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  1. Thanks @JK_Kerbineer I looked at un-installing/re-installing IFS, but that didn't seem to help. I'm back to going mod-by-mod and installing, then loading, seeing if it crashes, etc. This is why I always update months and months later!
  2. What did I do in KSP? Tried to get into KSP. I'm finally updating to 1.3.1 along with re-installing my mods... and of course I'm getting crashes to desktop. I posted a question in the help section. Hopefully someone here can assist me as well?
  3. I'm getting a consistent crash since I've been updating to 1.3.1 and re-installing various mods. Here is the link to my output_log file. I don't know how to read these files to identify where the crash is happening. Anybody can help? Also, if you can tell me how you actually see where it crashes, that would be a HUGE help too.
  4. Is this still running on 1.3.1 or did it change back to 1.3?
  5. Your stuff is literally essential for me when playing KSP. Looking forward to all the new parts!
  6. I really don't have time to update and reinstall my mods. I can't stand playing completely stock. I'll just take my name off the list. That's pretty rude to tell me to use a version when you're the one who changed it for everyone, and where the rules for this thread specifically state to use 1.3 at this time.
  7. @53miner53 Looks like we still have a problem. I just downloaded the save file. Once the game is loaded, there are no flights in the Tracking Station. Then looking at the Quicksave file, there are 43 flights (Year 21, day 182) but that file is a different version (i.e. 1.3.1). The only other save files in there are: FMRS_main_save (from Year 13 with a whole bunch of craft that can't load due to unavailable mods) Kommunity Space Station TURN 67 (which is actually my last save game) I think we'll need to go back to a previous version of this save file, probably back to Turn 68 from @Paaaad which was the last 1.3 save. Unless you have any other ideas to resolve this? We would lose anything that @Mukita12 and @Bottle Rocketeer 500 have put onto any of the stations.
  8. No rush, I'm working on other things today so I won't be able to get back to this until later tonight as well.
  9. OK, I'm not sure how to do that. If you can take it?
  10. It looks like reading back the thread, both Mukita and BottleRocketeer were using 1.3.1, since Mukita seems to be the first to use 1.3.1 and then BottleRocketeer updated so he could run his turn. How should we revert back? UPDATE: I also re-uploaded the "Turn 74" file (which is actually Turn 70) adding "VERSION 1.3.1 ONLY" to the ZIP name.
  11. @53miner53 The latest save file from @Bottle Rocketeer 500 is incompatible with KSP 1.3? I haven't had time to re-install and troubleshoot my mods for 1.3.1, so I haven't updated. Is this going to be for 1.3.1 now or are we still on 1.3?
  12. @Geschosskopf, @B-STRK I love this discussion. So much great information that I haven't really thought about with this game. Definitely digging into this to add a little more realism to my next big mission.
  13. The reactor is from USI Core (Reactors & Kontainers) but I'm not using all the USI/MKS stuff, just that one. The antenna is from Bluedog Design Stockalike Saturn & Apollo parts
  14. It's so funny you say that, because that's how I was feeling during my 20+ minute docking adventure yesterday, which is what prompted me to rethink so many aspects of this mission. I'm spending so much time the past several days working on infrastructure and production line stuff, I haven't even finished designing the Zeus! At the same time, this whole process is teaching me a lot about KSP and it's actually pretty fun as far as 'the journey' goes. I've only been playing about 6 or 7 months, so I feel like there's so much to learn. (in a good way) I am using Simple Construction. So far it's been pretty sweet. I did try out MKS (I love their unique parts!) and reading through some tutorials... it was way too much for what I want to do with this game. At least at this point. Once I finish this Jool mission, I might move into some simplified Life Support mods (I've looked at TAC-LS, which seems less-intensive than MKS/USI?). I'll keep you posted!
  15. The STS 6698 'Cassiopea' (top) with my Orbital Manufacturing Platform 'Foundry' having completed construction on a new Hab cargo module for the shuttle. After some docking hyjinks in the dark, I'm rewarded with an eclipse.
