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  1. I use JNSQ, JNSQ 10x, GPP, GPP 10x and GPP secondary with scatterer 0.0828 without issues - at least when tabbing through all celestial bodies in the Tracking Station I don't see anything weird. Is it different when "really" being in orbit of those affected celestial bodies?
  2. @PART[*]:HAS[@MODULE[ModuleDataTransmitter*]:HAS[#antennaType[INTERNAL]]]:FINAL { @MODULE[ModuleDataTransmitter*]:HAS[#antennaType[INTERNAL]] { @antennaType = DIRECT } }
  3. Could you please alleviate the strictness of allowed science parts to fulfill the requirements, for example more magnetometer boom parts than just the one "dmmagBoom" etc?
  4. Main issue: It's not possible to build a US core + fairing + wedges when building from bottom to top in VAB, it has to be built from top to bottom. Try placing a US core above another part - it's not possible anymore to attach the fairing. Even flipping parts 180° and trying to build upside-down is impossible - it seems to be restricted by the US code.
  5. From Github? Then they're responsible for slow speed and sometimes this happens, could be a DDoS, could be a DNS issue, like as normal nowadays. Or a server room employee slave stumbled upon a cable jack. Now, 12 hours after your post, I downloaded with max. speed (250 Mbit/s in my case) without an issue. Edit: And you know what? Sometimes stopping a slow download and restarting it fixes the issue.
  6. Altering variables' values can not be an issue regarding licensing. ~[snip]~ If anybody ever would disallow other people using patches on top of their configs this would just be *bruh* and *facepalm* and nothing else. Then the whole purpose of ModuleManager and the modding API would be in question.
  7. Some of the orbital parameters came up to the protocol papers after the launch was done, written down by a protocolist - so it's easy to put those into contract configs, but nearly impossible in some cases to recreate them. Only parameters that have already been set before the launch should be in contracts.
  8. @Shizen For scaling stuff to fit to planet packs I use a template like this: scalefactor = 1 @scalefactor:NEEDS[SigDim] = #[email protected]/Rescale$ @scalefactor:NEEDS[!SigDim,RealSolarSystem] = 10.10625 @scalefactor:NEEDS[!SigDim,JNSQ] = 2.7 @scalefactor:NEEDS[!SigDim,GPP_Rescale_10x] = 10 @scalefactor:NEEDS[!SigDim,JNSQ_Rescale_10x] = 10 scalesqrt = #$scalefactor$ @scalesqrt != 0.5 and then from within a patch node I refer to #$/scalesqrt$ to for example multiply with it. In some cases I even use #$/scalefactor$ if I need the bigger number. In a later patch I remove those temporary variables to unclutter the MM cache.
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