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  1. Actually, lighter batteries are becoming a thing. Li-S batteries are thought to be 30% lighter than standard Li-ion batteries, for the same charge.
  2. To fix: - Use the NCS. - Remove TVC - Add chines.
  3. Welcome to the Bi-Weekly Language Lesson. Here, I will (hopefully) give you new lessons every two weeks. And yes, anyone can pitch in as a teacher for people to learn the other languages. I will be teaching Southern Tagalog, my native language. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Other teachers: - @Benjamin Kerman for English - @mabdi36 for Arabic
  4. I want to start things up by saying I have never really made 3D models of these (possibly irrelevant). ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- My Space Battleship is a 400m long, 400m wide, 250m tall ship. It's hull plating is a really unusual combination. Kevlar base, with 3" Cera-tinum (Ceramic + Titanium) with a reflective coating on top. Then, a 5" yellow diamond main armor with amorphous metal on top. The armor will be segmented, grouped in a 3'-perimeter hexagon. It's weapons will be 3 forward-facing railguns firing RP-AP (rocket-propelled armor-piercing) shells. 4 torpedo ports, also forward-facing, each houses 7 plasma torpedoes, but it is not really plasma. It has a thermonuclear warhead that would have a shaped charge for extra damage. It has a center Ion Engine Cluster (IEC) with 2 side VASIMR engines held by airbrakes (wings), and a nuclear turbojet on top of the IEC. It is FTL-capable, using an Alcubierre-White warp drive to reach extremely high velocities. It also has a counter-balance drive to center the warp bubble. The VASIMR will maneuver the ship in sub-light and in FTL. It also uses CO2 lasers for point defense, and 2 special 3-barreled ion laser turrets for both defense and offense. It is all powered by a fusion cell near the core. It will crew 12 people. It can dock onto large carriers or spacedocks with ease with its extendable docking arm. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- What do you think? Correct me if there are some far-future tech used.
  5. Does spalling work as well in KSP as it does irl? I am trying to exploit it...
  6. 4th Generation Ships coming up.
  7. Falling downstairs is not like falling off a ledge...
  8. I want to give rights for Shady (remember her drawing) to someone; I am not that adept in drawing.
  9. Whenever I dream something involving falling from 15' higher, I actually feel the effect. Weird...
  10. Just put your vessel before Physics Unpack. That way, there will be no need for a retro burn as the craft would be stationary.
  11. I'll just go with Kevin... He finds himself on a crossroad. Which way does he go, left, right, or straight ahead?
  12. Please. Pick a different name.
  13. ...all over the place...
  14. I may need to modify the beginning so as to not offend anyone named Joe. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Story Begin: A person appears. Is it a man or a woman?