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  1. TheKurgan

    Guess Who Will Reply Next?

    TLDR... @XOC2008
  2. TheKurgan

    [1.6.1]GN Drive from Mobile Suit Gundam 00

    @flywlyx Thanks for the update!! Drive
  3. Awesome! Thanks @Snark When this mod catches on, and people realize how simple it is, and what it's function is, it will be one of thee most downloaded mods in recent KSP history.
  4. just finished editing about 200 parts to make their amout = maxAmount... Shows you I REALLY want this mod to work, because I HATE the alternatives out there. ok maybe not 200... but alot
  5. Still freezing on tanks that have amount < maxAmount
  6. I am happy that I know enough about SourceTree, and Visual Studio to be dangerous My C# skills... not there yet, but getting better. @4x4cheesecake testing your fixes now.
  7. So to expand on my earlier bug post, any tank that has the amount less then the max amount causes the hang. Like in the resource config below from Large Boat parts: RESOURCE { name = LiquidFuel amount = 1000 maxAmount = 18000 }
  8. Actually the LFO to LF switch works with most all simple mod tanks I have checked, but the LF to LFO switch only works with the named tanks in the cfg. I'm looking at your cfg now to transplant a piece of it into the original cfg
  9. Ah, NM, I get it. It only works for the tanks that are already in that cfg, or ones you add.
  10. @4x4cheesecake no, no, sorry I didn't mean with your config My apologies for not being clear, I meant with the original cfg for the mod.
  11. That would be great! Question, I can change LFO tanks into LF tanks but You can't turn an LF tank into an LFO tank... right? This is by design? ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ OH, one other thing, this doesn't seem to affect craft that were built prior to installing the mod. The button to switch resources is there, but non functional. Besides manually editing the craft file, is there a way to get this mod's modules into the saved craft? I know many other mods, like IFS, **shiver** adds ALL of it's modules to a craft when you load them... I think.
  12. Just found a small bug, and I guess it's pretty common. If a tank has a config like this: RESOURCE { name = Oxidizer amount = 0 maxAmount = 90 } RESOURCE { name = LiquidFuel amount = 110 maxAmount = 110 } Then it hangs on game loading screen. I've encountered this several times in the last few mins, and edited the tanks to be full.... here goes 4th attempt to load the game