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  1. Regarding BDB placement, I implore you to have some attention to history when placing it instead of just gameplay.
  2. Laughing at this far more than I should be
  3. @CraigCottingham I’m with kinetic, and can help export the JNSQ things if I can get a config. Would you mind sharing it?
  4. Simply incredible. ReStock is one of the best mods ever made for this game, and this update is stunning. This mod has been a mandatory in my installs since I discovered it. I love all of your work.@Nertea, @Poodmund, @cineboxandrew, @blowfish, and @DMagic; I salute you.
  5. So now that BDB 1.6.0 is out, any chance of support for it, or is this project on hiatus?
  6. Woo! It’s looking great! I shall leave you with a pic I got with the new clouds:
  7. Just noticed/remembered this thread was a thing, going through and liking all the posts.
  8. @Norcalplanner Congratulations! That’s a very impressive accomplishment.