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  1. The way I see it Moar Parts = Moar Opportunities for creative construction and design and stuff
  2. I was just talking about the people arguing in the thread. Not on the internet itself. I know there are sources to cite. They just weren't posting those sources until I said something.
  3. See was that so hard ^-^ Post Edit: That's pretty cool data btw
  4. I see no cited sources from anyone.
  5. So maybe this is a question I shouldn't ask but I'm curious. Since 1.12 is the last official update to ksp 1, will there be a final version update to Strategia sometime in the future? I know the compatibility with 1.11 has been said to have been a little inconsistent from what I can see, and I've been wanting to play with Strategia again, but have been nervous to try it with any update past 1.10 since that's what its listed for in Ckan.
  6. That 12 m/s kills me. Especially when large struts have 60m/s!
  7. Could do queue orders like drones have in Surviving Mars? "Okay Bob, I need you to check that goo, run that materials test, and double check our temperature before returning to the hab... and in the meantime I'm gonna go rove around here with Bill and Jeb :D"
  8. I think it should be called The Kandle? (Latest words of Jeb) "Lets light this Kandle!"
  9. Well there you go. The boosters you're currently using are the same cost with approximately one third of the power.
  10. Sorry I'm jumping on the bandwagon late, but judging by the convo I thought I'd chime in. This^ would be a good habit to break. If you're bound determined to play a career save, nothing will save you more money than abandoning asparagus staging and liquid fuel boosters wherever possible. Both are very efficient yes, but also extremely expensive and unnecessary (except once already in orbit). Where a quad skipper booster set linked through asparagus staging might cost 100k kerbucks, you'd get even more lift power from say 4 Pollux's pricing out at only 24k kerbucks. I didn't see if anyone else mentioned it already but you can also set the thrust limiters on solids to more or less get an asparagus style boost profile where as you ascend you drop boosters. The downsides would be the lack of crossfeed but the upsides would include dropping dead weight and gaining better control authority of your craft as there'd be less overall mass.
  11. Did someone say big-block V8?! Lol as a fan of drifting I related all to well with your post xD
  12. On Resilience Space Station - Module 2, you should think about putting a nose cone or fairing upside down on the bottom of your first stage fuel tank. The very bottom of it is just flat and that creates drag (believe it or not)
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