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  1. After being involved with BDA for a couple years before RWP, and being part of RWP for the last 2 years, I can say that BDA for RWP keeps all that was BDAc and just builds upon it. The additions, new capabilities, bullet balancing, bug fixes and so much more is well worth a look. Legacy missiles ALL still work, I know this because I re-released many of Spanners without changing anything at all. All weapons that had the own bullet defs still work perfectly fine. Some weapons that used BDAc bullet defs may have been affected, and may need very minor updates. No other parts, that I know of, have been broken.
  2. I have not tested this or updated in in a long time lol. The above example configs would still work, if the mod even works anymore.
  3. ok, that may have not been the problem... AirplanePlus adds a patchs to some of the stock engines... these may be the culprits. Going to add in an :AFTER[AirplanePlus] to the engines that have MM patches in AirplanePlus: Goliath Juno Panther Wheesley Whiplash
  4. @Knight of St John Not sure if this has been mentioned, but the sound FX config for the Wheesley has an issue. In your Wheesley.cfg file, line 7 you have given the audio FX the names of fx_wheesley_running BUT down lower, in this part: @MODULE[ModuleEngines*] { %powerEffectName = fx_wheesley_power %spoolEffectName = fx_wheesley_spool } You've called it fx_wheesley_power
  5. Just tested again... Clean install of Kerbal Space Program - Newest BDA (REQUIRED): https://spacedock.info/mod/2487/BDArmory for Runway Project/download Newest module manager (REQUIRED) : https://ksp.sarbian.com/jenkins/job/ModuleManager/lastSuccessfulBuild/artifact/ModuleManager-4.2.1.zip Vessel mover (not required) : https://github.com/jrodrigv/VesselMover/releases/download/v1.12.0/VesselMover.1.12.0._09042021.zip Physics Range extender (REQUIRED): https://github.com/jrodrigv/PhysicsRangeExtender/releases/download/1.21.0/PhysicsRangeExtender.1.21_09042021.zip and of course KTech: https://spacedock.info/mod/1861/KTech/download It works. Use the links I posted above to get the mods... if you are using ANY other links, I can't guarantee it will work... if you are using ANY other versions of the dependencies, it will likely not work... My part is done here.
  6. Yeah, I would agree, if I had not gotten a guy who actually does dev on BDArmory to install KTech from the download, and it worked perfectly fine for him. I have downloaded it from the links, and installed it into a clean install of KSP, and it worked fine... I made a video of it working fine... Did you watch the video? I am 100% sure, that anyone who is having issues with KTech, are doing something wrong. Watch the video... there is no trickery, I did it all in one video, then took out the long gaps of nothingness.
  7. @Miss Atomic2512 and @petrisha I just did this using the latest version of KSP (clean install) and the version of KTech from SpaceDock. It works fine, except for a bug in BDArmory with regards to the phasers (lasers) BE SURE you are installing it and it's listed dependencies correctly. Watch the video in the spoiler:
  8. I will try to update in the next week or so. But I have not seen the problems listed here. I am running it on the newest version of KSP, and except for a bug in BDA with regards to lasers, I am having no issues. I will download the last version I posted, and check it out when I get time. if you download it from either Github, or spacedock, open the zip, you see a "GameData" folder. Inside that is the KTech folder. Copy the KTech folder into your GameData folder, and it is done. I just tried both downloads from github, and Spacedock, and both work fine... you are installing it wrong.
  9. Cheers Lisias, but the thanks goes to @SpannerMonkey(smce), he did the model for the Long Cowl D-45, and gave me permission to pass it on to you.
  10. Found another issue The cost of your tanks in the .cfg file, must be the "wet" cost... or the cost when they are full. Otherwise, the cost of the tank when you put it on a vessel in the SPH or VAB, will be a negative number. If you want to keep your costs of your tanks the way you intended, here are the values of the cost in each of the configs: RadialGoldOreTank cost = 4750 RadialGoldTank cost = 37600 SmallUnobtainiumTank cost = 5003000 SmallGoldOreTank cost = 18000 SmallGoldTank cost = 153000 LargeGoldOreTank cost = 84000 LargeGoldTank cost = 759000 You might want to double check my numbers...
  11. No problem, I see how it could have happened There are a few more, you will have to go through each .cfg. Found these too in the smelters, INPUT-RESOURCE and OUTPUT-RESOURCE STAGE-PRIORITY-FLOW
  12. Hey there, I found a bunch of errors where a - was used instead of an _ For example: flowMode = ALL-VESSEL This needs to be flowMode = ALL_VESSEL and SCANSAT-SENSOR, PLANETARY-RESOURCE and RESOURCE-DEFINITION There may be more... not 100% sure if all of these are causing issues, but some of them are for sure.
  13. YAY! this seems to work: @PART[*]:HAS[@MODULE[ModuleWheelBase]:HAS[#wheelType[LEG]]:HAS[!MODULE[USI_InertialDampener]]] { MODULE { name = USI_InertialDampener } } What it does, is add the "Ground Tether" to all landing legs, that don't already have it... but only to landing parts that have wheeltype = LEG. I'm a little rusty on my MM Fu... so it took me a few tries to get it right
  14. After extensive testing with KJR during BDArmory air combat, I have found that minor collisions or even hard landings that slightly tweak parts from their original location, will induce very severe phantom forces, causing the craft to spin wildly out of control or bounce and jump across the terrain. I did a secondary test by dropping a plane onto the runway from varying heights (using vessel mover) until I got a height that would not break the plane, but rather bend it a little, and the issue became very aparent. I redid the tests without KJR, and the issue was nonexistent.
  15. @Hypercore How about you read the opening thread before you start rejoicing and spreading fallacies about the revival of other SM mods.
  16. Updated to 1.11.1 Download Link: https://github.com/TheKurgan/HullBreach/releases
  17. @Lisias I am using a few old mods from Spanner, Large boat parts, and such... they have a few "Fatal" errors but I have had no issues with them when I am playing that particular install. The one issue I have, is the fact that I forget sometimes if I need to click "Ok" or "Cancel" to carry on with the game loading, and in my haste, I have often I clicked the wrong one and it closed my game on me that took 10 min to load. Yes yes I know, it states in the warning which is which but after you have read the warning a few times, it becomes TLDR. A small request, could you please change it from "Ok" and "Cancel" to something like "Continue" and "STOP" ?
  18. No, not really, but if you want the texture switching to work, you'll need Firespitter... I'll add that to the OP once my head stops pounding
  19. Thanks so much for your support Spanner, I very much appreciate it. I'm just very happy that I can bring back one tiny part of your work. We have an R73... so it's nearly identical. But I'm not sure, off the top of my head, which mod it was in. I'll have a look when I get home. Cheers!
  20. BDA may be getting the R74 that Me and Josue did the config for, BUT if that missile doesn't go in BDA, it may go in BDA-Extended... if that ever becomes a thing. Maybe Stardust will give me his R74 I am thinking that any new missiles we make, may end up in a new mod, if it ever gets off the ground.
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