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  1. I haven't posted here in a long time, and I haven't played in a long time despite keeping up with the updates. This update is quite exciting and the game has come a long way from pre 1.0. My time to return to the Kerbol system is long overdue.
  2. Excellent, I enjoyed this dev note Friday more than recent Fridays. The details are appreciated! Keep up the great work team.
  3. I keep having phantom forces acting on my rockets. They will get stuck on the launch pad, or sometimes they will just start floating off the pad if they're not attached to clamps. Once un-clamped, the rocket will begin to float away, but if I fire the engines, they have no effect on the rocket. Struggling to figure out what mod is causing this issue. Its not just on the pad though, sometimes if I reload a vessel it becomes stuck wherever it landed, or if I go on an EVA, the kerbal is uncontrollable.
  4. I've skinned the Nyan Cat! And you know what's in there? A Pot O Gold! Just kidding, its pop tart. Also, thanks for all of your work on MM Sarbian!
  5. Love SVE, thanks for all your work!

  6. I had normal play yesterday. I added station parts expansion, updated roverdude's mods, but I didn't delete, I just overwrote. I'm guessing that could have caused a problem. Not sure which other mod I updated... but it came with Module manager 2.7.2, but roverdude is only distributing 2.7.1 with his mods. Do you think that could be a problem? Kopernicus came with MM 2.7.2, that was the other mod I added along with Stock Visual Terrain
  7. I've got some weirdness going on. I just went to launch a craft, and my entire craft just started floating off the launchpad before I did anything. When I tried to launch, thrust again has no effect on the rocket. Seems it probably is a mod causing an issue somewhere. Probably related to the last fiasco. I'll report back when I figure this out.
  8. So I've encountered a new glitch. My game is modded, but I'm not thinking a mod is causing a problem. I have a simple craft so there aren't many parts to cause problems. When I let go of the ladder I have no control. What ever the last direction I moved in, is the direction that persists. So lets say I crawl up the ladder beyond the ladder, I keep floating endlessly away off of the Mun. If I go down the ladder, I'll make contact with the Mun, but I can't walk or do anything but look like I'm floating. Turning on RCS allows me to use the jets, but it has no impact on the movement of my kerbal. It just animates and uses monoprop. The odd thing is, the EVA worked fine the first time when I originally landed, but I knocked my craft over bumping into it. So I reloaded the quick save I did upon landing, and that's when the problem started. I tried going to a different craft and coming back, but the same issue arrises. Another discovery, I decided to take off and try to re-land hoping that would fix the issue. However, my craft will not leave the surface. It stays at 0 m/s even when the jets are running at full thrust. Its almost as if the craft became bound to the surface and thats what is causing my kerbal to glitch. I've now resolved the issue by completely exiting KSP, and re-loading. While I don't require help, I thought this issue should be documented for anyone else experiencing similar issues.
  9. Someone let a bag drift in front of the camera! And then it was pulled out of the way quickly. "Hey guys, you're blocking the camera. Clean up your mess!"
  10. Odd, I noticed a nice jump in performance on 1.2 Overall game play is smoother, and I get good FPS with mods like scatterer (with all extras turned on), SVE, texture replacer with 8k resolution textures. Admittedly, fairings do seem to have an impact on performance. I don't know what my exact FPS is, but it feels closer to 60 than it did before. Specs for reference... Windows 7 64 bit 3.9 GHz Ivy Bridge 8 GB Ram GTX 1060 6 GB Samsung SSD
  11. Yay, dev notes! I always wondered why they weren't on a Monday or Friday. Seemed odd to have them in the middle of a week. Now I almost have a dev note to read for each day of the week!
  12. Nicely done, and welcome to KSP! I don't think I achieved my first Mun landing until after 40 hours. It took many more for a return trip to Kevin. I've learned a lot since. I have over 500 hours in game and still haven't landed on half of the bodies in the system. You have many hours of fun, frustration, and learning ahead!
  13. Well that's a little misleading... description says gtx 1080, details say gtx 1060. Which is it? Either way, good card. You now have an awesome system that probably surpasses what 95% of people on this forum have. You can load up KSP with all sorts of graphical mods to make KSP even more glorious. Welcome to the future! Enjoy your new KSP experience.
  14. With two hours of 1.2 under my belt, I am very happy. The nuisances that I always looked past just to continue enjoying the game are gone. It almost feels weird to play without bugs! Fast loading, silky smooth frame rates, dead bugs, and with all of that 1.2 has been a much more enjoyable release than 1.1. Hip hip, hooray!