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  1. Really would like to see launch sites placeable by the player rather than being in a predetermined location. I'm not complaining, I love seeing updates for console players being one myself. Just saying what I'm thinking.
  2. James M

    Complete graphical overhaul?

    If squad was ever going to release a graphical overhaul, it would have to be free and stock. Period. Its well over-due considering how old the game is (Not bashing on its quality or anything)
  3. James M

    Xbox update needed!

    “Congratulations console players! We fixed some bugs you didnt know existed and left those ones that break the game alone! We promise.. we’re working on it!” Said squad in every update for console just about. Im seriously sick of it Such a great game, and yet a good portion of the player base cant even enjoy it without repurchasing it.
  4. James M

    Propellers Please?

    I've never once built a machine in my ksp saves as I pretty much exclusively play career mode. All the time building one would be time lost doing something more monetarily and scientifically beneficial. As such, my only two attempts at eve were with aerobrake entry profiles. My whole reason for bringing this up was that I've been wanting to more thoroughly explore Duna and Laythe, but a rover just felt too slow and I couldn't really vertically ascend up mountains and such. I hadn't really thought about Eve at that point, but assuming you landed your ascent vehicle on top of a mountain (Which you should)... and you wanted an unmanned drone to collect science and bring it back to you... an electric propelled craft makes a heck of a lot more sense than a rover.
  5. James M

    Propellers Please?

    Seeing as there's a lot of talk about "This and that hasnt been made or done yet! It shouldnt be included!", I just want to throw in that reminder that Squad cooperated with NASA specifically to include the astroid redirect section of ksp. Its not that far fetched that they could team up with JPL or the Air Force to introduce an Aerospace dlc or add on including things such as our much debated prop engine
  6. James M

    Better launch escape system(s)

    Is it possible to add a low thrust sepatron on the side to counteract the spin and add thrust?
  7. James M

    Small Falcon 9 Challenge

    Totally doing this.
  8. James M

    Propellers Please?

    My point is the fact that we shouldnt be required to make a monotonous contraption to do something simple. To me, it trades science and exploration for innovation and creation. Which is okay, but it's not why we fundamentally play ksp.
  9. James M

    Propellers Please?

    There are many things that shouldn't HAVE to be mods to be incorporated into a game such as ksp. When you think fundamentally about the game and what it really is, (In our case, a glorified flight sim), something like propellers make perfect sense being stock. That's my whole argument. Your tweakable idea is great I approve!
  10. James M

    KSP Weekly: The Falcon

  11. James M

    Propellers Please?

    Stratolaunch. Its feasible, has already been manufactured and is awaiting its first real payload. I know it's just one case, but there are plenty more applications. (Not to mention the one's we young engineers have not conceptualized) Quad-copters and such were also a concept I was hoping we one day would be capable of using in ksp. Thank you for the reminder and support! Finally, one last mention. Project Adeline. In short, recovering rocket motors by jettisoning them from their fuel tanks and returning them home as a pseudo-plane. Of course pulling this off in ksp would require a modification in the game's programming thereby allowing us to control multiple craft in atmosphere beyond 20km (And we know that wont happen so..)
  12. I have seen one other suggestion topic about this before and it was abruptly closed and not re-opened again. Really my question is why don't we have propellers yet and what might the chances of us getting them be? (And yes, I'm aware of mods, but I happen to like playing games stock)
  13. Well they made working parachutes, so I still dont see why tethers would be too much to ask for. (It even has the same concept... Keeps your kerbals alive?)
  14. James M

    KSP Weekly: The Lunar Greenhouse

    Im officially at the point where I can confidently say Im not doing business with squad again. First they screwed up the console port with FTE. Then they screwed up Again with Blitworks. Now they’re not even acknowledging we console users exist. This is why the console player base has such a negative response to everything. Because rather than Squad learning from their mistakes, they continue to make more. (Yes Im referring to PR issues of all things, it still matters to us as consumers.)