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  1. That looks good and very useful, but maybe split the heat shield into 2 bits, the downward but as the actual heat shield and the adapterish bit as the experiment/battery/thing.
  2. Get @AlphaMensae’s Modular Launch Pads. It goes with TE, BDB, and Tantares incredibly well.
  3. I’ve been waiting for something like this! Please add real plume and b9 part switch tank types though, as I cannot live without realplume.
  4. @KerbMav FeatureSignal is from Kerbalism, and GPP is a planet pack made by Galileo, named, appropriately enough, Galileos Planet Pack.
  5. If we’re getting same vessel interactions, could that system be extended to make a basic Eva tether system? (Even better if it makes the Eva pack available as a research item instead of from the start)
  6. Will this have support for the dlc surface features? It would be awesome to be able to sample and scan those trees and rock pillars instead of just looking at them
  7. @OhioBob to my knowledge, anomaly contracts are only in anomaly surveyor contract pack, though it would be cool if they were stock.
  8. @cdpch2057 how? Is it a photoshop or did you mess with the files somehow?
  9. So how does it work? Do they start terraformed or do we terraform them? If the latter, how?
  10. @Orbital_phoenix where did you get the mars base camp style parts?
  11. 1: the big ones can be scanned, the small ones can be picked up. 2: see above 3: 4: the crater you can scan, and the smallish rock a kerbal can "pick up" for science. the bigger the arm, more science you get. the OP-E is best, CRSY is worst, SPRT is in between
  12. Launchers, upper stages, satellite buses, landers, etc. All are welcome!
  13. What does "MyRocksAreBiggerThanYours" do?