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  1. Roger that, will try to verify current version of Ksp and the fshanger
  2. What does one do if the little "Button" dont show up? Stinky Ace
  3. Greetings. i am looking for any KSO unity files as I am seeking to reboot the ol KSO. any help would be appreciated. skunk works
  4. Does anyone know of a mod that allows the "Skin" of a part to be swapped out with a different one? Example: I have a ship named Colicos, I have a different texture named Grazzius, I wish to select which version i want in the VAB, is there a mod that will do this? i would hate to have to have all 4 variants names in the folder.. Thanks.. Stinky Ace Skunk Works (Division 1)
  5. Hey! This has not been updated to the latest version of KSP, so I’m not sure it will work. in the future I plan on updating all the Skunk Works mods so stay tuned!
  6. Awesome, I also have added interior lights, and made a “truck” variant which can carry external cargo for airdrops...
  7. Yeah and with no source code listed, I can’t probe around and see what the connection should be. I will keep tampering until I find a solution. Stinky Ace
  8. Question: you use to be able to just add the GNDrive module to any part thus enabling the system for use without the model, I have tried this and it fails, is the module dependent on the model now? skunk Works
  9. Skunk Works is back! We are proud to release the 2001 Moon bus, or as we call it, the Mun Bus. This is your one stop to fill all your munar excursion needs! Available at the Spacedock Now! If you liked my Eagle one, You will love this simple yet effective ship. Bus
  10. Several working models are now on space dock
  11. At the moment we are in the planning phase( we are using blender and unity to construct the basic models but potential is high. We will be looking for coders for wheels (never got the hang of that) and well as others. This mod is very early in development
  12. In development: From the same kit, with some additional pieces,