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  1. Meanwhile..

    SkunkWorks command. Oh and here is our base..
  2. SkunkWorks command desk. Greetings fellow eagle drivers. We are conducting tests on the Gerry Anderson Space 1999 mod. This mod was originally designed by RedSpar, and worked real well. After a while it became abandoned. We took up the mod and greatly improved on the design. The Eagle Transporter model used in our mod is built from the ground up. This is a separate mod from RedSpars eagle. There seem to be a few issues arising concerning both flyability and EVA with the eagle..notably there is a ghost hatch on the pod. It is not in the physical model. Not sure why it shows up. Flying this 230 ton ship is relatively easy. Action group the vtol engines, then action group the mains. Onboard generators can be accessed by right clicking on the hull and turning them on. SAS, (T) must be used for enhanced stability control during flight. Mechjeb should never be Used. Our ship was designed to replicate the Eagle Transporter as seen on the show, Space 1999. It does defy physics in some aspects, but good sci do is good sci fi. Please feel free to address any issue to me here. StinkyAce SkunkWorks command. "Whats that smell, let stinky do it" OFFICIAL forum.
  3. Skunk Works Space 1999 mod

    Hello. We are currently investigating a failure with the Gerry Anderson Space 1999 mod available at Spacedock. The failure is associated with the cockpit falling off the eagle for no apparent reason. Has anyone else experienced this issue? Please post any difficulties here. Thank you and keep flying. Skunk Works development.
  4. Skunk Works

    I don't know if this is the right place for this, so if it's not, feel free to relocate it. The Models and mods we create at Skunk Works, will be released through the spacedock site from time to time. Most of the sci-fi models are ridiculously powered to reflect the shows they come from. They do not adhere to physics. I use the basic required add ons such as firespitter, mechjeb and so on. Some of the meshes are scratch, some modified with owners permissions. If you see a model I show an image of, be patient, it will be available soon. Currently working on the AC130, P3, E2C, for release, the shado skydiver is on back order, a multitude of modern jets are also on back order. With the collapse of the other download site, kerbalstuff, most were lost to the Kraken. Hopefully i can get our team of engineers to expedite the refabrication of them. Thanks and keep on flying. Skunk Works command.
  5. Meanwhile..

    Meanwhile, high over Eeloo..
  6. Come fly with me...

    Well the modlist is short, I do these planes (tons of them) and they used to be hosted at the kerbalstuff. Since it went down I have been tinkering. This is a 4 price model of the p3 orion, I have an e2c hawkeye and a bunch of modern fighters. Converting them is hard. This particular plane will be made available with the E2c when they are done. On a subnote, it flies like a cow with wings, in other words accurately Please stay tuned. (The A6 is available on spacedock)
  7. E2c hawkeye

    In the works from Skunk Works. The E2C Hawkeye. Model by Tess Miller.
  8. E2c hawkeye

    In the works from Skunk Works. The E2C Hawkeye. Model by Tess Miller. View 2 with animations applied.
  9. The Shado knows

    Well they are on Spacedock, Have fun
  10. Skydiver

    Well I do understand aerodynamics sort of. Have ya tried any of the planes that Skunk Works does? I put the A6e intruder up on spacedock. As well as the eagle. I am Work in on making it very aerodynamic, not sure if the game physics will allow an underwater launch. One of the biggest issues with the game is the realism factor. Now a sci fi object in reality has to look awesome, who cares if it can really work . So working with the physics model at hand, it can be a challenge to get "as close to tv effect" as possible. Lol.
  11. Skydiver

    Which mod used, at the moment it's a hard model, I am using maritime pack so the sub can dive, of course firespitter, it's good to be a stand alone. How they reattach the plane was simple, land it in water surface and re dock.
  12. Kerbalseat and seatPivot

    Thank you good sir, I shall tinker with this to see what happens. Again thanks.
  13. Kerbalseat and seatPivot

    Hello, I was wondering if anyone knows how Module kerbalSeat and seatPivot works? Been trying several things to get a kerbal to "board" a model but not sure how these work in unity. Thanks.
  14. Skydiver

    Dive testing has commenced on SkyDiver 1