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  1. But the planets just don't look good outside of the map view? Like what are you even talking about? I can look at Kerbin and see jagged square tiles of terrain where it intersects the ocean at basically any range, nearby hills appear as perfect triangles because the quality vs distance is worse than KSP. That's not an improvement. I don't care if it apparently never looks like it repeats when the ground looks magnitudes worse overall, the scatter assets seem to be UV unwrapped more incorrectly than not, the mountain ranges have shrunk ridiculously and are completely unimpressive and unexciting now? Like usual the game you talk about and the reality of the game in our hands are completely different things.
  2. That's strange, it should work but try this one. https://discord.gg/yS4zyNb
  3. The artstyle/design direction point is bang on. I'm not ever going to model a single asset for KSP2 when they can't even figure out how many polygons a cylinder should be made out of, and that's the just literally the most basic example. I have no idea what they want the game to look and be like (though its certainly not anything like Kerbal Space Program) and I don't think they do either.
  4. Hi @Spyro 152, the NBC still goes on (and we've made a really awesome mod now to allow for real time fights with AI control of ships and missiles), but its hosted on this Discord server now. https://discord.gg/rqqe3u4T79
  5. No, I did mean to come across like that.
  6. I'm excited for the new cargo bay parts.
  7. You made this whole multi-paragraph post but still didn't say what framerates the requirements were for? Really? Are you listening at all?
  8. This is the best you have after 4 or 5 years? What happened to "Improved User Experience" at launch? You can't be too confident in that if you literally put a disclaimer saying "Some UI elements can be challenging to interact with" in the other thread, and that's one of the standout features worth advertising? The recommended specs are so absurdly high compared to the rest of the gaming industry that the overwhelming initial reaction I saw to them was that it had to be a prank. That might have been understandable if the graphics were in any way impressive. If you showed me a screenshot of the KSC and told me the game came out in 2012 I would have believed you. Why do half the "new" parts look basically untextured? So you want to sell me assets I've already paid for in KSP and let me sandblast all the detail away by colour filling them like its Microsoft Paint, great. Removing the non-procedural wing parts is such a massive slap in the face as well, they are absolutely not replaceable. Performance looks dreadful in all the previews, which is just mind numbing considering the monster PCs you put them on and that it wasn't even running at 4k. What most confuses me though is that at some point, you were either misleading us or you genuinely thought you could launch in early 2020. If it was 3 years ago, early access was just starting and KSP2 looked like it does now, I might be ok with it. But instead you're only releasing this feature-barren game on Friday and asking players to own a graphics card that wasn't even out by the original launch date. Pretty much every single thing I've seen over the last few weeks makes me think you have bungled this completely, and I don't have an ounce of faith in your studio if this is all you have to show for your time so far.
  9. These designs are all fantastic! I hope they can be modded into KSP2 someday.
  10. Interesting look into development but to be honest I'm still concerned about the new artstyle. Is that cockpit finished? It looks like the texture has almost no detail at all. A couple rivets and lines in the normal map is nowhere close to the level of visual fidelity of parts in KSP1. I'm really worried that almost everything shown so far seems to overly rely on being metallic and shiny, and will look just straight up bad recoloured to the classic matte finish of the original artstyle, which in my opinion was much nicer, not to mention more representative of real life rockets.
  11. Ok its pretty funny that they gave up on PC Console parity before even launching
  12. Hi @Timey, sorry I only saw this now, it’s quite rare to see new people interested in this these days and the forum page hasn’t been properly active for ages, but there’s still some of us active elsewhere. The old server doesn’t exist anymore, but most of the people from it are in this one if you want to check it out: https://discord.gg/rqqe3u4T79 It’s about Kerbal craft as a whole and not exclusively stock space combat, but the majority of activity is to do with it and you might able to find someone to battle. (Mods I couldn’t remember if posting links was allowed but I reread the rules and as far as I can see it is, so sorry if I missed something)
  13. Thank you Dark. You’re a lot braver than me to release things you write. I wish I had been following F1 back when this was active so I could have understood it more fully, because looking back making Aquaria a street circuit was a terrible decision on my part.
  14. Looks nice, smooth white is an improvement in my opinion. I do wish like others have said there was an option to extend them similar to the MH tubes or remove the endcaps though, and I’d really like it if there was an option to switch between having doors on both sides and doors on just one side.
  15. I’ve been working on some new smaller planes recently. This is the F-82A Block 30, effectively a single engine F-77 with slightly thinner wings and more economical at 10k cheaper. Here’s a side by side comparison between them, with the F-82A on the left. I’ve also thrown this together, which will probably be worked on more in future.
  16. Thanks, but there aren’t any fairings on it.
  17. Hi, this mod looks really nice. My planes usually use an extended cockpit made with a mk0 fuel tank recoloured to be the same shade as the glass, and I’m wondering if there’s a way to make other parts like it reflective with cfg fiddling?
  18. Wow, thats really cool. Reminds me of the stock hinge tail fins I made for my F-18 replica.
  19. Another fighter, another couple hours fiddling with custom DCK textures for it. Also air-to-air howitzers are fun.
  20. Hi! I just want to say this mod is incredible, the buildings fit KSP’s aestectic perfectly and it keeps my loading times down with no new textures. Thanks a lot for creating and sharing this, OP.
  21. My current best BD fighter, which I’m constantly upgrading and never finish. After fiddling with the intakes I decided to make some custom DCK textures for squadron markers, and I’m pretty happy with how it turned out.
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