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  1. Several working models are now on space dock
  2. At the moment we are in the planning phase( we are using blender and unity to construct the basic models but potential is high. We will be looking for coders for wheels (never got the hang of that) and well as others. This mod is very early in development
  3. In development: From the same kit, with some additional pieces,
  4. Picture is dark but the UDL Cheyenne is almost ready for pre delivery, includes a stowed and recoverable M577 app. Yet to be completed is the Sulaco
  5. Think i will leave this right here..
  6. Yes, this is it. Coming soon, Colonial Viper MK 1, MK 2, Galactica Shuttle,(TOS) (ReBoot) and the Colonial LandRam (TOS) SA 23 StarFury
  7. Seen flying over Kerbin, the Skunk Works SA 23 StarFury. Now available at spacedock. These two are custom skinned, "Omega 1 and Scallywag"
  8. Skunkworks Presents: The Mitchell-Hyundai SA 23 StarFury Yes we have released the StarFury for your enjoyment. Check it out at the Spacedock! StinkyAce
  9. Various, mostly we use blender, and unity. They are both free.
  10. I have never been to good at IVA's, but if you are, how would a job?
  11. Less commercial traffic in here. And we are technically "Showing off our work"