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  1. Kerbal Space Program 2 Honestly? I couldn't find one that good other than Simple Rockets 2, and that only came out recently. I'll have to keep digging, but you make a good point. Lots of games simulate spaceflight (EVE, No Man's Sky, SpaceWar!, various Star Wars games) but most are far future sci-fi action games and not sandbox games. Simple Planes is pretty awesome, but you're restricted to the one planet. Spore is a sandbox game with a space stage, and you can make your own spaceships, but it's mostly cosmetic and it's not the main focus of the game. It also uses Star Wars flight physics, so
  2. I feel like I'm not alone when I say KSP1's explosions and destruction mechanics were lackluster at best, and just absolutely disappointing on average. I've built my giant lifter capable of moving enough material to create several new solar systems, but when it inevitably crashes due to my own incompetence all I get for it is scattered components and a few poofs of smoke from my fuel tanks. This is where I think KSP2 could improve on the most. Sure, the graphics are going to be prettier, and there will be cool colonies and prettier planets, but will the destruction be improved at all? Yo
  3. If it were not for the Kerbals, it wouldn't really be Kerbal Space Program. The game would just be another spaceflight simulator without them. The goofy green guys are what makes the game stand out, and most people. Friends of mine who don't play the game know it as "that rocket game with the green aliens". They're a core part of the game and I doubt it would've lasted as long as it has without them. If I was playing today, and they just magically vanished, would I keep playing? Probably. Would the game have gotten as popular as it is now without our very verde friends? I seriously doubt
  4. I'm glad y'all are committing to quality later rather than a broken game now, but I really hope the hype doesn't die down because of the delay. The game was announced a while ago now, and even I'm starting to forget about it.
  5. Proto planets? No, I want to see a large, condensing cloud of dust and astroids that acts as a very challenging area to navigate but yields massive amounts of science points due to it being, well, a brand new undeveloped celestial body. It probably doesn't have to condense into a planet at some point, because that would be a pain to render and it'd take thousands of in game years.
  6. Oh man, this debate is still going? I severely doubt KSP has any form of spyware. If you think there is, just play the game offline. There's no reason for this debate to keep going.
  7. You're absolutely right. For a while I wanted to become an aerospace engineer until I realized that I both A: suck at math and B: loathe math. For the question on celestial bodies? I landed on the Mün once or twice, but never returned successfully.
  8. Banned for not having a witty catchphrase or funny inside joke as your rank or location.
  9. As the title says. How do you think the graphics are going to turn out? I think one of the first game's biggest drawbacks were the medium-tier graphics, which aren't bad, but leave a lot to be desired. I can see interesting atmospheric effects being made possible with ray tracing, but will it be supported?
  10. I think a big "con" of emotionless characters is how much character they lack, ironically. The entire point of them is their lack of emotion and character but that makes them unappealing. I think a better idea is a sociopathic character, say, Hal9000, who has "emotions" but disregards them for decision making. Those characters are truly terrifying, not just generic emotionless drone #2376.
  11. I just don't get why they made Bedrock a worse version to play, then locked RTX to it. It's a huge pain and I'm not buying a second, worse version of Minecraft just for ray tracing.
  12. I need some help with choosing a motherboard. I've decided on CPU and GPU- Ryzen 5 5600x/RTX 3070- but I'm having trouble picking out a motherboard. I can't tell the difference between all the different model numbers and chipsets. My total build budget is about $1200-1400, can anyone recommend something?
  13. Even movie theater popcorn is low-quality. The appeal of theaters is the large screen. Everything else, just no.
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