  16. Ha! I think I can forgive your "inaccuracy". I mean, the info you provided was stupendous! I hope you're feeling better flu-wise. My own testing & experiences are starting to line up with what you've very expertly laid out. I'm already thinking about how to redesign my infrastructure to focus on a ground-based production line from on your comments, where I would produce rocketparts as well as fuel. It makes more sense than: mining ore on the surface, fueling a ship to bring ore to an orbital refinery for Metal & RPs, then refueling again, then back again to the surface. I'm going to keep playing with my ship designs to get something I like that is more efficient as you talk about. I've already re-purposed my original "mega-manufacturing-shipyard-fueling-depot-habitat" station into a more streamlined habitat/occasional fuel depot. I need a place to dump all these Scientists that the Astronaut Complex gives me when trying to get Engineers! A related topic, I hear you RE: low part count with the most basic ships, etc. to get the job done. I just have an overwhelming need to make them look spacey... hence larger part counts. Again, thank you so much for your input, experience, and willingness to share your thoughts. It's really appreciated!
  17. Not tryna be the "I got more" guy. But I got 22380 (or thereabouts)
  18. I thought I'd add to the point about an employer suing an employee situation (although I don't have all the facts, this is a general overview). In most cases, the employer accepts the risks of employees operating and/or causing damage to their equipment in the course of their employment. They also generally have insurance for these kinds of situations or can get relief by writing off damages from actions by former employees. Of course, it depends on what type of business (i.e. medical or professional malpractice and the like), also how large the company is, amount of assets, etc. That doesn't mean they are legally barred from suing an employee (unless insurance policies or other contracts do not permit it), just that it is considered uncommon. Also the employer generally won't go after an employee because the employee (in most cases) would have limited funds to satisfy a judgment. The cost of lawyers, filings, and other proceedings as you know add up quickly. The former employer would probably be unwilling to mount a lawsuit. Otherwise, sorry to hear about your situation. But if you stay positive and build a honest relationship with your new supervisor, it should go more smoothly than your previous job.
  19. PROJECT UPDATE: Rethinking a Few Things Playing around with test missions, seeing how the ships and stations I've been designing the last few days work in practice. Generally making sure my dV for specific trips wasn't too low (or way too much fuel remaining). Checking to see how my RCS was working with different modules. I also ran a decent end-to-end test mission of my refinement & manufacturing supply chain from Minmus to the Olympus station. (FPS hilarity ensues ) Docking Big Stuff with Low Frame Rate Here's my test docking the Manufacturing module with Olympus. This took a while, but surprisingly wasn't difficult per se to dock. But even with 6x reaction wheels in the thruster fuselages, it was very slow to turn even mostly empty of any rocketparts. The frame rate maybe got above 14. And forget about quicksaving... I basically do that out of habit. On re-load (like 4 times)... major explosions at 1 FPS. Bigger problems came when trying to dock with Olympus AFTER the Manufacturing section was added. Here's a test of the heavy drone transport that carries ~200K rocketparts plus about 1200dV. It can make the trip from Minmus back to 2864Km orbit with fuel to spare, but it's somewhat slow and uses a lot of MP when trying to make turns. Loading Big Stuff with Low Frame Rates When the transport gets close for rendezvous and Olympus loads, the whole game screeches to a halt for a solid 30 seconds. Once within sight, the Big-Ship-in-Slow-Frame-Rate situation is really noticeable. It took probably 20 minutes real-time (with help from MJ Docking Autopilot) to complete the rendezvous and line up the docking from about 80m away. The frame rate was a whopping 6-10 FPS at best. Doing Two Things At Once with Low Frame Rates Finally, we have the Minmus Orbital Refinery 'Crucible' which has a lot less parts, but is still pretty beefy. This test I decided to build two of the transport ships to send off chock full of RPs to Olympus (using HyperEdit to simulate ore deliveries). It took quite a few simulated days to build, fuel, and stock them, but then they were ready for send-off. Here I tried to do two things at once (with low frame rate): Prep one transport for return to Olympus and the other to dock and complete fueling & stocking with RPs. Lesson Learned: Don't forget to turn off AutoWarp if using MJ and executing a "Return from a moon" maneuver. It did so with Transport #1 (left) while Transport #2 (right) continued to dock. Brutally slammed Transport #2 into the Refinery. (It was actually hilarious... I could see the train wreck in slow motion.) So again, the problem here is frame rate. I have two large transports (both at least 180+ parts) alongside my refinery (another 200+ parts) and FPS wasn't much higher than 12-15 at any given time. What's Next, Then? From the outset of this mission, the goal was Massive Spaceships. I still believe in that goal. You'd be surprised at how you can actually play the game with a lower frame rate... it just takes bloody forever. And you can't really DO that much besides transfer and orbit. Docking & maneuvering this way is painful. So I'm starting to believe that I can't possibly build a 500+ part (or more?) transfer vehicle with a space station that's already 500+ parts. And expect to dock anything nearby (like my materials transports) while this is all going on. Time to re-think a little bit. I might take the Olympus Manufacturing & Construction Gantry and make them a separate space station. That would be purely a Spaceport/Shipyard. And I'll probably put it around Minmus... to limit the amount of transfers between Minmus and kerbo-stationary orbit (which incidentally were taking 12-20 in-game days to complete). This way, I can mine, refine, manufacture, and build everything out there. Still thinking about it...
