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  1. Kernel Kraken

    Be a ultimate F9 pilot

    So, we build out own F9? Do you have any perimeters for design? It would be good if there was a standard so people couldn't use hidden part clipping or stuff to their advantage. Also: there's already a (quite active) challenge for this- the How to Land an Orbital Booster. Try reading the challenge submission guide, it might make it better.
  2. Kernel Kraken

    Switching over to Linux (Ubuntu)?

    I'm pretty sure that OS dosent affect mods. If you're planning to play with that many mods and want to load in the next decade, try to get a lot of ram. 8-16 should be good but expensive. I haven't switched to Linux yet (been planning on it) because of procastination, so tell me how it turns out!
  3. Kernel Kraken

    Ban the user above you!

    Banned for banning.
  4. Kernel Kraken

    Jeb's Diner

    Nye the science guy. I want wifi.
  5. Kernel Kraken

    Show off your drawings!

    Is there a way to insert images withouta an imgur account? I have some ideas and stuff that I want to put here.
  6. Kernel Kraken

    Shower thoughts

    By that logic, Minnesota can be almost anyone.
  7. Kernel Kraken

    For some reason, everybody wants my accounts

    Gosh dangit I was about to post this...
  8. Kernel Kraken

    Thread to complain bout stuff

    My tamed wolf is more afraid of everything than I am, sadly. It's actually pretty funny, but sad at the same time. Just pain.
  9. Kernel Kraken

    Thread to complain bout stuff

    I'd rather not. Though, instrestingly, the venom in it's bite is not what causes the necrosis, but an infection that is common with puncture wounds.
  10. Kernel Kraken

    The user below me...

    No, but I have a slight adversity to them. TUBM is not human.
  11. Kernel Kraken

    How to avoid BFR in writing (somewhat hard) Sci-Fi

    Elon Musk is assassinated by Jeff Bezoz to remove competition then Amazon is broken up and whatever Jeff's rocket company is called is destroyed. Boom, no more SpaceX!
  12. Kernel Kraken

    Thread to complain bout stuff

    Well, we found a massive pregnant brown recluse in our garage. I won't be sleeping for a while.
  13. Kernel Kraken

    The 1.5 Hype Train

    I'm sticking with 1.3.1, unless I can keep my old SRB models.
  14. Kernel Kraken

    The user below me...

    I would if I liked cereal. TUBM had an unhealthy addiction to pizza.
  15. Kernel Kraken

    Say a phrase, and complete it

    Osteoporosis. ____________!