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  1. Edge case causing performance issues- castShadows is false, which is what I was hoping would fix it. Seems the rapid stacking of light sources causes an issue, since everything's A-okay with single procs.
  2. Wait, actually? I wouldn't have thought the TAA would have had anything to do with it. In fact it's apparently just any Scatterer AA. I had TAA off and SMAA on, turned that off, problem fixed, thank you very much.
  3. That's why I thought it would have been known for a while, it's been this way ever since depth buffer came out
  4. HDR just *doesn't* HDR with DepthBuffer on, I assume the effect is being turned on correctly as nothing in particular breaks but any color changes from HDR is not being rendered out. Easiest to see/test with bloom, something with dramatic bloom like BDA tracers or a rocket plume make it easy to see the difference when DepthBuffer is toggled on/off. No error codes in KSP.log either.
  5. Probably known for a while now but HDR and practically everything (that I can recall at least) it does is incompatible with Scatterer's depth buffer mode. I say practically everything, mostly just bloom looking not nearly as pretty
  6. Ask the guys at BDA+, they're the ones working on BDA most actively rn
  7. A note: as of BDA+, simple post-penetration explosive fuzes and a simplified (experimental prerelease) calculation of subcalilber munition behavior (erosion, dispersion through spacing) and such are now implemented, along with a change in formulae for armor effectiveness. If you want to take a look into updating your shell configs to support this it should be a simple change in their CFGs for post-pen, (kinetic shells should work better on their own) otherwise everything is reverse compatible. Just for your consideration.
  8. More to do with how weak missiles are to everything than anything else. They really should be able to take another hit or so, and the laser probably shouldn’t be able to melt things as well as it does, but the easiest solution is to just not use the lasers that or add some error to AI targeting solution
  9. Is your WM and AI attached to the root part? Ah, never mind. Seems you fixed it.
  10. And now, for the first question: I want to reduce sympathetic detonations on ballistic missiles and bombs, but MM patches to increase their health are nonfunctional. The patches seem to be applying in KSP.log and they’re tagged with FINAL, but are not going through. I assume HP for them is hard capped somewhere?
  11. And two nukes! oddly enough when I tried to argue that this was in fact a real loadout used by the squadron of Swordfishes that attacked Bismarck to provide air cover and that I should be allowed to submit this for competition I was denied, the injustice!
  12. Have another Mosquito, a historically accurate Swordfish, and a mildly pixel dropped shot of some B25s and an actually historically accurate Swordfish getting their teeth kicked in by B17s offscreen
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