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  1. Tyko

    Wait or Cheat

    Why can't you FF time in game? You mentioned something about KAC and transmitting science, but I don't follow you. Do you have labs running on the ships? Is that why you have to transmit science?
  2. As a test I tried deleting the PathPatches folder and /Squad/Data folder. That seems to have worked and retains all the textures for the VSR unique parts. Only question...if a texture isn't referenced by a config file does it still get loaded just because it's in the mod folder?
  3. Tyko

    What did you do in KSP today?

    Install a mod for OP fuel and engines (whether something mystical like USI's Karborundum, or a half-plausible, half-pipe-dream thing in the nuclear arena such as Nertea's Far Future Tech). And set personal rules for how and when you'll use said engines, and set something like, a global limit on how many of said engines can exist or be in service at any given time. IRL we have yet to find any handwavium propellant. We have yet to send anything crew-rated to Moon or Mars. But don't let that hold back your advancement in a game and in a world of your making. Don't let the current length of the Periodic Table keep you from whatever mega: ship/station/infrastructure you're dreaming of. Thanks. I can just solve the problem by playing in 2.5x. I have no prob building or launching anything I've wanted to. I'm just trying to dial in the game to "just hard enough to be interesting"
  4. Some parts got renamed by adding "_V2" at the end. For example, the SRBs got this treatment. Since the part name changed the current TS config doesn't work on them.
  5. I agree, but comparing this in value to Mission Builder is a VERY low bar. I've literally NEVER launched Mission Builder since I bought the DLC. It's a bit like comparing the number of deaths from some activity to deaths by shark attack. Mashable 2015 - More people have died from selfies than shark attacks this year (spoiler: 8 from sharks, 12 from selfies)
  6. Tyko

    Add programable computers

    I like where you're going with this. It seems like this would be similar (I'm guess cuz i'm not a coder) in complexity to the Mission Builder and would be a lot more interesting to me - specifically because it would be educational and would fit more with the core game (at least as I see it). I, like most others, have launched to orbit literally thousands of times and every time is essentially the same. It would be really fun to be able to use a player friendly drap/drop GUI to write a launch script. I'd buy a DLC that included a system like this (or gladly hand over $15 paypal to a modder)
  7. Tyko

    What did you do in KSP today?

    Starting a new game...I've played 2.5x and 3.2x ... and I'm struggling with which one to use for the next play through. Science will be set at 30% but I'm using DMagic, so the extra experiments nets me out at around 50-60% science (roughly guessing). 2.5x is pretty easy with stock parts and makes me want to push myself harder. I really feel like I accomplished something when I use 3.2x. The tradeoff is that mid - late game when I want to build bigger more complex missions the "fun challenge" of 3.2x early game starts to become less fun and more "struggle" I really like early game and optimizing, so I was leaning towards 3.2x, but then I think back to my early days of KSP when I was playing stock and got to build big stations and motherships - that's achievable in 3.2x, but borders on "not fun".
  8. Thanks so much! Have a great weekend
  9. Simple way..this is how I preview mods... Do a clean install of KSP...call it KSP_TEST Install The Janitors Closet Install the mod you want to test along with any dependencies Load the game, use Janitors Closet to turn off all parts except for your test mod Preview your mod
  10. I wasn't sure..if he's referencing stock textures the removal of the Squad folder shouldn't matter because the stock textures wouldn't be in there. My guess is there are some VSR textures that were used for stock replacements and THOSE textures were also used for the VSR original parts. I haven't really dug into it yet because Kerbas may already have this cleanup on his to-do list.
  11. I stand corrected...Thanks for taking the time to post the links
  12. It most certainly is. Well, I haven't set eyes on that version myself, however almost every other version of KSP and other Steam games can be found on their database so far. It takes some time to search through it, but there is even a step-by-step guide for doing this. Google it (or Bing if you're a masochist) and it will be in the top 10 results. I'd put a link or explain it here, but I don't want to break any rules if there are any against it and I have a thing against doing legwork for other people. Also, run the game in offline mode in addition to disabling KSP to autoupdate in the future if you depend so much on this mod. It's just easier than acting expectant of someone else to change their behavior; especially people you want something from. You should really fact check before stating something "most certainly is". 1.6 isn't up on the Steam Betas list. You can't turn off autoupdate on Steam. You can only control when it updates with the bare minimum being "only update when I launch it" - so, you launch KSP and it updates. So you might want to google your answers (or bing them if you're a masochist) next time
  13. @Kerbas_ad_astra I was playing around with your 1.5 build of VSR. Looks like you've been cleaning things up a lot - congrats! About half the parts that are actually original VSR parts won't work if I remove the Squad and PathPatches folder. For example, the alternate Oscar tanks and all the new structural parts disappear. Not sure if this is working as intended because i thought that all the VSR originals should reside entirely in the Part Bin. If this is something you're trying to update and need further detective work I can poke around for the pieces that are in the wrong folder.
  14. Yep...well there are so many little things I'd like to see fixed. Haha. I'm really glad they're cleaning up the parts personally. Relatively speaking only a few of us care about refueling, but everyone had to look at the old engines