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  1. You can use autostruts. Another way to increase rigidity is to use KAS struts this is a bit less "magic" feeling than autostrutting. You attach the strut endpoints in the VAB and then once the modules are docked you send a Kerbal out on EVA to connect the endpoints together. You can even attach new endpoints if you want to.
  2. What did you do in KSP today?

    Congrats...welcome to a whole new style of KSP addiction - modding. If you want to see more examples of ways to mod parts you may want to look at @Yemo's SETI mods. He makes all kinds of changes and does a good job of documenting. I learned a lot just combing through SETI Rebalance
  3. Here are two ways... The Transfer Window Planner mod will provide accurate calculations for you Use a real world DeltaV chart and multiply by 0.5. the rule of thumb is that you use the square root of the scalar. An SSRSS 2.5x system works out to roughly a 1/4 scale real solar system (0.25 scalar). Square Root of 0.25 = 0.5 (keep me honest here guys, but that's how I understand it)
  4. Interesting...I think a lot of what you're asking for is defined within the science defs themselves. For example, a science experiment can be set up to collect science in orbit high and or in orbit low. They can also be set to count passing over each biome as a separate science opportunity so for example "in orbit high over the polar biome" is already supported by the game. Extreme high space is really "Solar orbit" and that's covered as well. As far as 45 degree or equatorial, I don't quite see how science collection would differ depending on nothing more than your orbital path. There may be edge cases, but in general I feel like the ability to collect science from High/Low over each Biome kind of does the trick. I would be interested in seeing a couple more biomes the sun's sphere of influence as you go further out. This would give more reason for deep space missions.
  5. @JedTech glad you like the changes I made. the install is pretty straightforward, but not as easy as it could be. I'll provide you the steps below and take a look at making changes to simplify it in the future. find GameData/SSRSS/configs/SSRSS_Sigma.cfg and rename it to SSRSS_Sigma.txt - this disables that config. Create a folder in GameData and name it SSRSS_2.5x (you can name it anything you want to or even just throw the configs directly in GameData. This is just a convenient way to keep track of the new configs in case you need to make changes later) Download the files from: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/v6iw9qvwqs12mgu/AAB7pzxmhQBO4KGxBZvkiuBka?dl=0 Copy SSRSS_Sigma2.5x24Hour_Tyko.cfg into your new GameData/SSRSS_2.5x folder. That's all you have to do to scale SSRSS to 2.5x. There are two optional additions that make changes to SSRSS. Change moon inclinations to (close to) real world equivalents. - RSS and SSRSS have the planets and moons on highly inclined orbits to try to make up for the fact the KSP doesn't let you tilt planets. SSRSS comes with a stockalike inclinations that shifts the planets to be closer to real life, but doesn't touch the moons. Mine also adjusts the moons. Don't install (or delete if already installed) the Stockalike Inclinations file that is provided with SSRSS Instead copy my Stockalike_Inclinations_Tyko.cfg into the GameData/SSRSS_2.5x folder you created in Step 2 above Move the KSC to the equator. There's a handy island in Northern Brazil, right at the mouth of the Amazon, that's exactly on the equator. Launching from there will put you in an equatorial orbit without having to execute a plane change. In Stock KSP the KSC is on the equator. So if you're just moving over to non-stock systems this will ease your transition a bit, but it does make SSRSS less "realistic" because there aren't any launch facilities on the equator in the real world. copy KSC_Brazil_Sigma2.5x.cfg into the same GameData/SSRSS_2.5x folder you created for Step 2 above
  6. Apollo CM Dimensions

    Just a thought...if you're intending this part to integrate with the rest of the parts in the game you probably want to fudge it to one of the standard sizes. .625, 1.25, 2.5, 3.75, etc. You can make your own sizes, but it's limit players to only using the parts you provide.
  7. does anyone know if I can use the Part Upgrades feature to change the name of the part as it appears in the VAB? I'm looking to add a "Mk2" or something so that an upgraded part can be differentiated from an earlier version.
  8. How to build bases?

    Which mods did those great landing legs come from? Looks like at least 2 varieties. Thanks!
  9. I haven’t done it, but Fuel Cells can supply power. RTGs are another power source if you’re asking if solar panels would work, I’m not sure but you can always Cheat a test vehicle to the outer planet, check solar panel output and revert the ship back. I’ve done this kind of “mission modeling” before and it’s a great way to figure things out
  10. What did you do in KSP today?

    Very nice! How’d you make all the parts black?
  11. What cadence do you use?
  12. Is there a way to change to default length of the Raw Alarm option shown when you click the "+" button. The default time is 10 mins and I'd like to change it to 5 days (I'm imposing a 5 day minimum between launches and this would be a really easy way to advance 5 days) Thanks!
  13. I installed Pre-Release and found a couple of bugs in the vehicle integration screen of the VAB I'm playing science mode so have 4 bays. The integration dialog box didn't resize to show all 4 bays. It's narrow enough that I can only see about 1.8 bays and the remaining require scrolling to the right. I can't add workers. It says I have 0/50 workers but when I press the "+" button it doesn't increase the number of workers. It stays at 0 Thanks for working on this! It's really cool!
  14. Thanks...where else are changes necessary? I have a mission with 2/3 of it's solar panels pointed towards Grannus and not producing any power EDIT: Started nuking references to Grannus and finally hit the right one. Here are all the things I changed: GPP_Planets/Grannus.cfg - changed to Grannus.txt GPP_Configs/SunCurve.cfg - commented out Grannus portion GPP_Configs/GPP_PlanetShine.cfg - commented out Grannus portion GPP_Scatterer/Sunflares/Grannus/Grannus.cfg - changed to Grannus.txt