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  1. It's back! Thanks! That has been an invaluable tool for me, for years. I have not had to use it in the past few months, but I used it regularly in the past, and now I have to fix several drag cubes. When I saw the 404 error, I was like "OMG I am screwed... I have ZERO clue how to fix these without this tool" Thanks again.
  2. W O W..... ModuleManager.2.8.1.dllModuleManager.3.1.1.dllModuleManager.4.1.0.dllModuleManager.4.1.3.dll I wouldn't even have the courage to even begin to try to help someone whos install has something like that in it... @steve_v I salute you, you are awesome... and soo much more patient than I.
  3. Those wheels look sooo nice though. Perhaps someone, some other modder, who has more experience with wheels, and suspension could get them working for you... if you still have the models.
  4. Hmm... hmmm... I don't see any difference at all now... weird, maybe it was the angle or the lighting that made it look different at that specific time.
  5. Nope, same patch file I have been using for months all I did was check to make sure nothig had changed. Will do.
  6. It looks a little lighter.. or more pale to me, but I like it! My custom settings for my ocean if anyone likes it...
  7. Sorry... I should have posted this here... @blackrack I can remove it from the scatter thread and post it here if you like? or just link to it... I guess
  8. Ok, here is a comparison between; Scatterer, v0.0621 Plus an old version of EVE (Using SVE Configs, with the scatterer configs deleted) vs Scatterer v0.0630. Plus Blackrack's "performance-enhanced" version of EVE (Using SVE Configs, with the scatterer configs deleted) Computer; Core I7 7700k @ 5.05 GHz (custom water cooling loop with 1 x Black Ice Nemesis 280GTS rad, and 1 x Bitspower Leviathan SF 240 rad) 32Gb DDR4 3200 14-14-14-34 XMP enabled. EVGA GeForce RTX 2080 SUPER FTW3 HYDRO COPPER (water cooled of course) Mods... or at least most of them besides Scatterer, Eve and SVE... ModuleManager ClickThroughBlocker FilterExtensions Toolbar BAM BDArmory CameraTools DestructionEffects EditorExtensionsRedux Firespitter KerbalEngineer KSP-AVC PhysicsRangeExtender ShowFPS v0.2.3.0 SmartParts TextureReplacer VesselMover I personally like the color of the water better in the old Scatterer, but that is nit picking... All in all, there seems to be a very slight performance increase with the new Eve, but for me, only about 5 or 6 FPS. This may be much more pronounced on a lower end system. This maybe should have been put in the new EVE thread....
  9. Disregard, I needed to update Realplume/Realplume-Stock and/or Smokescreen.