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  1. I was being kind of sarcastic... maybe facetious? I knew I was not right... lets put it that way lol I know there are many who don't like it, I myself do not like the super shiny stuff. I mean it works for certain things, and looks great when not overdone. I use it because I use DX11, and need it to make those icons show up. Cheers.
  2. I didn't think there was anyone who didn't like TU I love it, cant play without it ESPECIALLY if you have -force-d3d11 in your target line of your shortcut I don't see any ill effects with filter extensions under DX11, and I have a metric poop ton of mods installed.
  3. @Ryugi No, but there is a way around this. In my mod, KTech, there are Star Wars style laser cannons, that have configs that could be easily be modified to get what you are looking for. First, you will need a bullet definition something like this: BULLET { name = RGprojectile caliber = 75 bulletVelocity = 8000 // The higher the velocity bulletMass = 0.2 // the lower the mass needs to be. explosive = True // These settings give you your AOE damage tntMass = 5.44 // These settings give you your AOE damage blastPower = 10 // These settings give you your AOE damage blastHeat = 10 // These settings give you your AOE damage blastRadius = 7 // These settings give you your AOE damage apBulletMod = 0 bulletDragTypeName = AnalyticEstimate } Then in your gun's config, you will want something like this: roundsPerMinute = 4 maxDeviation = 0.0 //Laser accuracy maxEffectiveDistance = 80000 maxTargetingRange = 80000 engageRangeMin = 0 engageRangeMax = 80000 ammoName = ElectricCharge // no need to store ammo requestResourceAmount = 140 // EC per shot shellScale = 0 hasRecoil = true // or false, then remove the next line recoilReduction = 0.8 // 80% reduction in recoil onlyFireInRange = true bulletDrop = false // no bullet drop... goes straight like a laser. weaponType = ballistic bulletType = RGprojectile // the name of your bullet in the bullet config bulletDmgMult = 2 // for very light rounds, raise this value to increase the damage it does (non kinetic damage) maxHeat = 3600 heatPerShot = 3600 // gun over heats instantly heatLoss = 200 // how much heat it can dissipate per sec Just remember, if you use insane projectile speeds, the damage it does is controlled by the bulletMass in the bullet config. Hope that helps
  4. yeah, but this KerbalFoundries is definitely worth having... trust me.
  5. @DJToxica Glad you got your issue fixed! But OMG stock wheels on an OPT Space plane! Check out Kerbal Foundries, the large landing gear for the heavier planes really works well. Vertical stabilizers that are vertical will work much better than angled ones.
  6. @Eidahlil It's slightly amusing, when people do not know who you are.
  7. I was able to rebuild the partition and recover everything... luckily.
  8. Well, I'm about 50-50 in understanding why he took all his mods down. I wish he left them up too I had a storage drive crash on me the other day and almost lost a lot of my SM mods... and I have more SM stuff than anyone. I was his main tester for a long time, and I have a PILE of stuff that has never even been released! Spanner isn't well, and has not been well for a long time. Add that to the frustrations caused by multiple KSP patchs coupled with the changes and problems that were occurring with BDAc at the time... well, it just angered him big time... Spanner didn't want someone taking his work (1000's of hours worth) messing with it, and re-releasing a pile of crap. and look what happened... shortly after, some oxygen thief named RecoverMod tried to re-release his work on SpaceDock!!
  9. I am sorry, you most likely have an old copy from before the BIG BDArmory Category change happened. I can't help you
  10. I have no idea, the mods have all been taken down, so I have no way to check... but that sounds aprox right. WRT changes, yes there have been dozens of changes... which ones were released and which ones were not, I have no idea... sorry.
  11. LOL! it's all good! Enjoy it... I still do
  12. I have 99% of Spanner's released mods, plus quite a lot of unreleased stuff... I was one of his mod testers since Oct 2017, and his main tester for about the last year. I still use all of it in 1.7.3... as far as I know, nothing needs to be "recompiled" It all still works fine.
  13. Pretty much everything he created has been taken down, so unfortunately it's gone unless he decides to come back.
  14. Look here: