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  1. Sure, although if I do end up participating the design will probably end up being crap, don't have much time anymore :c
  2. I would try the game without EVE, just to see if it changes anything.
  3. Ah. My desktop has gotten old enough that my mom's new laptop is outperforming it lol. Still, if you ever feel free to update to 1.7 weapon groups and servo controlled arty will be waiting
  4. This has gotten off topic quite quickly, lol. In any case throwing away all ore for individual tanks doesn't let you put the tanks/ore back on/in while under water, so no easy dive control. On topic though, has anyone tried making counter rotating propellers yet?
  5. H: easily adjustable on the fly (ability to come back down required) I: not a ridiculous amount of parts to ore I do play with ore tanks a lot, and technically Ore does count as ballast.
  6. Forgot point D: In case you want to participate in the heresy that is LESS ENGINES or E: you want to keep constant speed without having to fiddle with throttles or F: You want to save fuel And yeah, there is a ballast mod. Last I checked it was really finicky though
  7. Couple of reasons: A: In case you want to go back up B: pull a hazardish, build something epic, realize it wont go down C: too lazy to design something that works well or efficiently (me)
  8. Whole page of mod support? wut Also that moment when you manage to bait a bombers turrets into shooting the pilot of the fighter trying to save it XD
  9. @KenjiKrafts She won't be waiting for long now. Craft file? and what specs are do your computer have, mine is pretty hopeless now when it comes to recording anything
  10. It'll be a while. I'm waiting on the next DLC to come out before i update any of my ships. The Myth-and-Truth class really needs a front door XD
  11. Oh no. I've created something truly dumb to put into the troopships, if anyone wants to see it ill post pics up of my unguided rocket artillery
  12. heh. @somebody, but I literaly mean it