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  1. ^ I guess I made it, please may someone test my branch on stock and on rescaled planet packs as well. Edit: Well, now "everything else" is finally okay, but now the ratio of the tank contents does not match anymore... On hold.
  2. This pack needs its own repository for easy contribution of fixes. Even it there is no release for months there will be a fork with a branch with all fixes to be downloaded in one .zip for everybody, instead of digging the forum page by page to gather thoses fixes. You should contribute that as a Kerbalism support patch to Kerbalism itself to unclutter the mod folder. My contributions so far (see, we need a Github repo): GameData\MPE\Localization\ResearchBodies.cfg Localization { en-us { #autoLOC_RBodies_discovery_Archae = Archae gibberish. #autoLOC_RBodies_discovery_Crokslev = Crokslev gibberish. #autoLOC_RBodies_discovery_Edas = Edas gibberish. #autoLOC_RBodies_discovery_Ervo = Ervo gibberish. #autoLOC_RBodies_discovery_Flake = Flake gibberish. #autoLOC_RBodies_discovery_Geito = Geito gibberish. #autoLOC_RBodies_discovery_Havous = Havous gibberish. #autoLOC_RBodies_discovery_Kal = Kal gibberish. #autoLOC_RBodies_discovery_KiKi = Ki'Ki gibberish. #autoLOC_RBodies_discovery_LintMikey = Lint-Mikey gibberish. #autoLOC_RBodies_discovery_Lon = Lon gibberish. #autoLOC_RBodies_discovery_Mracksis = Mracksis gibberish. #autoLOC_RBodies_discovery_Soden = Soden gibberish. #autoLOC_RBodies_discovery_Vant = Vant gibberish. #autoLOC_RBodies_discovery_Zore = Zore gibberish. } } GameData\MPE\Patches\MPE_ResearchBodies.cfg RESEARCHBODIES:NEEDS[ResearchBodies] { loadAs = mod name = MPE ONDISCOVERY { Archae = #autoLOC_RBodies_discovery_Archae Crokslev = #autoLOC_RBodies_discovery_Crokslev Edas = #autoLOC_RBodies_discovery_Edas Ervo = #autoLOC_RBodies_discovery_Ervo Flake = #autoLOC_RBodies_discovery_Flake Geito = #autoLOC_RBodies_discovery_Geito Havous = #autoLOC_RBodies_discovery_Havous Kal = #autoLOC_RBodies_discovery_Kal Ki'Ki = #autoLOC_RBodies_discovery_KiKi Lint-Mikey = #autoLOC_RBodies_discovery_LintMikey Lon = #autoLOC_RBodies_discovery_Lon Mracksis = #autoLOC_RBodies_discovery_Mracksis Soden = #autoLOC_RBodies_discovery_Soden Vant = #autoLOC_RBodies_discovery_Vant Zore = #autoLOC_RBodies_discovery_Zore } IGNORELEVELS { // body = easy normal medium hard Archae = false false false false Crokslev = false false false false Edas = false false false false Ervo = false false false false Flake = false false false false Geito = false false false false Havous = false false false false Kal = false false false false Ki'Ki = false false false false Lint-Mikey = false false false false Lon = false false false false Mracksis = false false false false Soden = false false false false Vant = false false false false Zore = false false false false } } @PART[TrackBodiesTelescope]:NEEDS[!OPM,MPE,!GPP]:AFTER[ResearchBodies] { @MODULE[ModuleTrackBodies] { showUpgradesInModuleInfo = true UPGRADES { UPGRADE { name__ = RB_Upgrade scienceReward = 50 difficulty = 6 minAltitude = 500000 maxTrackDistance = 9E+11 @maxTrackDistance *= 13.44 electricChargeRequest = 75 description__ = Upgrade for ResearchBodies Telescope. } } } } @PART[TrackBodiesTelescope]:NEEDS[OPM,MPE,!GPP]:AFTER[ResearchBodies] { @MODULE[ModuleTrackBodies] { %showUpgradesInModuleInfo = true @UPGRADES { @UPGRADE:HAS[#difficulty[6]] { @maxTrackDistance *= 13.44 @electricChargeRequest = 75 } } } } PARTUPGRADE:NEEDS[!OPM,MPE,!GPP,ResearchBodies] { name = RB_Upgrade partIcon = TrackBodiesTelescope techRequired = artificialIntelligence title = Discovery Telescope Upgrade basicInfo = Upgrade ResearchBodies Telescope description = Increases the telescope's range to ~12.1 Tm, roughly 302.4x its original range and nearly 26.9x Plock's distance from The Sun. entryCost = 3375000 } @PARTUPGRADE[RB_Upgrade]:NEEDS[OPM,MPE,!GPP]:AFTER[ResearchBodies] { @techRequired = artificialIntelligence @description = Increases the telescope's range to ~12.1 Tm, roughly 302.4x its original range and nearly 26.9x Plock's distance from The Sun. @entryCost = 3375000 } I also put that Kerbalism patch there for now and renamed it according the same pattern.
