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  1. I've had way too many warnings from the forum moderators to post my reply to that slap to the face. Why don't you just give him a kick in the groin for good measure?
  2. NAH!!! I want it to be able to hit a plane at 40km.... so I place a plane aprox 40km away, fire the current missile at it using a cheatty radar, and time to see how long it takes to get to the target... poof... time - boost time = cruise time. The real missile can hit a target 74km away... but that is too far IMO
  3. ok, agreed. Suggestion? It's going to be extremely difficult to make it realistic BUT we can easily reduce it's range. boostTime = 2.2 //seconds of boost phase (kind of need to keep this at it's current setting) cruiseTime = 45 //seconds of cruise phase (This can be easily changed to reduce it's range) Some testing to see how far it will go go at various cruise times needs to be done. or someone can math it...
  4. ____! I should be the chairman... I rebuilt my computer a while back, and the main reason was to load KSP faster... not kidding. 140+ mods 9.2Gb 8 min 30 sec load time.
  5. If you are still using the stock system (planets) I would suggest SVE
  6. Yes, just delete the old version and install his version, they are complete.
  7. That's was what I was trying to explain to you in my third post in that PM chain. Yes I believe it is new, and I am still experiencing it.
  8. Scatterer has been updated. click on the part that says "R-T-B replied to a topic" below. Install it and remove the -force-d3d12 from your shortcut.
  9. Using your Mining expansion mod, no matter how much cooling I throw at the miniISRU, I can't get it to stop overheating. Any suggestions? yes... using that radiator is ridiculous, but it was just a test.
  10. LOL first time I encountered a scatter with a collider, I was running a near perfect run on one of the stages of the Kerbal Dakar and hit a tree at 170m/s and spread bits of the car over half a square km... I was like "WT actual F happened there!?"
  11. No, it uses the flares... BUT yes I have seen it once in a while (usually on the second or third missile fired at it) not use the flares and try to dodge the missile... unsuccessfully
  12. I have been building the most crazy maneuverable target drones for missile testing for the past 3 years... my drones can pull off 45G turns at will, and they can out maneuver a sidewinder about 2% of the time, and 0% against an AMRAAM. This is in a sandbox setting with g force limits on.
  13. After some research, I found out that dodging a modern, sort range, high speed, air to air missile is next to impossible. So I made them all nearly impossible to dodge... not 100% impossible, but very near impossible. Flares in low numbers are completely ineffective... true story. Flares are launched in mass quantities for a reason. My jets have at least 4 flare launchers... most of the time more.