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  1. Looks like im experincing those good old fashion downloading issues AGAIN
  2. Wait Galileo you made SSRSS? Another mod i had diffuculties instaling. Well i am going to ask Capt for some screenshots of how the gamedata folder should look. I am a big fan of your creations Galileo
  3. Im Using Mac and 1.2 OPM does not work any advice? (By not working Nothing is beyond Jool but Eeloo in it's stock orbit) Nope does not work for me on Mac there is no trace of Sarnus Neidon Urlum, Plock of their moons.
  4. Can you add Verbalized versions of 6 or more dwarf planets? Can you possibly kerbilze Eris Makemake, Haumea, Orcus Vauruna and Ixion? I love the mod by the way.
  5. So i have been thinking that asteroids need an upgrade. first i think the biggest types of asteroids should be 200 kilometers hence i think more types of asteroids need to be added. also comets would be an amazing addition. With the success of missions like Rosetta and Stardust i think they would be great. Ok parts. I think there needs to be more solar panels, RTG,Probe cores and small high thrust engines for probes. (And Better Harpoons for Asteroid or Comet landings). And when i said add more planets it think we can stick with mods for now. Thank you for your amazing creation Squad I
  6. Well planet pack mods for me have not been working and i got extremely bored with one gas giant. Remember planet pack mods have been not working for me and i have to deal with one gas planet. I can imagine Saturn, Uranus and Neptune analogs in ksp and cool moons since you already proved that you are good at making up weird moons and wacky easter eggs like the kraken. if you do i suggest you either move eeloo to orbit one of the gas giants and make a better Pluto analog or make Eeloo orbit further away. If you do this i would be so much less bored with Kerbal Space Program and play the game
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