-104 B-58 Hustler The Hustler is OP, even on 2.5x Kerbin I'll attempt even better ones with this 1.4.3 install.
  3. Hahahaha that settles it, I'm getting this mod. How the heck did you get so many runways?
  4. That may be so, but I'm not doing too bad with my stable collection of updated mods running in 1.3. As I've said, the only one I can't update is DmagicUtilities.
  5. Yeah works fine for me. Usually the mods are backwards compatible, except for Dmagic stuff which crashes my 1.3.0 install.
  6. Hey, whaddaya know, it works! Thanks. WOW! Nice surveyor chassis. Just in time for my historic missions.
  7. Howdy. I used to use DMagic in the past and never had any issues with it. I've got a newish install going with a stable assortment of mods, but I just tried Probes Plus and the DMagicScienceAnimate folder is causing ksp to crash. The game loads fine when I remove it. I tried DMagic Orbital Science on its own and also experienced the crash. I was wondering if anyone else was having a problem like me and if this would be the right place to leave an output log or crash.dmp for a little assistance. Edit: It seems that it was a bundled older version of DMagicScienceAnimate that was causing the issue. Not to worry.
  8. I love being able to make black blackbirds now. What a necessary addition. Since you developed this in conjunction with other mods, has this one appeared on your radar yet? I'd be nice to make a sexy black dragon lady.
  9. rip cassini. Time to add this classic mod to my latest install. Keep up the good work, i'm looking forward to the next update. Edit: Uh oh.. looks like DmagicScienceAnimate is causing a crash. The game loads fine when I remove the folder. Doesn't seem like anyone else is having this problem. Maybe I'll go ask Dmagic.
  10. I agree. This old mod used to be a staple.
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