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  1. Nope. It's licenced under Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International (CC BY-SA 4.0) Anyone can redistribute it... It just requires someone with the proper skills and knowledge to fix/update it properly. It's always courteous to ask permission, and it is recommended to do so... BUT if the author is unreachable, there is nothing stopping someone from continuing it's maintenance/dev. It is also expected that if the author returns, that he/she will resume the responsibility of it's distribution, updating and development of the mod if he/she desires to do so. Wow, that sounded almost professional
  2. @zlsa This is still a beautiful pod.... I still use it, have you done any other parts?
  3. TheKurgan

    [1.3] Community Resource Pack

    Thanks guys.
  4. TheKurgan

    [1.3] Community Resource Pack

    ah ok, cool. Thanks That's the : volume = 1 part right?
  5. TheKurgan

    [1.3] Community Resource Pack

    I have a quick question. Why is the Density of Water 0.001, but the density of stuff like LiquidFuel 0.005? Shouldn't water be about the same or slightly higher than liquid fuel?
  6. Harpwner's last visit was May 8. Maybe he will come back someday, or maybe someone with coding knowledge will take it over and fix it properly. maybe..
  7. If you look again, the PTMK4FX is actually a weapon It stands for Photon Torpedo MK IV The FX was a variant for testing the exhaust effects The radar I use comes from my mod KTech, the link is in my sig and the Photon Torpedoes are in KTech too.
  8. The HE-KV-1 works... BUT it only works reliably in a vacuum... it does not work well in the atmosphere, this is the way it was designed, and it is intentional. You need a powerful radar to lock targets at it's range limits, which is about 100km. Although the missile works ok in low orbit, it works best in high orbit, or above 250km. No, it does not require further testing. Please stop. Video of the HE-KV-1 in action:
  9. Yes absolutely, that is more than enough ... BUT KSP is much more dependent on your CPU and your RAM.
  10. You would think that this would be a lot more popular... I was hoping it had a grass texture plus bump map
  11. TheKurgan

    [1.0.4] SciFi Shipyards [Discontinued]

    @bjornadri Not a chance. Read back a little and you will see the reason... it's sad.
  12. TheKurgan

    [1.3.1][1.4.5] Interstellar Fuel Switch (IFS) 3.6.13

    For me this is a really hard mod to play without. I love the fuel switching capability it adds to so many of the tanks I use... It's really a necessity for large complex space ship builds. But this cryo thing is not for everyone... every single IFS compatible tank is spammed with 7 entries pertaining to Cryostat. Video in spoiler. Could you please add the ability to easily remove the Cryostat stuff? I'm sure I'm not the only one that wants IFS to be just IFS.
  13. TheKurgan

    [1.3]GN Drive from Mobile Suit Gundam 00 (v4.2)

    I don't think there is another mod out there anything like this, and this is perfect for SciFi vessels and Star Trek like vessels. I was going to have a look inside the latest source files, but I cannot find them anywhere.