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  2. @NightshineRecorralis Hey, mind you do you personal opinion on my current fleet? Just really don't feel good that a user and a semi-official judged my fleet.
  3. Naval Battle League 2016-2018

  4. @Mjp1050 @CrazyJebGuy TBH, there should be an aesthetics variable.
  5. It's called "Island Hopper" for a reason.
  6. The Stargazing Thread!

    Super Blue Blood Moon
  7. And a Blue Moon and a Supermoon
  8. Cloud Aerospace Is in the Sky!

    It is a shame though that this thread is dead...
  9. I guess you can say the mustache made it unique. In all seriousness, had I used the standard twin-Juno, you won't get that long range the Wheesley made. Also, don't tell me you went full throttle for cruising; 2/3 is good enough to maintain 300 m/s Trust me, you'll get better range had you done that (as well as increased comfort with less noise and vibration). I'm glad Jeb C. Kerman liked it (yes, I made the middle name up).
  10. Naval Battle League 2016-2018

    You gave him a self destruct button. @HalcyonGaming You know, add some missile port on the front of the craft. Add I-beam rockets (sepratrons pasted on I-beams facing away from the craft) or guided LF missiles. And for armor... cargo bays?
  11. WWI BDArmory Dogfight [NEW] 8.1.18
  12. When are WCT's craft gonna be evaluated? The employees are kinda getting impatient.
  13. Kommunity Space Station 1.3.1
  14. Guess Who Will Reply Next?

    @dundun93 Nice to meet you
  15. Parkour thread. Calling all traceurs.

    I finally can tic-tac (horizontal wall run)!