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  1. Show off your drawings!

    Guess it is just me...
  2. Show off your drawings!

    no pics?
  3. Show off your drawings!

    More drawings: Area 51 Team coloured: My sister. Boy, was she annoyed when I did the clothing (she doesn't have it): She needs glasses though...
  4. Air Superiority Fighter Competition

    If you want some advice, here are some little things you'd want to do to greatly improve performance. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1) Place your fuel, engines, and weapons closer to the center of the craft. It will increase the sensitivity of the roll axis and reduces wing loading as well. 2) Extend your fuselage along the x-axis (length). That way, the tailplanes will have a longer lever arm to pitch the craft. 3) If possible, you may also place your jet engine in the middle. That pushes the CoM closer to the nose, which also increases pitch rate. 4) You may place a Wheesely in reverse thrust on the nose. Not only will it increase power, but will also pull the CoM towards the nose. 5) If your CoL is on top of the CoM, you may experience relaxed stability, in which you have to apply negative trim to keep the nose on the horizon. It can also help with turn rate, so long as you don't go overboard with thrust vectoring. 6) Finally, if you've got a lot of drag to spare, you may add more wing boards in the wings. It reduces alpha during turns and improves turn rate and radius.
  5. World Of Tanks, World Of Warships, War Thunder.... Etc.

    Getting better in WT. I have +100k lions now
  6. Show off your drawings!

    Some drawings of mine; it's been a while. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Area 51 Uniforms The Four Seasons Girls F-15's Girl staring at the sunset:
  7. Air Superiority Fighter Competition

    It is in the zip file with the MSI folder. Install both, put them in GameData, and you're set.
  8. Air Superiority Fighter Competition

    Both IRCore and MagicSmokeIndystries molders must be installed or the mod won't work.
  9. Air Superiority Fighter Competition

    Well... since FAR didn't exactly install properly for me, the aero should still work fine, but with stock drag.
  10. Air Superiority Fighter Competition

    Which mods have issues? If it is IR, then you have to download both files. If you are missing either, you can't load my craft or run it properly. If it is FAR, i dunno, really. It is in Chinese from my KSP.
  11. Air Superiority Fighter Competition

    How is testing going?
  12. The OTech Track Attack Challenge

    No excrements! You should have backed up your saves.
  13. Air Superiority Fighter Competition

    Well, here's what I'd like to do: Get two of the craft, set one on stability, the other on maneuverability. That way, I'd be able to see both in action.
  14. Air Superiority Fighter Competition

    Here is my entry: the F-44 Swing Wing fighter. Use IR to toggle the two modes.