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  1. Additions to The Game?

    Im not sure whether weather (lol) is really an option and I love your idea of searching for life forms as an objective in the game, however I have to agree that off-Kerbin construction NEEDS to be a thing if Squad wants to take this game any further. Sure, we could keep following the Moar Boosters method and build colossal 2000 part rockets and SSTO's but seriously.. theres a limit to even that. By then your CPU is dying and the game stops being "fun". Hopefully squad realizes it soon.
  2. KSP Weekly: Cassini’s Grand Finale

    Lol, how I feel every time I see someone complain on the new ksp weekly...
  3. Lol challenge accepted! Once console finally gets its update I plan on building the cheapest vanilla probe to orbit rocket
  4. As a console stock player, I'd love to see more scientific instruments in the game however as "dvp" mentioned, scientific faming would remove a lot of the fun from the game. That's not to say however that I couldn't see it being a possibility. I myself enjoy lowering cash, reputation, and scientific reward gains simply for the added realism factor just as "Tyko" does (As its really all I have control over) and hope one day those changes get implemented into the vanilla game.
  5. KSP Weekly: The Galilean Telescope

    Great to hear that some of those critical bugs on console are being cleared Excited to finally get back out to space!
  6. Sounds like a whole lot of reworking that would need to be done whereas a simple pivot is literally two pieces. Not sure why you think that's unreasonable. (On the other hand they're used all the time on real craft, so why not?)
  7. KSP Weekly: Taking a ride to the Moon!

    Exciting news about a cheat menu in console! I may not use it very much but every improvement added is appreciated
  8. The "B" button not giving a response is the problem. Not the parachutes or the kerbal. Furthermore, this issue has already been addressed.
  9. Yeah I did, and I also deleted my existing flights and it still didn't work for me Ended up just deleting the save out of frustration.
  10. KSP Weekly: The son of Mars and Venus

    Being real for a second here, I bought the game for console pretty much a year ago and as everyone knows it's been unplayable. I think I relate to all console players when I say I just want to be able to play the game while it's still relevant. I'm going to college and am getting a job soon, so most of my time is going to be preoccupied. I've essentially got one summer left to really delve into the game and it will make me very sad if Squad can't manage to update the game soon(ish).
  11. I play on Xbox One and started having this issue today too.
  12. SAS: Hold Horizon

    I support this!
  13. Earlier (can't directly quote) one of the moderators mentioned that updating the game shouldn't reset anything.
  14. Designing a Jool Ship

    Remember that while Nuclear Engines have low Thrust to Weight ratios, they're super efficient (As I'm sure you're well aware) and it's best to bring a small amount of them with lots of fuel to maximize efficiency. When it comes to how many to bring, it really depends on how much time you have or want to spend on mission.