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  1. Veteran player here, I don't think we should get the game for free. More money to the devs to improve the game, no? Discounts are interesting though. My brother bought Spintires, and when the next game in that series came out the new devs gave all the old Spintires players a permanent 50% discount on Mudrunner. Not that I'm saying that that should apply to KSP but it is an interesting thing to think about.
  2. Somebody mentioned me. I am here. Now I am gone. Wait. What. How. Tell me.
  3. Scaled bdac plates are allergic to water.
  4. Tweakscale does not seem to be changing armor HP values. I don't understand MM that well, but there's a patch in the files for that that doesn't seem to be working.
  5. I know there's a mod somewhere that does this, but I cant seem to find it. Could someone help me out?
  6. I meant things in the water, like extra science tidbits or something, but yeah, I agree. Why am I even trying to argue against this? my entire KSP forum presence has to do with boat building.
  7. In a testament to how often this idea has popped, up, i have had the fortune to see 2 threads about mobile KSP next to each other on the suggestions forum (albeit on different pages). Sorry for necro, I just had to. Since replying moves the topic, no one else will see this. I apologize.
  8. KSP is a game about the navies of the void, the devs shouldn't be wasting time on gimmicks like that- not until there's something to do in the seas. Maybe another DLC, with rocks and stuff underwater? However, I build boats too. Just imagine that rockets are props, use a mod or go buy the DLC,.