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  1. Urus28

    Show off your drawings!

    After the sketch time for the final picture... The actual size is very large (more than 20Mpix) and ready to be printed in its full glory
  2. Urus28

    Show off your drawings!

    I'm working on a mechanical shark picture. I'm in the early construction step with general design and composition. For that I generally do drawings and sketches. I still have to work on the background, colour balance, deformations and construct the picture with pieces of photographies (I want to make it photomanip). I think this picture is already quite fun.
  3. Urus28

    Lunar Eclipse right now

    Great after several days of infernal heat now is the only day with strong could cover.... I tried to move to other places the sky is blocked everywhere in my area.
  4. Urus28

    Do you jettison heat shields?

    Depends of the mission actually. For a return on Kerbin I don't jettison heat schield, for other planets I will jettison.
  5. Urus28

    What did you do in KSP today?

    I tried building a mobile workshop with mining capabilities for Munar exploration. Unfortunately the rover is too heavy and can't sustain the stress of my usual rover test.
  6. Urus28

    Scientific method in KSP

    Yes, I'm using DM magic science instruments, surface experiments and scansat, they are all great add-on and they are all going in the direction I like. I would just like to go one step further and be able to build new scientific experiments using toolbox and with a more global purpose in the game. =) I will try to take a look on that =)
  7. Urus28

    Scientific method in KSP

    My dream is to have it similar to a rocket construction where you have to find the best compromise. A science experiment would study some kind of specific area (captor parts) with a certain precision (specific antenna parts) that would require data treatment (onboard computer parts) and protection against exterior conditions (temperature, radiation, vibrations...). For sure the mission builder is probably the most efficient way to start with a campaign on a science theory, I will take a look on that side.
  8. I'm always a little bit disappointed about the way science works in KSP and in many games. It's mainly seen as a way to gather points to buy new technologies. In term of gameplay it works but we are not really speaking about science. What about trying to introduce real science in a game ? I mean the way of doing science. I think KSP can be an excellent game for that. Going back to the scientific method works : we first have an observation, going to a theory, making a prediction, then you build an experience to make a new observation that will confirm or not the theory. Observation : obviously it's what we are already doing in KSP we send probes and kerbals on different bodies to make a mesurement Theory : here we have nothing in the game but I think we can solve the problem by using labs, scientific in a lab propose a theory after studying data Making a prediction : I think we can use this step to create some kind of contracts for the next step. Build an experiment : here I would like to be able to build scientific instruments in the game just like we are building rockets, in real life this part is as important as building the rocket I think we can find some game mechanic to make this part of the game interesting. There are many areas in science that could be used to build campaigns of scientific exploration : - life on kerbin and in kerbol system : how does life come to be ? What is life ? - history of the kerbol system - climate study and understanding : obviously this will limit missions to planet with an atmosphere - general physics and gravity ..... In real life science progress by showing that a theory failed at explaining a phenomenon. A new theory comes and a new cycle begin and at the end remains theories that can't be broken. This can be used as a progression in the scientific game. I'm not a programmer, I have no idea of how to put such kind of thing into the game, but I would be happy to help if someone wants to build an add-on for KSP at least by giving ideas, crazy theories and proposition of game mechanic. What do you think about it ?
  9. Urus28

    What are the worst mistakes you've made in KSP?

    My biggest mistake was to start the game.
  10. Urus28

    Thread to complain bout stuff

    I know that, but most of the time you have to go in justice to expect some money and that means several years of procedure. Maybe it will be possible to find some solution without having to go in justice.
  11. Urus28

    Thread to complain bout stuff

    It's not in my style to complaint... But... I'm furious about my situation, I bought a flat several month ago. Today I received a call from the seller telling me that the program for the building is cancelled, the flat will never be constructed. So I lost one year waiting for a construction start while the guys was telling that everything was normal and just a little bit delayed. No real money lost in this operation but I'm furious.
  12. Urus28

    What game mode do you prefer?

    I like to have a progression in a game so I play career.
  13. Urus28

    How did you choose your profile picture?

    The tungsten wire on this picture is about 100µm of diameter, it's about the same diameter than a human hair. It's rather large for a SEM observation. But in lamps you can also observe structure of few micrometers and less. The finest things I observed were at the edge of the microscope resolution : few nanometers.
  14. Urus28

    How did you choose your profile picture?

    It's a filament from a lamp. The filament has bee partially melt due to lightening under vibrations.
  15. Urus28

    How did you choose your profile picture?

    You're right I will change that.... Now I have to find something... So my profile pictures is a SEM micrography I made, I think it fits well with the scientific aspect of KSP =)