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  1. Thank you. The site seems to be working fine, it doesn't seem slow by comparison to other sites with a similar ammount of content. Is the hardware causing any issues?
  2. Are the engines in this mod smaller than the monstrosities in ISX Warp Ship OS and USI Alcubierre Warp Drive Standalone?
  3. It's not really a big number... I have an old Asus G71 with a Core 2 Duo from like 2008, and it came stock with 6gb of ram... My heavily modded KSP (64bit) install was running out of memory and crashing on my 2015 Alienware laptop with 16gb of ram... my new desktop has 32gb of ram and KSP peaks at 17gb!!
  4. when it gets to the infinite circling loading thingy, hit ALT F4
  5. Sorry, I don't understand the pull request thing.
  6. The Scatterer ocean thing is minor, but is there a way you can fix it in the next update? or did I miss something when I installed it?
  7. I've set up your planet pack as a separate solar system (GPP Secondary) using this simple .cfg file: Is that all I have to do? It seems to be working fine. To get the Scatterer oceans to work again, I had to add a planet list cfg file to the GPP_Secondary folder, it includes all the stock planets. After that it seems fine.
  8. LOL! @kerbiloid Did you make that up? or is it quoted from somewhere? Awesome by the way!
  9. One weird thing I have found with the heavy and medium landing gear is that I have to press G twice to get the landing gear to stow after take-off.
  10. I've been doing this for a long time now, I did it alot when OPT Space Plane Parts was changing names... I have even recovered a few forum member's large creations using a simple find and replace using Notepad ++. Sometimes it can take a little work, but it's really very simple... as long as the model itself doesn't change much. The inconvenience was worth it, no apologies required
  11. Thanks again for updating this mod! With regards to the part name changes, I used Notepad ++ to simply find and replace all the old part names with all the new part names in the .craft files of my rovers that use your parts, it worked perfectly... so nice to have them back again. So glad I saved them. Cheers!
  12. Thank you very much for updating this mod, I have been using it since it's birth, and a couple of my favorite rovers are based upon it. Cheers!
  13. @Denko666 SO, I decided to solve this little problem myself, and created this MM patch to add the capability I wanted to the Kerbal Planetary Base Systems ISRU: But, it didn't work, and I couldn't figure it out... for hours... then I found it. In this mod, LqdDeuterium is spelled LqDeuterium. In the Community Resource Pack, it is spelled LqdDeuterium. I changed the spelling of this for all instances in this mod, and WOOHOO! it works.
  14. Loving this mod, I am creating a ship to travel to other solar systems and basically stay out there forever I use many many mods, including TAC Life Support and all of the USI mods (excluding their life support). I have only one issue so far, I cannot figure out how to create or gather LqDeuterium. Is there a way?