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  1. I know that ATL, i am waiting for it´s next part. And i know that Shelter. It´s so simple, i think it could be done with 1 or 2 Part Switches.... to kill the engine-mount and staging, and upgrade the capacity for freight and / or Life Support. And yes: I know: Kerbalism-support has to be delivered by them. But it´s possible that i will (again) try to write some simple configs after the major update has been released. I have tried that a while ago, but only managed to crap the fuel and EC-capacity´s. I haven´t found out how i can prevent that i a patch. But i likely look into that again after the update... expecially because i am interested in bringing the Aardvarks into full use in their "basic" form, without bolting on Life support cannisters and/ or send special ships up there to restock Spacelab.
  2. I am a fan of the LM Apollo but yes, you are right: The largest bunch of really new parts can wait a little longer for the sake of polishing the revamps you have now towards a release-state. And yes: you guys have gone a looong way away from "basic" Thank you and i am thinking that the next dev-cicle will not be as long as the last ones have been.... and that probably checks out with your mentioned conversion plans for KSP 2 Yeah i am hyped for KSP 2, it´s new engine and performance etc. And yeah: I like the idea to have so many future tech, but: First: i was and i still am a larger fan of the old Apollo-era Tech and it´s derivatives (IRL-Proposals AND Alt-history), so i hope they still represent it in a nice way in that game and second: I am really gratefull that you guys would like to try a conversion of this mod to KSP 2. This will be a HUGE Upgrade. Thank you, all of the contributers.
  3. Thanks for that update and i think i really have to speed up my science grind in my active game to fly a Psyche-mission
  4. @Interplanet Janet Thank you for reviving this. I played the original version and i had a lot of fun with it but i had to decide on stopping to use it for safety reasons. Soooo..... let´s send some ion propelled probes to some expolanets again
  5. "Nice" amount too, i get to 22-24 at the moment.... yes i use planet packs and yes i use a lot of mods. It´s around 18 after the loading. Nice one I like it
  6. Had the same thought a while ago Modded KSP was one of the reasons for upgrading my PC so heavy this summer that the upgrade became more of a complete new system xD @Cobaltwolf: Your modding can become costly Thank you
  7. I don´t think that there will be another additional SM length from the flyby because the ETS Block IV / Block V SM seems to be a little longer than Block III too.... and that´s already planned if i recall that right. That would fit nicely and would "only" need another texture tops. And please: add an option to insulate the S-II heavily... or even give us some power intense active cooling.... yeah: I want to recreate the Voyage mars mission, at least the transfer and orbital hardware. The landing stage from that one is cool but that would be toooo crazy to make. So that would need another, probably independent launched, lander from my side.
  8. What the hell?! Which helo should have captured that heavy sun of a b**** ?! If i wouldn´t knew that this idea came over 50 years ago into existence i would say: That guy has really played tooo much KSP.... Sorry for the bad language, but that´s the only thing i though while reading that.
  9. Wow, that´s a looong way from there to here. Thank you all for this progress and that nearly complete replica of the american space program that was AND could have been. Thank you I am with you for about 3 years or so i think. and i don´t plan to go away soon This is beautiful. Happy birthday
  10. Me too, for the 3rd or 4th time since if found that story..... the funny part is: I found it because i saw a youtube vid of a Saturn H03 based on bdb´s mod. I found that concept nice and from that i came to this mod AND that brilliant story. And there are a lot more nice space related alt historys out there, now i am reading this: https://www.alternatehistory.com/forum/threads/ocean-of-storms-a-timeline-of-a-scientific-america.418531/page-23#post-20212318
  11. Thank you for that update And you bring it in just on point: I want to start using the FGB and Mir Parts just NOW. Thank you
  12. Okay, thank you. now i see my mistake: I added your config text to the existing config of the ATV Cargo part. My mistake, thank you
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