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  1. Kernel Kraken

    Samsung vs Apple.

    He means he wishes phone manufactures included removeable batteries in their top o' th' line phones.
  2. Well, now you've changed your picture. You're screwed- in an ideal situation, you'd have Cananada's military to protect you. But...
  3. Kernel Kraken

    How did you get your username?

    A: you have five initials? B: I would like to know if that is physically possible with late 60's technology.
  4. Kernel Kraken

    Explain a film badly 2

    Purple geologist wants rocks so he can snap his fingers.
  5. Kernel Kraken

    The food you're craving right now...

    Marco's Pizza cheesy bread sticks. The magic food. They're even better with sauce. Either that or a double stack of chocolate chip pancakes with bacon and chocolate milk.
  6. Kernel Kraken

    Samsung vs Apple.

    What. The. Heck. Is this a typo or is Microsoft working miracles in the windows phone factory?
  7. Kernel Kraken

    What funny/interesting thing happened in your life today?

    After months of being a PubG fanboy, I tried fortnite PC. And it is awesome. Fortnite mobile still sucks though.
  8. Kernel Kraken

    Thread to complain bout stuff

    My PC is from HP (It's an Omen PC), which does not allow BIOS over clocking and thus it's somewhat painful to try to get the software to overclock. That's my only complaint with the PC, it runs great otherwise.
  9. Kernel Kraken

    Samsung vs Apple.

    I cannot understand this statement and in order to preserve my dignity I will not be saying 'what on God's loving green earth are you talking about'.
  10. Kernel Kraken

    Samsung vs Apple.

    I honestly cannot stand either Samsung or Apple. They both price phones at rediculous amounts nowhere near the price. I have a ZTE Blade Z max- 16 mp camera, octo-core 1.4 GHz processor, a 6- inch 1080p IPS screen, 36 gigs of memory and 2 gigs of ram. One hundred and thirty dollars. Neither Samsung nor apple realize that you don't have to markup phones prices by like 400 percent ($270 dollars to manufacture an iPhone X) to turn a profit. EDIT: I have also used this phone to do the vast majority of my forum activity.
  11. Kernel Kraken

    Stephen Hawking has passed away

    That would be a freakin' awesome way to be cremated.
  12. Reinforced, cheaper version? I'm on it. im surprised you left out the tendency of the wings to snap off in maneuvers of over 3 G's :p
  13. Kernel Kraken

    Thread to complain bout stuff

    Aww, man. That sucks. I hope everything's alright for y'all.
  14. Kernel Kraken

    Shower thoughts Not a socialist here, but if the far right (most of the government at this time) knew this bit of trivia, hooooooooooo- dang, the debates would be hilariously entertaining on whether to let this pledge exist in any way shape or form.
  15. Kernel Kraken

    Thread to complain bout stuff

    Where I live it's acceptable and perfectly normal to watch EF4 tornadoes from your porch (we do have the record for the biggest and most powerful tornadoes). This tornado season has been very uneventful, like twelve or so low- profile touchdowns made the news. Usually there's an EF5 every year at least. This might sound like a crazy complaint but this is the heart of tornado- ville, america. Tornadoes ain't nothing to get excited about. There hasn't been any cool footage to watch. EDIT: Small explanation.