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  1. may be illegal - that reminds me of this: https://odysee.com/@TheTruthSeeker:f/Agenda-21-EXPLAINED-full-version:8 That lecture is long but important - and one of the main columns of the Agenda 21 is that no scientific proof is needed anymore for proclaiming mandates - just the assumption there "could be something". Which leads to totalitarianism. And some counties in the U.S. already implemented it. And then there is the big "C"...
  2. Well, either people rely on a fixed core or Unity version for 5 years wait or on a really bad bad illegal .dll that is worse than a psychopath dictator - and did I mention illegal - but get results - well - now.
  3. Same question as everywhere, and I'm as a user appreciate the use of it to solve issues as on all the other games over the years.
  4. IMHO the feature "FlightSceneLoadKraken" from does the job very well on KSP 1.12.2, so WorldStabilizer is not needed, especially as it's not up to date.
  5. The maneuver is 1 hour long and done with a Xenon Ion engine. Not sure if it's BBT or stock behaviour, but as the KER readout is correct I assume it's BBT: btw no matter if I created a maneuver node with more or less than this one, the BBT/stock readout always showed a burn time of "1d 3h".
  6. My last hiatus made me lose some - but as I remember all those pesky transmission and signal issues have been solved? Or was it "new KSP patch, new issues"? This is relaying from Kerbin orbit to Mun orbit and back to DSN - on 10x JNSQ.
  7. @Starwaster thank you. What is the role of pyrolysisLossFactor as it's not mentioned in the formula?
  8. The parts inside GameData\DMagicOrbitalScience\UniversalStorageScience\ are all good, they got PART:NEEDS[UniversalStorage2] but the parts inside GameData\DMagicOrbitalScience\UniversalStorage\ don't. @DMagic And there are even a few duplicate folders and configs. Remnants of older versions? So, which of the both folders is "the real one"? That one that anyway got the correct PART:NEEDS[UniversalStorage2] and in all cases got the newer timestamp on the .cfg files - so "UniversalStorageScience"? The fact that the other folder got more subfolders and more configs confuses me. Are they all obsolete or still need to be updated? And last but not least: the fact that this is a case since August/September 2018 even confuses me more... Edit: I just recognized, inside GameData\DMagicOrbitalScience\UniversalStorage\ they all got TechRequired = Unresearcheable so they're obsolete for real. Edit: Not to be forgotten the fixes from https://github.com/7ranceaddic7/Orbital-Science
  9. Well, I just use the Mod Waypoint Manager. But this is a bummer, some obvious should-have-been-solved-at-early-access-years-ago stuff. Darn.
  10. SCANsat ZoomMap -> Waypoint Selector -> entering a waypoint name, all key presses are interpreted as flight commands, engine starts, map is shown, all borked. I did not consider that this is still a thing. Why even bother offering an input field for the waypoint name if that happens then?
  11. I just recognized that the CAE-RM03 RCS Thruster Block got 90° offset thrust angles, see https://github.com/raveloda/Coatl-Aerospace/issues/95
  12. I moved the sliders from 60s to 120s and even after a complete reboot of KSP the alarms are still generated at the 60s margin.
  13. I assume what is meant is that "radial in" does not always mean "to the bottom of the navball", especially when the orbit is far from being circular and that PersistentRotation does not recreate the situation of pointing radial in, but pointing perfectly 90° downwards relative to the body.
  14. @Dovahkiin2132 you can pack logs with 7z, zip or rar - for log files I suggest 7z (it's free) - I just downloaded your log and packed it: 0.99 MB (no kidding) As I'm actually out of the RSS/RO bubble I can't help you with that, though.
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