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  1. It's a perfect combo, KSP and Metallica. You can listen to Thrash Metal while the Kraken is thrashing your ship into a million pieces!
  2. I've recently been getting more and more into heavier genres of rock and punk. Let me tell you, re-entry flames look exponentially cooler when played to "Master of Puppets".
  3. So, which earth? Are you talking mods? And mods required should be listed in the OP. EDIT: Nevermind, scrolled down.
  4. Banned for 56 days. Reason: cliche and overdone "Kerman" name.
  5. You silently creep up the stairs, the telltale heartbeat of Floor 2317 growing ever louder, ever faster ahead of you. As you put your hand on the doorknob, the sound grows so loud you can feel it in your chest and a thin crimson line starts to trickle out of your ear. You open the door and find an angry gamer pounding on his table after he got domed because he slow peeked A Long.
  6. All flavors of Mountain Dew, (save Baja Blast, it rules) are hot garbage. It just tastes like green heartburn.
  7. Ight, forgot KSP 2 was in development for a few months. I'd like one ticket to the hype train!
  8. Wait that might not've been Doofenshmirtz. EDIT: I can't find mention of the quote anywhere online, but I'm about 99% sure I saw it in a Phineas & Ferb episode. If it turns out I actually made that up then I'll just take credit for it.
  9. "You can lead a horse to water, but you can't teach it to fish", - Dr. Heinz Doofenshmirtz. Well, he trailed off after "teach it" but yeah.
  10. If you used them to switch a wing from a long, straight winged design to a more streamlined swept design I bet you could make it happen, but it'll take a lot of trial and error to find a wing shape that works for both and an angle that can make it happen.
  11. Well, it depends what context the need for emotionless characters is. What are we defining as "emotionless"? Having literally 0 thoughts, acting on commands given from another being? The human concept of emotion drives literally every decision we make.
  12. Well, no one should ever need anything above 1.3.1 so I guess you're right!
  13. I don't get the dislike for performance clipping some people seem to have. I build lots of replica planes, and sometimes the exact same layout of parts an actual plane has will simply not produce enough thrust in KSP, so I usually clip intakes for reasons of "There's no way an air intake 1.75 meters in diameter only pulls in 2 liters per second of air". When I performance clip, it's for realism's sake. If a challenge doesn't allow clipping, or if the clip is just absurd (i.e. making up for simply poor design with 600 clipped type d wings) I won't do it. But light clipping (say, 3 intakes in the space of one) is perfectly fine by me.
  14. Leave him there, where he belongs. In the cold, unforgiving iron deserts of Duna.