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  1. I've seen it as well, it's really rare though. Great find! In real life there are many Near Earth Objects, so it happens for real too.
  2. These two things...The mod is beautiful, but the non-standard tanks are a killer. @benjee10 please consider offering two options LH2 with tank size/volume correct and also add back in an LFO option. I was all set to use this mod for my new game but I don't want to add another fuel type. Thanks!
  3. Tyko

    What did you do in KSP today?

    I realized last night that I've spent the last 3 months not really playing. The first month I was waiting for 1.4/MH. The last 2 months have been waiting for a less buggy 1.4/MH. I gave up and moved back to 1.3.1 which has it's own quirks, but they're well understood by now. Played for 4 hours without a major glitch and was very happy.
  4. Thanks for the feedback and kind words. I'll look at changing it. I need to make sure it won't break existing saves
  5. It's just a (massive) parts pack and has been working fine for me in 1.4.x installs. It seems like the next update may be pretty big, so not sure how that would affect existing craft. On the other hand, this hasn't been updated for a year, so we really don't have any sense for when a new release will come out, only that it's being worked on. I decided to take the risk and use the existing build.
  6. Tyko

    Any veteran tips for the docking inept?

    The current version of RCS build aid from @linuxgurugamer is working in 1.4.x. For some reason I can't get the CKAN install to work though. I get the same issue of not seeing the button. The fix was to download the mod and install it manually. The two supporting mods as installed by CKAN worked fine. So I installed it all via CKAN, then replaced the version of RCS Build Aid CKAN installed with the one I downloaded.
  7. Tyko

    What did you do in KSP today?

    Which mod are those landing legs and the antenna from?
  8. Tyko

    Any veteran tips for the docking inept?

    some great advice above...I agree that you don't have to go to an automated docking mod. Once I learned how to do it manually it's my fav part of piloting and it's been fun to learn to finesse approaches for various reasons - like docking on the far side of a large station and having to plot a course past the station that let's you flip around and dock with the least effort...this can be really rewarding. Here are the key things that make docking fun for me: Use RCS Build Aid - this isn't automating docking, it's just giving you access to information that lets you place RCS more precisely. When I'm positioning a ship's RCS I adjust the fuel levels of the craft to where the level will be when I'm actually docking. For example, if I'm building a lander I know that the docking maneuver will occur on the return trip to orbit when most of the fuel was expended taking off from the moon/planet. So I lower the fuel levels to nearly empty. Follow any of the many guides for rendezvous and docking to get yourself within .5 - 2 km of your target. From there you want to make sure your navball is in target mode. Use one of the docking assistance mods - not an autodock mod, just one that gives you more info. take a look at Docking Camera that @purpleivan suggested or @NavyFish Docking Alignment Indicator (this is the one I use). If you think this cheating, consider that tools like this are standard on craft that need to perform docking in real life. They're not doing it for you, they're giving you the tools you need to visualize and execute a really complex series of 3D maneuvers. Ultimately it's your game and the goal is to have fun, so find the way that maximizes your fun.
  9. Tyko

    KSP Weekly: A Martian Helicopter

    If you're in a hurry maybe KSP isn't for you. Seriously. And...if you're conducting a 20 minute burn from around Kerbin your final trajectory and velocity are going to deviate quite a bit from any planned path. You'd be firing 10 minutes before your maneuver node which is a decent way around the planet - enough that your burn will be far from ideal. Much better off doing a series of 4-6 minute Periapsis Kicker burns within the Kerbin system then doing a final burn on the last pass to put you in the correct transfer path. I don't think Squad plans on changing it, so I built a fix for this. It makes a few other changes as well, which I think all work together. Take a look. It fixes the engine stats and finally gets rid of the old Poodle model - which always looked out of place in the current post v1.0 game.
  10. Does the latest version of Precise Maneuver interface with Kronometer for scaled systems?
  11. Does the latest version of TWP interface with Kronometer for scaled systems?
  12. Does the latest version of KAC interface with Kronometer for scaled systems?
  13. LOL...are you intentionally trolling? do wheels spin if the surface they are resting on moves? Yes. The purpose of wheels is to spin...they love it and don't care if they're spinning forwards or backwards.
  14. Tyko

    [WIP] [1.4+] Space Taxi

    yep..seems like you either have to increase the diameter or stack them on top of each other or use a food processor and make kerbal sausage...that'll fit no problem. It's hard on the crew though.
  15. Haha, this is great and a classic case of misdirection...Let's get down to the basics - normal planes take off because enough air is passing fast enough around the wings to cause lift to exceed the plane's weight. What the plane is sitting on doesn't matter. How the plane achieves take off speed doesn't really matter either. What matters is the speed of the air passing the wings. Engines accelerate the plane forwards. The conveyor belt is trying to accelerate the plane backwards. How much backwards acceleration would be determined mostly by how frictionless the wheels are. If they are totally frictionless and the plane is pointed exactly in line with the belt, then the belt can go backwards as fast as it wants and the plane will sit there with the wheels spinning furiously. Real wheels will have some rolling friction so the plane will be pulled backwards. As long as the engines are powerful enough to overcome the backwards force and accelerate the plane to takeoff speed, it'll take off.