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  1. Hey, do you happen to still have a good, working link to the BAD-T III kit? I, uh... kinda need it for something. Thanks in advance.

  2. Joseph Kerman

    Returning to the old fashioned way (chat in Morse code)

    ··· ··- ·--· ··--··
  3. Joseph Kerman

    NASA's unreleased acronyms

    Synthetic Hardening Insulated Travelling Shuttle, or S.H.I.T.S.
  4. Joseph Kerman

    Strategic Bomber Procurement (Reboot!)

    Yeah. It's also VTOL...
  5. Joseph Kerman

    Strategic Bomber Procurement (Reboot!)

    Not a strategic bomber, but should do.
  6. Joseph Kerman

    WW2 BAD-T IV BDAc AI Dogfight Tournament

    It's the opponent's victory; I had made a jet in Season 3 that runs out of fuel before my opponent. He won only because of that, since my guns are better.
  7. 10000 Trader Lydia's? Prepare for cuteness and antics!
  8. @Box of Stardust I think the devs fixed the Sides
  9. Joseph Kerman

    The FAR Fightout: BDA Gunfighters!

    Mouseover them and press J Because the AI turns my plane at less G than max. I notice it to be 5-7 G's sustained, when 10 is the max limit, and the plane in question can do a nice 9 G sustained.