  20. Work continues on my First Joolian Mission. Last night I put a survey orbiter around Minmus. Pretty basic stuff, but it was fun after designing spacecraft for several nights to actually launch one! She's a modified version of my Kerbin Science Orbiter. Not much more than a reactor, survey dish, and an antenna. But she's got 29,000 dV in that Ion engine!
  21. Expansion Continues: Minmus Mining Infrastructure The past several nights, I've been working on the different infrastructure components for Minmus mining operations and testing different spacecraft. Last night I finally got away from designing them in order to launch one! Minmus will be my primary ore production hub, so one of the first steps was putting the Minmus Survey Orbiter in polar orbit to identify higher concentrations of ore on the moon. She's a modified version of my Kerbin Science Orbiter, just basically stripped down to the survey dish and an antenna. One interesting thing, with such low power requirements, setting the reactor to 1% power (generating 0.4ec/s) keeps it full of electric charge. The reactor core life currently reads "Almost forever". I decided to put it into Hibernation mode anyway, since I'm not really going to use this for much. Here are some shots of the launch and orbiting process. It was pretty standard stuff, so I didn't capture all that many shots. See below for more: As I mentioned, I've been testing spacecraft. This includes a Minmus Orbital Refinery (codenamed 'Crucible') for ore, metal, and rocketpart production, as well as ore mining lander ships that will ferry ore back to orbit. It's a similar generation space station to the 'Foundry' Orbital Manufacturing Platform, with some changes. Specifically, it has two large ISRUs instead of the central workshops and utilizes more "inflato" technology with 4 workshops to increase overall RP production. It also features a slightly modified crew section (at the "top") since this will only house engineers. During this process, I also landed a couple versions of the mining ship, and it was very useful having just completed a My First Elkano Challenge on Minmus, since if felt like I knew the topography of the moon really well. More to come on Minmus!
  22. Thanks, that's really good advice for comms. I started using CommNet in an earlier play-through and it was frustrating (and a bit confusing) to maintain, so for this one I'm not actually using it. You're welcome! I really do appreciate your advice. Definitely nice to have the benefit of experience from all the great people in this community!
  23. I went to Jool! At least, a series of flybys in testing for My First Joolian Mission. This is actually a personal KSP milestone, since I've only ever messed around in Kerbin's SOI. This spacecraft is the Mk2 version of the nuclear-powered, Ion-driven probe (featuring a lot of mods, judicious use of TweakScale, and intelligent part clipping).
  24. Personal KSP Milestone: First Probe to Jool "Alternate Timeline" Test for Joolian Mission From my earlier notes, I decided I was getting ahead of myself designing a huge Joolian mission... without having actually gone there in practice. So I designed an unmanned probe that would be my test of the process. It was to be in an "alternate timeline", i.e. a different save game, so my main save won't be sitting around with nothing to do for years. When I run this "official" probe mission, I'll have my other infrastructure components already working on building things for the main mission. And it was a success! (at least, the 2nd version) This spacecraft is the Mk2. It features 2 nuclear reactors along with the foldable radiator panels (I love these!) and increased xenon & electric charge capacity. There were significant differences between the Mk1 and Mk2 probes, which I think made for a better spacecraft. See below for more: Once the transfer burn was complete using the LFO engine, I separated the transfer stage and used the Ion engine for Jool insertion. This is where the Mk2 really shined. Using a larger, higher ISP engine made the 20+ minute Ion burn much more manageable with better fuel consumption. I also noticed there was so much E/c generation that I was able to dial down the power output, thus doubling the active life of the reactors. Making New Friends I'll be honest: I didn't know what I was doing during this whole thing, other than I needed to transfer to Jool and then circularize when I got there. Of course, I'd seen YouTube videos about Jool moon gravity assists and flybys, but I didn't quite know how that worked. Turns out it worked pretty well! The Launch Sequence (Mk2) The process for the launch went very well the first time, but I thought some improvements could be made. In addition to adding a larger Transfer Stage fuel tank for Mk2, I added another reaction wheel to the stage to make alignment turns easier. I also adjusted the placement of the fins which provided much better control the second time around. See the full launch sequence below: