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  1. The only issue I’m having is this, the wheels popping out of place after returning to drive it. In the VAB it assembled correctly, even after the weird event happens it still drives ok. I used unity 5 something, and part tools 1.8, is this where the issue is?
  2. https://imgur.com/tPohexB the end result https://imgur.com/0Ih9oPg
  3. That may be the issue, the chassis sits under the body, and the wheel attach to a surface (axle ends) (surface attach) but the body has a collider that’s weird
  4. Hello all, ok I designed a Willis Jeep rover, took forever to get wheels down. Now I have an interesting problem. after exiting the vehicle scene and going to the space port, when I choose the same vehicle again, the wheels are popped out of place, that is to say they are lower and more away from the vehicle. They still work as wheels, but I can’t figure this out. ideas?
  5. I figured it out. disableUnderwater = true
  6. https://imgur.com/gallery/gGDOTKF https://imgur.com/a/34zOdhA
  7. I have a perplexing problem. i have made a German Type VIIC 43 u boat. Now it’s equipped with batteries to drive the screws, and it has a diesel generator to recharge the batteries. just like the real thing, you run on batteries while submerged, but periodically you have to surface to recharge them. here is my problem: the diesel generator works under water. I have made it require both fuel and Intake air to run, heck I even have the Snorkel that goes up and down to raise the IntakeAir point above the sea. (Set it up in Unity as gameobject intake attache
  8. What happened to underwater? now when I go under water on Kerbin it’s a light blue shade but no terrain details. Did they change something? i fiddled with the settings but I can’t see much underwater.
  9. GPLV2 do what ever ya want with it
  10. This will serve as a Q&A for the Sea Iron Mod Post all Questions here and I will do my best to resolve the issues. https://spacedock.info/mod/2313/Sea Iron
  11. Does anyone know if there is a mod that makes wakes in the water of Kerbin?
  12. If there were a wishlist, I would wish for just wheels that are easy. like aircraft wheel to attack to the animated parts of landing gear I create. are there no simple wheels out there???
  13. Roger that, will try to verify current version of Ksp and the fshanger
  14. What does one do if the little "Button" dont show up? Stinky Ace
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