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  1. Another brilliant mod of you Thank you for making this. I love Habtech, I love you Shuttle and now even Surface Oriented Baseparts?? I don´t know what could be better. It fits perfectly for my actuals Munar base plans on my save. Thank you
  2. Congrats and thank you It was a looong time since i saw something into the methalox direction in the active modding community ..... and now it´c included into one of my absolute must-have mods. Thank you
  3. Nice Lucky man i love it never thought of it but: nice idea but now i think: Why haven´t i thought on putting the S-IVC on an atlas??? I only plan an lv putting it on a Delta IV..... or a Ariane 5. Good job.
  4. Hello, i have a question: could it be that some of the snappoints of the launch platforms are set wrong? I am not able to use the Milkstool for the BDB Saturn IB without it hovering 1-2 meters above the MLP.
  5. Yeah.... if you take this into account tooo... ... i want back there. And i want to see Concorde and Tu-144 in Sinsheim too again
  6. me too, 4 times yet. the first thing i thought when i saw the photo: just a second.. i know that thing. The museum in speyer could be a gold mine for every ksp mod author... lot´s of tech from nearly every space program. make that two
  7. Me neither, not a single one yet and i use BDB for let´s say 80% of my Crafts. not a single bug in about 200 launches in multiple 1.11.1 instances until now.
  8. missing modules (NOT MISSING PARTS) are in the most time no problem. For example: If you had a life support mod before that added functions to existing parts but you didn´t have parts from the mod on the craft, the craft will load. I had this many times in the past. so: you can most likely ignore this warning when only a module is named and when you have loaded it: just save it again and the warning will not pop up again for this craft.
  9. Thank you very much for making this KIS v2 I just hope that they don´t make another fundamental change like in 1.11. This news is really nice to hear.
  10. You don´t have to apologize for your private life / your work load. Let´s hope that you have more freetime soon... before you get a burnout
  11. My KSP-Plans for 2021 are: 1. land a kerbal on duna with kerbalism (please without a third save game break before the ship enteres duna orbit) 2. Visit all the Bodys of the Minor Planets Expansion Pack 3. Build up a fully reusable space program 4. Begin a career with Beyond Home, this Pack fascinates me since it came out and i want to use it now. 5. Finish my attempt to bring something into Orbit in RP-1.... so many of my brave kerbals died in X-Planes... i don´t want that they died for nothing
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