  3. @Someone2018 are you still there? Could you or @anybody @Nightside* tell me how to tinker the patches to tune them down for stock solar system? * I ping you because you also posted above and perhaps™ you are more familiar with REFUSE now On the Github repo it says: For SMURFF I can easily create patches to tune it up for SigDim rescales or planet packs. (check GameData\zFinal\zzz_SMURFF.cfg in my linked archive in the signature) But how can I tune down REFUSE for stock or better, have patches that also can recognize SimDim values or planet packs? Which 2 or 3 variables I need to tinker with? I'm actually working on this: https://github.com/Gordon-Dry/REFUSE/tree/some-fixes-and-MethaLOx-additions
  4. @HansAcker it looks good, I just added clones of the modules to the KerbalismSupport profile and removed the original modules.
  5. Better explanation of "Attach altitude" needed As new features are not finding their way to the Wiki very quickly, the only information about what "Attach altitude" is I can find in the commit where it was implemented: https://github.com/MuMech/MechJeb2/commit/a4a058aa8568cc510bb97875b8e6b05f117d0972 There it says: I need a better explanation. Perhaps I have issues with understanding this shortened paragraph because english is not my native language.
  6. Thank you, I knew that I knew that Kerbalism works like that - but the hiatus... I just forgot that fact, also because I did not stumble upon the fact for some time that the profile is parsed before MM starts to work. Now I need to finetune my question: Does using the "KerbalismSupport" profile and putting in exact clones of modules but with slighly different contents (one or two variables) overwrite the original module? This would be the purpose, otherwise I would not have any chance to alter the Process as described here: https://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/topic/50533-18x-110x-module-manager-414-july-7th-2020-locked-inside-edition/&do=findComment&comment=3857664 Edit: Hmm, it should be possible to delete a node within ProfileDefault ... MM works after it was created ... hmmm.
  7. Problem: I want to do a regex but it does not work. Inside Profile { name = default ... Process { name = monoprop fuel cell title = monoprop fuel cell modifier = _MonopropFuelCell input = Oxygen@0.510619148925 input = MonoPropellant@0.000901270123875 output = Nitrogen@0.5038381295 output = Water@0.0008106876 output = ElectricCharge@0.1 dump_valve = Nitrogen,Water,Nitrogen&Water } I want to replace MonoPropellant with HTP. I tried this @Profile[default]:NEEDS[Kerbalism]:FOR[ZZZ_REFUSE] { @Process[*],* { @input,* ^= :monopropellant:HTP: @output,* ^= :monopropellant:HTP: @dump_valve ^= :monopropellant:HTP: @input,* ^= :liquidfuel:Kerosene: @output,* ^= :liquidfuel:Kerosene: @input,* ^= :oxidizer:LqdOxygen: @output,* ^= :oxidizer:LqdOxygen: } } } with and without the ,* at Process and at the imput and output nodes. I also tried @Process,* And I started with uppercase for the first block in the regex and switched to lowercase. How many combinations of possibilities I have to try?
  8. There is a "small" issue with the R4D11 (R-4D-11) from SLS - that part got no ModuleEnginesFX in it ... I stumbled upon it because of a chain of actions that leads to 4 MM patching errors: GameData\RealPlume-Stock\Space Launch System\R4D11.cfg adds a PLUME node Hypergolic-OMS-White and tries to patch the non-existing ModuleEngines* GameData\RealPlume\000_Generic_Plumes\Hypergolic-OMS-White.cfg adds the EFFECTS node Hypergolic-OMS-White GameData\RocketSoundEnhancement\Patches\Hypergolic-OMS-White.cfg fails with "Cannot parse variable search when inserting new key volume = #$/MODULE[ModuleEngines*]/maxThrust$" on 4 occasions The patching chain assumes it's an engine, because RealPlume-Stock does @MODULE[ModuleEngines*] But it's an RCS thruster.
  9. Why does the mod use own variant of resources DDCarbonDioxide DDLqdHydrogen instead of using the CRP resources CarbonDioxide LqdHydrogen to be fully compatible to other mods? I'm just curious. Next step would be so make the return engines run with MethaLox, LqdMethane created by the ISRU (even in stock, LqdMethane + Oxidizer). With this approach only the LqdMethane is created by the ISRU, so Oxidizer needs to be shipped. Or let it create LqdMethane + Oxidizer, but with RealFuels to be patched to only create LqdMethane and LqdOxygen needs to be shipped.
  10. In that case do not try to put all calculations in one line, seperate it in multiple lines. Calculate one step after the other.
  11. Why? Please explain. I got a lot of mods, Kopernicus Bleeding Edge and no crashes.
  12. I guess the magic words are RealAntennas - also for stock Kerbalism. There is still a PR open from my branch with additional configs for generic patching (not only dedicated part patches): https://github.com/Gordon-Dry/RealAntennas/tree/RealAntennas-another-config-clean-up This branch contains no .dll - only the configs, .png files and an outdated version file. Take the official release and overwrite the .cfg files with those from my branch.
  13. of course, that's your post about and so is mine
  14. @vinix I got MechJeb and ReStock and a lot more - and no issues.