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  1. @Robonoise Just so everyone is clear, what exactly defines each settlement? Is it required that it be 5 separate launches or how are we defining that?
  2. With the desire of harvesting food from distant planets, Elon Kerman approached various space faring agencies, money in hand. All of these agencies however quoted insanely high prices, so Elon Kerman set out to create his own space program: Space K. Unfortunately, due to some miscommunication early in the program, the flag of Space K was set as a generic flag type. As unfortunate as it may seem, this mistake did in fact aid in inspiration of others, as it showed it was possible for any generic kerbal to make it to orbit, not just those who wore orange space suits. The first launch
  3. I'll take SpaceK. A custom flag will follow soon assuming I manage to set aside the time and effort to do so.
  4. @TheEpicSquared Hopefully this gets started up soon, I can't wait to take part!
  5. This challenge looks like a ton of fun, I hope someone starts it up again soon.
  6. A few questions: 1. What is a hovercraft? 2. Must you take a direct route to each marker or can you route around some mountains? 3. Are parachutes allowed? It's not flying but would aid in soft landings when going over cliffs. 4. Can we submit separate stages at a time? As in say I finish stage one and two today, but don't have time for any more could I just submit those, then finish later?
  7. @Scientia1423 Wow time flies! Didn't realize I'm way overdue on the end of my turn. Ill get the save back to you within 12 hours or so.
  8. @DMSP Don't forget to add a plane to the 44th Air Wing!
  9. Alright, I'm working on making an Elite: Dangerous ship lookalike that functions as an SSTO for my next turn. I have a (barely) working Imperial Clipper that I managed to dock to a station. I want to make something all of you will like so if you play Elite: Dangerous or want to just look it up and find a cool ship I might try making it instead. Please note it will not be to scale. Also, if there are any other cool space ships (Star Wars, whatever) you want sent up, tell me and I may do it for you.
  10. @quasarrgames 30 days! You better make a video if you get a payload on the ground in just one turns time limit.
  11. @MarlboroMan @flywlyx I'll be sure to check those out. I'm also thinking of a stock way with probe docking ports, I'll keep you updated as I experiment over the next week or two. Thanks for your suggestions!
  12. Has anyone found a good way to attach planes to the carrier for long distance hauling without risk of slip? Brakes seem to work when locked, but I would like to attach them to be just one ship, perhaps a special docking port for this?
  13. Any word on 1.2.2? Does it work with this mod? Also, just found this thread after months of wanting this mod again, it used to be #1 on my must have mods list! Thanks!
  14. @Scientia1423That's alright as long as I get some extra Time on the flip side.
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