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  1. Kernel Kraken

    The user below me...

    Nope. TUBM has entered a plane in the aformentioned challenge.
  2. Kernel Kraken

    Thread to complain bout stuff

    I would have recompiled the discombobulation, then cremate the floofinator.
  3. Kernel Kraken

    Got A Twitch Channel!

    Yeah, OBS. I have them recorded, I hope. I'm planning to do something RTGame- esque, uploading 5 minute edited highlights. Yes.
  4. Kernel Kraken

    Got A Twitch Channel!

    Yeah, I called it NotKernelKraken, because for some reason it wouldn't take KernelKraken. Also, does anyone know how to turn a stream into a video? I want to upload some parts of it edited together.
  5. Kernel Kraken

    KSP II? KSP Remastered?

    Mabye if they switched to 4D, like how Simple Rockets is going from 2D to 3D.
  6. Kernel Kraken


  7. Kernel Kraken


  8. Kernel Kraken

    Nuclear Engine Cooling Help

    Pre-coolers are aesthetic only and take in intake air to use for jet engines. Just put a few radiators on and it should perfectly fine,unless another engine is pointing at the engine. Thats a design flaw.
  9. Kernel Kraken

    How famous are you?

    Did you change your profile pic or are you new/10.
  10. Kernel Kraken

    Say a phrase, and complete it

    Thevehicle assembly building. I had to make it 3 words, don't judge. Poopity ____, scoopity _______.
  11. Kernel Kraken

    Top 10 Saddest Anime Deaths

    3rd grade. Bookworm. The top 75 readers got a pizza party. >Eat lots of pizza >Drink like 3 Cokes >Walking back to class >Stomach starts rumbling >As soon is I open the door, the floodgates release >Burp.jpg >Entire class laughs Mfw I got in trouble for reading =(
  12. Kernel Kraken

    Pizza Cutting Challenge

    I must do this, just for the yellow-and-blue-octopus badge. I am in no way biased. It's just a cool design.
  13. Kernel Kraken

    Put a Face to the name

    On that, my hair has grown back so I'm back to having thick, either-brown-or-black-probably-somewhere-in-between-its-just-really-dark hair.
  14. Kernel Kraken

    Steal the cookie game

    Now to work on a Photoshop of a Rover fleeing a house, with a DeLorean abandoned in the driveway, riding a space kraken, trying to not be detected by radar and infrared. What. EDIT: crap, forgot the obligatory WHO SUMMONED ME?!
  15. Kernel Kraken

    Shower thoughts

    It's because Elon Musk is an AI, and doesn't want to be surpassed in intelligence. Next Question.