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  1. TheKurgan

    OrX Discussion thread

    NO! not... It is unreleased... it's not even public beta... it is NOT the time to report bugs. Wait for a public beta or release. VERY not cool man... If you were smart enough to find it, install it and play with it.. fine, but why announce it? Keep it to yourself until it's at least public beta... It is NOT ready for public testing, and DEFINITELY not ready for questions, and bug reporting. and 100% not ready for you to be bugging the author about it!! @Deddly I'm milimeters away from getting more warning points.... deep breath.
  2. WHERE in your first explanation does it say "the 120's are engaging at 8km on a craft that can only be locked onto at 2km" ? NOWHERE... I maybe would have gone into your logs had I known what you were talking about and if I knew what an XP-3.5 was... NO plane is good enough to evade even a low end radar as close as 2km... NONE, it is impossible with an average sized aircraft. The RCS app in BDAc is a guesstimate, and new users mistakenly look at the frontal RCS and complain when the radar locks on at 20km away... If you had a tiny tiny plane and could accurately point it DIRECTLY at the enemy radar raycast... then MAYBE you could get within 3km. Your description of your problem was very poor... so I didn't feel like looking at your log. My expertise in BDAc is missiles and I have a very good understanding of the radars, but after your condescending reply... bye...
  3. Not sure what the XP-3.5 is, is it a plane? I'm not sure what you mean by improper lock -on, what is it doing wrong? NOTHING (with normal game settings) can dodge my retuned missiles, they have like a 99% kill rate against anything not using countermeasures. Flares, chaff and jammers are still very effective. I had a drone plane that was set up to pull 45 - 49G turns at the snap of a finger, it's sole purpose was to dodge missiles... I used it to tune all the BDAc and SM missiles.
  4. TheKurgan

    [1.4+] Kerbal Inventory System (KIS) v1.14

    I was like "Who the _____ does this guy think he is uploading IgorZ's mod!!" 15 sec later I realized it was you
  5. TheKurgan

    [1.4+] Kerbal Inventory System (KIS) v1.14

    Post deleted. I was mistaken.
  6. me too. Actually... I am the one who tuned the HE-KV-1 and I have hit and killed stuff from the ground to space, and at distances of over 100km in space. For long distance targeting in space, you need a special radar. The normal radars in BDAc are only going to get you 40km or so... but they still work. The HE-KV-1 is a space missile... it will not fly like a normal missile in the atmosphere... it is fine going straight up... not so good at the horizontal business.
  7. TheKurgan

    [1.4.4] OPT Reconfig v1.2.2 [July 23, 2018]

    @JadeOfMaar Awesome work! I like this balance, not ridiculous OP, but still OP enough to be fun
  8. You stepped in what?? You shot WHO!?!? If you want to edit the .cfg file for a weapon to change it's RPM, open the cfg file for that weapon, scroll down until you find: MODULE { name = ModuleWeapon Under that, look for roundsPerMinute = Change that to your desired RPM. Save and test The sound is at the bottom of ModuleWeapon. Look for this: fireSoundPath = In here put the path for your custom sound. Should look like this one from my mod: fireSoundPath = KTech/Parts/RGturret/RailGun Where the sound file is Railgun.wav Also notice the / instead of \
  9. TheKurgan

    [1.4.X] SM Armory Group. Tracks and T90 Updates

    This can be done, I did it with a certain bomb... a HUGE bomb... the mother bomb... look in spoiler Ensure first that this line exists decoupleForward = true Then Just change the decoupleSpeed = 10 to decoupleSpeed = -15 (or something... you will need to test) and make sure you give it enough drop time to hit the water... or bad stuff will happen. Or use this patch: @PART[NameOfTorpedo]:NEEDS[BDArmory] { %MODULE[MissileLauncher] { %dropTime = 3 %decoupleForward = true %decoupleSpeed = -15 } }
  10. TheKurgan

    Versus - Release 2 "Eagle and the Hound" 1.4.x

    None, I did it through the color setting of the Procedural wings themselves. BUT It may have been an earlier version of Pwings... so that may not be as easy now.
  11. @Katten Hello, this looks interesting! the download on github is missing the release zip file.
  12. Not sure who those guys are, but I have a space radar in my mod. Link is in my sig. KTech.