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  1. Interesting set of contracts. =) My suggestion would be to add plane contracts on other planets with an atmosphere, perhaps with electric motors for Duna and Eve.
  2. I will try to make a mission to Dres, I want to explore its vast canyon with a big rover, I did it in the pas on Mun but Dres seems to be far more challenging
  3. I really like this pool, I always try the crossing capabilities of my rovers in it But it would be a good idea to have a proper rover test track near the KSC....
  4. I performed an ambitious mission to Eve ! Departure from Kerbin and arrival in Eve system. Deployment phase of the mission, one synchronous communication relay satellite and bombing of Eve with the lander part. The propulsion stage has been put in a polar orbit for various scanning. My lander was made of three parts : one static analysis station, one small classic rover for short range exploration and one flying drone for long range operation and atmospheric analysis. The small rover was also a backup for my flying drone in case of accident.
  5. I'm not sure they are so ancient.... After all kerbals continue to sacrifice rocket and kerbonauts to these planets
  6. I had to perform some maintenance on my space station.... The probe core was missing. Hopefully the new KSP version allows to correct such mistakes ! =D
  7. From the list SCANSAT Restock and restock+ Transfer window planner Kerbal alarm clock Docking alignment indicator chatterer I also use : Simple fuel switch for more liberty with tanks RCS build aid Precise editor, very important for me to have numeric values of part positions to have something really precise
  8. Valentina was jealous of Jeb last plane.... So I had to build her a better plane. The black tail shark is a savage beast ready to eat everyone on the KSC ! I'm quite proud of it ^^
  9. I'm playing with small planes, roughly 1.5t easy to fly without SAS and with good details.
  10. First rover on Duna on my new carreer !
  11. I made a mission to measure some seismic activities in mountainous areas. So I decided to a plane with a small rover to reach difficult areas. The mission went pretty well until the rover crash in the mountains breaking the docking port and few other stuff.
  12. As you can see it's mainly darker in dark areas... Since I'm using reflective textures they often reflect the black space making them darker than in the original game.
  13. You are right it's astronomer visual pack, I also use texture unlimited with Magpie textures and planetshine. My screenshots are also treated with Photoshop for an even better aspect so the actual result in game is a little bit different (in general darker).
  14. The administration building and this feature in general. The only I have for it is the pool when fully upgrade... I'm testing rovers in it.
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