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  1. Are you gonna add in deltaV maps for planet packs like GPP/After Kerbin?
  2. Can I get a link to this. I'm too lazy to scroll through all 50 of those pages
  3. Dude slow down. Also Stardust was scaled down. None of those stars are still in the picture
  4. Is it possible that Scatterer recieves UBI support. This is mainly for things like Interstellar consortium which has serious issues with scatterer.
  5. Can the hinges be locked straight from the VAB so they're locked upon load up. I keep loading up the vessel and have to use an action group to lock the hinges cause it's a falcon 9 style landing leg system and the legs fly around without the lock on mainly because I forget to turn it on. If I could lock it from the VAB it would be much easier
  6. If I can go interstellar I can do interplanetary warfare. Gonna turn that desert into a radioactive desert
  7. I got to Jes around Aquel just fine. I'm gonna launch Nuclear weapons on Blalo from C-1
  8. You challenge me mortal Nah, Just some aero breaking around Blalo and I should be fine. Unless you mean the interstellar distances.
  9. Will there be a winch part or do I still have to have that from Kerbal Attachment System
  10. I just put blood, sweat, and tears into a stock hinge for stock falcon 9 landing legs and the day I finish them like once I log off and check my phone I hear about Breaking Ground and almost lost it.
  11. Nice work. Can't wait to see what becomes of this. The robotic parts excite me the most. Now I can make those Starship hinges and falcon 9 landing legs without tedious work
  12. Nice work. I've been trying to do this for months but never had the time. Glad to see you did it Will the other system's planets be added and will visual mods come down the line. Plus the infinite starlight problem is here so maybe add some light curves
  13. I use a combination of Stage recovery and FMRS. I like both and recommend both