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  1. I was actually surprised how well the new Tantares textures worked with the new and updated parts from 1.4.1/MH...check these examples...
  2. Really? try it out...if you build a saturn V analog with Skiffs in S2 and S3, and a Wolfhound on the SM you end up with S2 / S3 being dramatically underpowered while the Wolfhound is pushing the CM/SM around at well over 2Gs. If you swap them, the 5 wolfhounds do much better job of lifting S2, the single Wolfhound works for S3 and the Skiff power is much more balanced for the weight of the CM/SM. One last point...the ISPs of the Wolfhound are more in line with with the Hydrolox engines used on S2/S3 while the ISP of the Skiff is much closer to the RL CM engine. i'm not saying it's a direct 1:1 comparison, but if you swap them it's LOT closer to what you need to build a Saturn V analog.
  3. The Wolfhound and Skiff stats seem to be swapped. if you look at the thrust and ISPs it's pretty obvious they're using the wrong models. Try using Wolfhounds on S2 and S3. Then use the Skiff on the Service Module...
  4. Which Version of KSP was the most stable?

    a couple other things... Try starting with Stock and making sure you don't have crashing. Then add mods a couple at a time. You may find that one of your mods is causing issues Also, 6GB of RAM is low for 50-60 mods. Make sure you don't have any other applications running and check how much RAM KSP is using. It loads the entire game into RAM when you start it, so every mod you add causes KSP to use more RAM.
  5. I looked at that too...kind of sad that the part that they said would work with the new pod doesn't actually fit correctly on it I might take a look at rescaling it
  6. Thanks for the continued work. I've been exploring the New Tantares and .. WOW... the parts are great and the color/texture palate works really well with Stock and MH. On the Green color I'd like to see something closer to an olive color myself. Anyway...thanks again!
  7. Ven's stock revamp has a great docking port with integrated parachutes
  8. inline Chutes for Gemini and Mark 1-3 pods would be really helpful.
  9. Tantares is another option. I've been using HGR for a while, but the new Tantares textures look really great alongside the new stock parts. I may switch over for my next playthrough
  10. Poll: Do you like the new DLC?

    I feel a bit let down by how many issues there are in a product they're charging for and have been working on for a year. Especially "simple" errors like not getting parts right I bought the DLC the moment it came out. This experience is going to make me think hard before I'm an early adopter of any additional DLC
  11. Where is the X200-48 fuel tank? I can't find it in the same place as all the other X200 tanks = VenStockRevamp/Squad/Parts/FuelTanks.cfg. it's also not in the pathpatches list..
  12. Engine power mod

    You can always play KSP inside this...I'm sure your monitor would shake
  13. Replica discussion.

    LOL...great catch! You know, I've been defending @SQUAD's decision to charge for DLC. That backing was predicated on them releasing a quality product. I know they were really focused on the Mission Builder, but making parts correctly should be table stakes at this point - they've been doing it for over 5 years. It's a bit disappointing how many "simple" mistakes there are...wrong stats, off-center thrust...
  14. Thanks for updating this. Is there a way to use it without blizzy's toolbar?