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  1. I am here... I am confused... help @SpannerMonkey(smce) !!
  2. @shadowmage help I have messed with the settings in game, and I want to put the defaults back in. Where are the settings stored? I can't find them in the KSP settings file.
  3. I found that it only hangs on the loading screen, in my case, when MechJeb is also installed. Other than the dust effects (that @SpannerMonkey(smce) pointed out to me), I don't see any other major issues using this in 1.8.1
  4. @Eli the Space Nerd Thanks for commenting, glad you enjoy it!! I don't know if I will be adding much more to KTech, I do not have the skills required to make new models, so KTech is pretty much done... at least for now. I did recompile the category plugin though, and everything seems to work fine in 1.8.1. If you or anyone finds any issues or is getting any errors related to KTech, please let me know. Still having the issue with my universal ammo box... when you change the resource in the box, the old one doesn't go away until you click off the box. Still have not found a solution.
  5. HEHE love it, the Kurgan Manual... Jus so you all know, I was having a HARD time figuring OrX out, so when @DoctorDavinci made the manual, he named it after me So awesome!!
  6. Demonstration of the new HullBreach in an actual 1 on 1 Ship battle.
  7. Unofficial release of HullBreach for KSP 1.8.1 I've been working on this (with a LOT of help from @DoctorDavinci and @SpannerMonkey(smce)) for quite a while. The changes made to this version of HullBreach have not been accepted by @gomker, He is the original author, all the credit goes to him, and these changes may not be permanent! Use at your own risk!! Download Link: Changes: In this version there are 3 levels of Breach, Minor, Serious and Fatal. Known Issues: HullBreach warning messages stay on screen even after the Breach state changes from "Minor" to "Serious" to "Fatal" Example Config: @PART[BoatHull]:NEEDS[HullBreach] { MODULE { name = ModuleHullBreach MinorFlooding = 2 //flow rate SeriousFlooding = 5 //flow rate FatalFlooding = 30 //flow rate MinorDmg = 0.90 // 90% Hp left SeriousDmg = 0.6 //60% Hp left FatalDmg = 0.25 //25% HP Left hull = true hydroExplosive = true } RESOURCE { name = SeaWater amount = 1 maxAmount = 20000 } } @PART[boatDeck] { MODULE { name = ModuleHullBreach hull = false hydroExplosive = false crushable = true crushDepth = 200 } } License This work is shared under CC BY-NC-SA 3.0 license
  8. I was trying all morning to get 1.8.1 working with all the mods I love. Two of those happen to be MechJeb, and Kerbal Foundries... more specifically KSPWheel. MechJeb build 909, and the newest version of KSPWheel (yes I know it isn't updated for 1.8.1 yet) don't get along, and the game will stop loading at Serenity. Just thought I would point this out, hopefully when KSPWheel gets updated, it will be solved.
  9. @Ryugi No problem, very happy I could help! At one point or another, I have re-tuned / re-configured 99% of the missiles in BDAc and SM_Industries including the HE-KV-1 Space missile in BDAc... and most of the torpedoes too. So if you ever need some assistance, just PM me.
  10. @Xd the great JR is working on the 1.8.1 update for BDAc. I can't tell you when it will be ready.
  11. @Ryugi I didn't see anything wrong with your config at a glance... But I'm relatively sure your missile does not have RCS transforms... I could be wrong. Try this. It has most all of your settings transferred over: Oh, and maxTurnRateDPS = 90 will make the missile go boom. it will pull too many Gs maxOffBoresight = 180 No need to go over 180 **edit I could be wrong about this, leave it at 270.lockedSensorFOV = 2 // this is the accuracy of the missile radarLOAL = true // if you want it to have active radar.
  12. @C7Aerospace Just remember, BDAc is an incredibly complex mod, and will very rarely be backwards compatible with earlier KSP versions.