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  1. Fluid dynamics are an integral part of creating streamlined craft. We shouldn't have to cheat to tell what parts of our craft are unnecessarily draggy.
  2. ETA on when this will be released? I'm already itching to use these new boosters...
  3. I know it's a huge development obstacle and probably unlikely, but I believe it would be a good idea to add weather into ksp soon. This is of course a personal opinion but if breaking ground is all about surface science, then those science experiments seem like they would be better put to use during weather or gravitational effects (etc). It would brighten up the game giving it more life and serve a purpose as well. Any thoughts? (And please dont refer me to mods or shaders)
  4. I'm no expert but I can maybe provide a little insight. Have you heard of Code Bullet? He's a youtuber that programs AI to play games. A lot of them succeed and a lot of them are just goofy af. Point is he has a video on his channel about programming an AI to run and it is both hilarious and let's you see just how difficult It can be. And the game he does it for is made by him so its beyond basic. Maybe this helps maybe not, but still. Check him out lol
  5. Are you undermining my ability to use a controller?! You sir do not even know. Lol jk. I'm not saying it can't be done, I'm just saying theres a lot of room for optimization when it comes to using the cursor on a controller.
  6. I'm just going to be that one guy (because I am) who's gonna have to burst your bubble and say that's not possible beeeecause ksp is not just a pc game. I finally purchased ksp for pc after about a year and a half of being infuriated with it on xbox. Now granted they are improving the game but because of certification issues, it takes a long time. Id rather just play it on my computer at this point. However! I actually enjoy the game MORE using a controller (and yes I know they can be used on computers too, I just havent been able to get it configured properly). Case in point is, if I want to play ksp on console (which I do) and I want it to be updated (which I do) with all the cool new dlcs and updates and such (which I do), I absolutely cannot rely on a modder for anything. Modders cant mod ksp on console nor can they port their mods over. So no I dont believe a balance of mods and dlcs are necessary or practical. I think developing the vanilla game and creating dlcs are in fact the right direction for Squad to be going. Especially from a financial standpoint. Sorry for the ramble
  8. Your problem is what you find to be the solution. The goal of KSP is to learn the math and the science behind space travel and then to put it into practice. They dont teach the math of course but that's what happens when you try to service a larger player base. Point in case, the goal isnt "obtaining all the toys", it's actually "doing all the things" with those toys. Again I reiterate, it's difficult to do that as a newbie with no mathematical idea of how to do anything. But once you learn the equations and start really practicing with them. A jump from the Kerbin system into Interplanetary space isnt so difficult anymore. After that it's just.. more math. If that's not what you're into, no biggie. The game wont punish you for that. The devs just want you to have fun.
  9. This response is a plague. The whole point of making something stock is so people WONT HAVE TO download mods. I personally refuse to play anything but vanilla because I cant be sure that someone else's mods wont wreck my pc. I'm sure they wouldn't, but I still wont do it because I care too much. At least if Squad implements something, I know my computer or xbox can handle it fine. (Also xbox players cant get mods so.. cant forget that.) Also, I support all of this lol
  10. To answer you question.. yes! Make courage and stupidity actually mean something, and if we're being real here, shouldn't kerbal engineers be the only ones capable of using your K struts idea? Of course if k struts becomes a thing so should rigidly attached fuel pipes from kerbal inventories. Also I dont think engineers should be the only ones to pack parachutes. Since when was folding fabric too complicated for scientists and space pilots?!
  11. @JPLRepo Hello and sorry if I'm wasting your time. I wasnt sure how to go about closing this topic? Would you possibly be able to do this for me or should I wait and ask someone else? Thank you!
  12. Did we forget about Kerbal Attachment System in Stock? I'd prioritize that over beauty or balloons any day of the week. I play on console so mods are a no go, but the idea of being able to attach to things together via a pipe, rope, or strut really needs to be stock as soon as possible. Especially since docking on the ground is so garbage