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  1. Kernel Kraken

    What funny/interesting thing happened in your life today?

    My life is now one hundred percent better now that I have found this video. I bet it even cures Cancer, Alzheimer's, and Autism! It's 'can I get a sausage and muchroom pizza said in several North Eastern dialects.
  2. Kernel Kraken

    What crimes against Kerbin have you committed?

    I built a small drone with like a hundred BDA Hydra pods on it and destroyed the KSC. Also: built a 400- seat airliners er that actually flew. It went around in circles for a while before I rammed it I to the ocean. All of the Kerbals are now MIA.
  3. Kernel Kraken

    Hastile experiance with Comunity fourms?

    The only place I've ever received any negative feedback is in CS:GO matchmaking. If you've ever seen any of my YouTube videos you'd know that I have a very high- pitched voice and people online generally think that young people are trash. Well, this young person just carried the entire team.
  4. Kernel Kraken

    Hastile experiance with Comunity fourms?

    I haven't seen much hatsile stuff here. There's no subforum related to hats.
  5. Kernel Kraken

    What funny/interesting thing happened in your life today?

    Hello? Is this 911? Yes, I'd like to report a stolen vehicle with the liscense plate number STS93...
  6. Kernel Kraken

    Make a wish... and have it horribly corrupted!

    In a Kraken over Sea window. It is spaghettifed and destroyed. I want a never ending supply of bacon.
  7. Kernel Kraken

    King of the Hill

    I use the huge armored suit from BF1 because according to the game it can take a tank shell. I storm the hill.
  8. Kernel Kraken

    Survive Me!

    I attack a machine to your orbital space station and start firing. The recoil almost shakes it apart due to the lack of gravity to absorb force.
  9. Kernel Kraken

    Thread to complain bout stuff

    This is bordering on Ken M- level trolling and I applaud you, sir.
  10. Kernel Kraken

    The Dungeons & Dragons Thread

    Then we can put it in forum games or a private chat.
  11. Kernel Kraken

    The Dungeons & Dragons Thread

    Halfling rogue, level 1. I gotta find the character sheet, but I know it has like +7 stealth and not much else going for it. It's a bit OP for getting past enemies but all the other stats are trash.
  12. Kernel Kraken

    Take the previous sentence, and add to it.

    The man who carries the title of "Jebediah Kerman" is one of the oldest and best kerbonauts, because he had participated in the rescue mission that was required because of a robot malware test on the munar surface.
  13. Kernel Kraken

    The Dungeons & Dragons Thread

    I played it a few times last year during lunch hour. A friend bought a starter kit and we never got to finish. Eventually he just stopped bringing it. What if we made a thread for a forum wide game of DnD? That'd be cool.
  14. Kernel Kraken

    Rate the User above you's Location

    4/10, the 'Add K to every word' joke is like repeatedly shooting a dead horse with an A-10 Warthog.