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  1. I don't know.... It will really depends on the quality of KSP 2.
  2. Good to see all these future improvements !
  3. I notice that we have a clear confirmation of clouds over Kerbin and colour switch of parts : at least red blue white, black (or perhaps metal) and metal.
  4. Many interesting details. I think most of the launch effect will only be visual and will have no change on the gameplay. I would be surprise to have cryogenic tank to manage. I hope it will be possible to build colonies on Kerbin, since it will be possible to have VAB buildings it should be possible to build our own KSC elsewhere....
  5. Can't wait to ruin my social life.... Interesting there is will a colony builder and we will not be limited to flat terrain....
  6. Launch of the Heritage Spaceship its mission is to explore Duna and bring back courageous kerbonauts ! Second stage to orbit and fairing opening. Since the spaceship was quite large and the launch dangerous I decided to bring the crew with a different mission. Time to go nuclear ! It's a long trip to Duna... After a communication satellite deployment a dedicated lander with science experiments, rover and ground installation land on Duna with the complete Heritage crew. Strange and beautiful sunset of Duna Duna ground activities. Time to return home after a long and successful mission (well actually the rover has been destroyed in a rock collision and the communication satellite lost). I'm happy to have finish this mission, I was expecting to make it for a long time.
  7. Just the idea to keep motor active at a low output give a kind of suspension effect, thank you for this idea ! I was searching for something like that =D
  8. Hello little crater ! There are some interesting features on Mun.
  9. I'm testing a 30t rover on the mun with a rocker bogie configuration. It works extremely well, I can easily move in the sharp borders of craters.
  10. The monolith is not a large landing area.... I'm testing rocker-bogie for a large rover with Mun exploration in mind. It works very well in general. The only problem comes with jumps... And big jumps are common on the Mun
  11. Training myself to precision landing with my insect...
  12. I made a small chopper drone with robotic arm, the small electric motors are enough to make it fly. Now I have to learn to land it gently...
  13. I also have an extension failure error message... I'm trying to re-install the game.
  14. So many new possibilities for explosions =D