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  1. How is the tech tree patching when using RP-1 ? Edit: All right, I see, it's "just" RO compatible, but with RP-1 the parts will disappear. (and RP-1 aka. RP-0 belongs to RO imho)
  2. Hmm. I guess those math replacements only work in comma separated arrays? A few days ago I created a patch where I had to do a regex replacement in a "key" array of all empty spaces to commas, then do the math, then do another regex replacement from commas to spaces... ^This with MM 4.0.3
  3. @RobertaME hey, thanks. But it seems you posted the preview pic - not the original pic. It should be much bigger to be able to read anything.
  4. @ensou04 @blowfish there is a patch file GameData\RealPlume\RealPlumeAudio.cfg which fights again the purpose of RocketSoundEnhancement: // Purpose: This MM CFG changes the engage/activation sound for RealPlumes. // Commetary: The sound is impressive for launches, but out of place for designs // that rely on different sets of engines that a player turns on/off // as needed with the throttle at zero. // They can be VERY loud in the dead of space... // Part needs a Plume definition and not have SolidFuel. // SRBs are one-shot alway-on; a loud engage sound is befitting. // Dunno if I should include a check to exclude Jets; do any jets use RealPlumes? @PART[*]:HAS[@PLUME[*],!RESOURCE[SolidFuel]]:NEEDS[RealPlume]:FINAL { @EFFECTS { @engage { @AUDIO { @clip = sound_vent_medium // Stock audio clip often used as the stock engage sound. } } } } It just tries to put the sound_vent_medium back into business ... but I guess it should not be a problem, an @ does not do anything when the node does not exist, right?
  5. @ThePatsch78 in the RSE_Audio fields there is a value maxDistance. I guess this is the one responsible for the fadeout - but tbh this is not my pair of shoes - I "only" added configs and made them compatible to "stuff". Next day, more updates, added: fx-ant-running fx-corgi-running fx-kickback-running fx-mainsail-running fx-nerv-running fx-rhino-running More features, added compatibility to the sounds shipped by part packs or RealPlume itself. More updates, added: add flameout patch alone to SRB where it's missing rename a file to match the EFFECT name (it was a typo) adding all engage, disengage and flameout on SRB where they're missing
  6. @linuxgurugamer I'm actually adding more patches into RocketSoundEnhancement to take custom sounds of other part packs into account - like FASA - but still give the parts the same treatment as the "normal" RocketSoundEnhancement patching does. Those patch files will start with the comment // this contains additional patches for custom sounds of part packs, also see below I also check the raw sounds with headphones to decide if they're worth it or if the sound treatment of RocketSoundEnhancement should be used instead (old behaviour). I will not give special treatment to sounds of deep space engines like Ion drives yet - as I use AudioMuffler and those parts mostly got custom sounds, like NearFuturePropulsion. But I will take a raw listen to them whatsoever.
  7. yes, as long as any engine got any EFFECTS of the list, and the mod started with stock EFFECTS, I added RealismOverhaul fixes and additions it's already a PR on the main release, so you could merge it Actually I need some fine tuning of the patches with the name beginning with "CombinedPlume". As I just cloned the original configs to have configs that were missing it could be that some configs' EFFECTS are not 100% authentic looking and need tinkering as well.
  8. Just updated my additions: https://github.com/Gordon-Dry/RocketSoundEnhancement/tree/fix_for_Realism_Overhaul Do not feel irritated by "fix for Realism Overhaul" - if any of the listed EFFECTS is in any engine than the patch does its job: Alcolox-Lower-A6 Ammonialox CombinedPlume-Hydrolox-Lower CombinedPlume-Hydrolox-Upper CombinedPlumeHypergolic-Hypergolic-Lower CombinedPlume-Hypergolic-OMS-White CombinedPlume-Hypergolic-Vernier CombinedPlume-Kerolox-Exhaust CombinedPlume-Kerolox-Lower CombinedPlume-Kerolox-Upper CombinedPlume-Solid-Lower CombinedPlume-Solid-Sepmotor Cryogenic-UpperLower-125 Cryogenic-UpperLower-25 Cryogenic-UpperLower-375 fx-flea-running fx-hammer-running fx-poodle-running fx-separatron-running fx-swivel-running fx-terrier-running Hydrogen-NTR Hydrogen-NTR-HighTemp Hydrolox-Lower Hydrolox-Upper Hydynelox-A7 Hypergolic-Apollo-SM Hypergolic-Lower Hypergolic-OMS-Red Hypergolic-OMS-White Hypergolic-Upper Hypergolic-Vernier Kerolox-Lower Kerolox-Lower-F1 Kerolox-Upper Kerolox-Vernier powerflame running running_escape running_jettison running-closed Solid-Lower Solid-Sepmotor Solid-Upper Solid-Vacuum Updates, added: fx-anvil-running fx-boar-running fx-valiant-running More updates, added: fx-mallet-running fx-pug-running fx-striker-running
  9. There is a sanity fix in RP-0 aka. RP-1; GameData\RP-0\Parts\ProcFairingFix.cfg +PART[KzProcFairingSide1]:FOR[RP-0] { @name = KzProcFairingFuselage1 @title = Egg-Shaped Fuselage Fairing (Deprecated) @description = Legacy part to make sure that old crafts would still load. To make interstage fairings, use regular payload fairings and disable decoupling. //!MODULE[ProceduralFairingDecoupler] {} @MODULE[ModuleToolingPFSide] { %toolingType = KzProcFairingSide1 } } +PART[KzProcFairingSide2]:FOR[RP-0] { @name = KzProcFairingFuselage2 @title = Conic Fuselage Fairing (Deprecated) @description = Legacy part to make sure that old crafts would still load. To make interstage fairings, use regular payload fairings and disable decoupling. //!MODULE[ProceduralFairingDecoupler] {} @MODULE[ModuleToolingPFSide] { %toolingType = KzProcFairingSide2 } } If you're on stock without RO / RP-0 you can create a new stock compatible patch based on that, if you know how.
  10. @CanisLupus518 two facts came to my mind. So I just checked the configs and my MM cache (I got B9 Part Switch, NF Construction and GPOSpeedFuelPump): there are no GPOSpeedFuelPump patches in NF construction patches folder the parts have mesh switch, so afaik it's just impossible to add a GPOSpeedFuelPump module because that would be available all times, with any chosen mesh ^but, this would be not really an issue tbh, even if it's just a truss without any hollow structure or tank or whatoever - so generally the part would always have the module I'm not in the mood to fiddle a GPOSpeedFuelPump patch, for two reasons I'm on RO actually, RO patches the fuel tank part variants away, a comment in that patch says "// Fuel Tank Variants need to be removed, does not support Real Fuels" - but I don't know if this is just outdated or not I never fiddled a GPOSpeedFuelPump patch for a part with mesh switching before
  11. btw what is the difference between https://ksp.sarbian.com/jenkins/job/ModuleManager/ and https://ksp.sarbian.com/jenkins/job/ModuleManager-RO/ ? I ask because I'm on RO and use the latest ModuleManager-RO 4.0.2 - and always wondered why.
  12. @Ser From the MM cache side, it seems okay. From the audible side when ingame, it seems that the effects by Rocket Sound Enhancements are heavily muffled themselves from the beginning (sea level). Like the "normal" engine sounds are 100%, but the RSE effects are already muffled down to a lower level. But this is of course only my subjective opinion. Without Audio Muffler the effects of Rocket Sound Enhancements are just much crispier.