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  1. I recommend reading "The Postmortal" by Drew Magary. It shows the life of someone who got the "Cure" circa 2016 and culminates in countries nuking their own population by 2095. It's very chilling and scarily realistic, 10/10.
  2. While my closest WWII vet relative is my late great- grandpa. Holy cow.
  3. I agree completely, but what if they can't keep the lights on? What if SQUAD becomes.lime Mojang, well- known for only a single one- in- a- million hit game? I feel like SQUAD should move on from KSP at some point and diversify, I don't want them fading into obscurity especially given how community- driven they are.
  4. @kerbiloid needs to write a book on this with accurate diagrams and snack recipes given the hilarious amount of speculation I've seen from them. I would buy the book.
  5. Re-creating the Dutch East India company with ice cream and colonies on other planets instead of continents. The Kerbin Outer Rim company.
  6. I usually go from the 30° drop to around 60°, by which point I'm shattering windows on Minmus with the Sonic boom. I'm starting to see the flaw in my plan. The heat shield still works, but I guess the protective bubble is too small(?) Because the capsule usually Poofs at some point. Playing in 1.3.1, btdubs.
  7. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaaaa But thanks, that was great advice. Also just noticed I spelled 'Then' three different times and 2 of them wrong. That should be enough to make a conclusion in my degree of brain
  8. Less than a 30° angle compared to the ground. Something makes me feel like I'm about to get called out on my brainless re- entry tactics.
  9. Fast, the faster, than really fast, then too fast, then the heat shield fails, then I click revert :(. in all seriousness, usually as flat as I manage. My re- entry vehicle is almost always a Mk1 pod, radial parachutes, and a 100% ablator head shield on the bottom. I go flat until km about 10,000 meters up, go steeper, and either the parachute works or I explode.
  10. We're playing an Undertale Medly in my percussion class.
  11. I'll have one done a in a few days and it'll be posted about never, here's a sneak peek: ____ |DD|____T_ |_ |_____|< @-@-@-oo\
  12. True. TUBM is in a crumbling relationship.
  13. You should care. This is a life and death matter. My ears hurt.
  14. All of this mess of a discussion can be avoided by this one fact: they graze plant matter. Look at their huge, flat single tooth, perfectly designed for leafy greens.