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  1. Say you launch a rocket 10 times and only 5 times it succeeds at making it to orbit. This would be less efficient than say launching 10 times and orbiting 10 times.
  2. It's understandable, but efficiency also requires consistency. Hard to be consistent when you only have half the tools you need to complete the job.
  3. So 20 x 330kg (0.36 tons) = 7.2 tons payload weight A rocket with a skipper first stage or a cluster of ~4 swivels should be about right. Of course this also depends on how much fuel you intend to bring in your second stage. You could always strap a pair or two of thumpers on to compensate. i didn't actually do TWR mathematics there btw so I could be wrong. I was just going purely off experience there.
  4. Do you though? How much mass is your payload? Using TWR calculations, you could most certainly develop a cheaper, possibly reusable, rocket to achieve the same goal. The only difference would be how to incorporate your kerbals into the payload as well.
  5. This is why you see so few early game SSTO Spaceplanes.
  6. Solutions Include: More rear wings (Think Delta Plane but bigger) More Gimbal on engines (Vector engines have 10 degrees and Mastadon and Bobcat have 5 degrees.) Just remember the engine also has to have enough thrust to propel the craft both through ascent and into orbit.
  7. Your problem is two-fold. 1) Drag is mostly at the back, which is good, but there wont be enough after staging the boosters because 2) The load becomes completely uneven after booster separation and flips the vehicle. This is VERY COMMON with all shuttles and usually is compensated by high gimbal engines. (The more rotational torque you place at a longer length, the more force will be applied. AKA using your engines as levers.) The only other alternative that I know of are canards by the front cockpit, but that really only will help on descent to keep the nose up.
  8. Check your staging. Or ensure that your payload is covered with either a fairing or a payload bay
  9. "With a large enough lever, man could move the world" I pictured a huge stick structure going for miles off Gilly's surface and then a huge amount of engines at the end spinning it faster xD
  10. I need this in my life. I also would want it to be checkered Green and Black.
  11. "Hm, looks like my transfer window to Duna wont come for another 3 months. Guess I gotta timewarp..." Timewarps. - There was a fail with relay antenna 3 on Relay 37. There was a failure with battery pack 8 on Station 4. There was a failure with engine 3 in Starship 8's engine cluster.... "Guess Duna will have to wait." That would be my fear. I get it would be more realistic, but we are only one space program.
  12. I dunno about you but I feel that cargo logistics should be mostly optional. For example, while I love the idea of Konstruction that 1.11 added, it also brought forth the issue of managing what items kerbals were bringing along as cargo and their exact weight (such as parachutes). While this isn't such a big deal really, to newer players it might be overwhelming to think about. The best solution in my opinion? Parachutes for kerbals if nothing else should be mandatory. Yes I realize you might have a mun base and the kerbals will never use it there, but on the off chance you're screaming throug
  13. Haha I was explaining what you were doing to the confused people. I understand what you were doing xD He was trying to use it for a battery holder/ladder/temporary airlock.
  14. He was using the tube as a placeholder location to hold a kerbal so he could swap two kerbals between a command pod and a crew cabin. Ex. You have a Mk1 command pod on top of a crew cabin and a total of three kerbals thus all seats are filled. How do you swap a kerbal from the crew cabin into the pod and visa-versa? "Swapsies". He gets a kerbal out of the cabin and puts them in a tube with a lid lol then transfers the kerbal from the pod into the cabin. After this he transfers the kerbal he wants from the cabin into the pod then returns the tubed kerbal to the cabin. Perhaps it wo
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