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  1. You need to mess with same vessel interactions and rotors and stuff for that to work. Can't just slap it on.
  2. @Dientus, I know you're here. Come.
  3. Not winking, and not a kerbal. @CollectingSP!
  4. I agree. Consider knot untied. @Ben J. Kerman
  5. I went to sleep one day. When I woke up, all my gosh darned gold ore looked like rancid butter (or mayhaps yellow paint) had spilled out onto the stone's surface. Still makes swords though. @Admiral Fluffy? You here?
  6. Maybe in a minute or two. But @JB182 must be here, right?
  7. That's purely a visual thing- make your own! The current basic hardpoint can fit whatever you please on. Another rack to make a quad rail, two bombs and a missile, two missiles and a bomb, etc. Turreted racks are missile only, and the rotary rack it's best to keep with one type of weapon only.
  8. Most of the enclosed cockpits (ie Helicopter, F16) there come from Airplane Plus. The landing gear comes from Kerbal Foundries, the wings from Procedural wings. However, @Cratzz, I see an MG nest in there. Spill the beans.
  9. Oh dear god delayed updates. NEW GUESS! @Stormpilot!
  10. I aint a doctor, or a kerbal. @ColdJ
  11. Click and drag on the top of the window should suffice, unless you are talking about the sidebar.
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