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  1. No need, my install was just bugged, fixed it
  2. KSR isn't working in 1.12.1 I'm getting the loading part upgrades death screen
  3. Beautiful Mod, this is exactly what I've been waiting for Is there going to be support for USI Life Support in the near future? It's my preferred LS mod and I'd still love to play with this in my career mode
  4. Is there anyone working on a 1.10 version for this mod?
  5. Glad to hear that everything is ok, It was really scummy what Take2 did but as long as the employees are ok and the game isn't compromised we can all rest easy.
  6. Probably will. This is too high quality to be a one off for a joke.
  7. Can we toggle between the Orange and green. I don't think I can live without a green jool. Edit: You probably got me if this is an April fools joke. But this is too high quality to be a joke so I assume Jool is getting a revamp but you photo shopped it to be orange.
  8. I know that you lost the source files for NF Aero but is there any chance that it comes back for 1.8 or 1.9
  9. Overall I like the mod. One of the better first mods made by a person new to the planet modding community. I think the non atmospheric worlds textures need a bit off work on the textures. But overall it's pretty solid for a first timer.
  10. Are you gonna add in deltaV maps for planet packs like GPP/After Kerbin?
  11. Can I get a link to this. I'm too lazy to scroll through all 50 of those pages
  12. Dude slow down. Also Stardust was scaled down. None of those stars are still in the picture
  13. Is it possible that Scatterer recieves UBI support. This is mainly for things like Interstellar consortium which has serious issues with scatterer.
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