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  1. Lets all just like the OP into the stratosphere. Come, fellow knights of the round table, we dance whenever we're able, create alt accounts and like!
  2. I use the forum on mobile, it's really not that bad. Mobile games rely on spending thousands on marketing (and somehow still making excrement-y adds) and about $20 Zimbabwe dollars on actual developement. The adds are all hilariously copied from eachother, too.
  3. Discovering the andromeda strain unlocks a new scenario and 200 science points.
  4. Ahh, out if town and away from steam 'till thursday I guess more of my money will have to be taken.
  5. 8/10, minimalistic, but my eyes hurt. Probably because it's 00:47 and i've been on my phone for 4 hours but it could be from your pfp.
  6. Do you have to Do you have to Do you have to let this thread linger?
  7. DoooooOoooooooooOooOOOoOoooo you have an extrAAaAAAAAaaAaaAaAAAa ChromosooooOoooOOoOoOoOoOoOme?? Are you an emo with Parkinson's? -all sung to me over the mic in a Rainbow Six Seige match cause I had boulevard with broken dreams.
  8. I actually have no memory of posting this. I don't think I wrote this? Either way: Calling 911 to request information on weather or not they have Prince Albert in a can and, if so, weather or not there is proper ventillation.
  9. Megamind was poorly written. Annoys anyone with a taste for good film.
  10. Not in 1.3, that's the version I play on and I've never seen it. I think 1.1? But it should be a thing.
  11. There are ways to make things to launch items into orbit, like railguns made out of Rhino engines, but i'd like there to be a stock solution for a less part- county version. Some versionof Interstellar(?) (Maybe an addon) had a railgun and power system. Maybe not like that, but like the U.S. project to literally take a battle ship cannon, put a rocket it, and say bye bye.
  12. Slime blocks. EDIT: I have realized that I was thinking if the wrong game's 1.8.x update.
  13. If you have a really fast tech guy just kick him and he'll unplug from the non- stomp box and straight into your amp. A bit of lag but still works.
  14. Someone must've slipped some Mystery Goo into the snacks.... The kerbals look awfully happy and it explains the flashy colors.