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  1. The Horrifying Implications of the Kerbin Crater

    I always find these discussions interesting. A great addition to KSP would be to have some real data from science experiment in game to confirm some theories. I'm quite sure this has always been suggested for the game.
  2. So what song is stuck in your head today?

    This song always makes me smile
  3. Most Kerbal thing you have ever heard of in real life

    Clearly not the most kerbal but still kerbal style. Vertical take off with booster for a F104
  4. Most Kerbal thing you have ever heard of in real life

    Awesome crane stagging
  5. Most Kerbal thing you have ever heard of in real life

    The PLUTO missile, a nuclear powered missile large as a train flying at supersonic speed at sea level. Able to kill just by the supersonic blast, cover the land with radioactive waste and design to launch nuclear bombs (just in case)...
  6. What's Your Definition of "Rocket" ?

    I would say a flying device relying more on its engine thrust than lift to fly.
  7. What did you do in KSP today?

    You need these mods : I'm using them too and the result is always very impressive !
  8. What did you do in KSP today?

    This was a busy month at my KSC with 3 missions arriving at destination within two weeks. I have now constellations of satellites around Moho, Duna and Dres. It's the first time I visit Dres and Moho ! Each mission is made of 4 satellites, one communication and 3 observation : one biome scanner, one ore scanner and an radar altimeter. All satellites have been placed in polar orbit.
  9. China museum uses ksp on official poster

    Ok, I was not aware of that. =)
  10. What did you do in KSP today?

    Actually nothing exceptional just housekeeping in my space station. But I can't resist to share some screenshots with Texture unlimited. I really like the effect of this mod ! Congratulations to all people involved in this project, you really made my day !
  11. China museum uses ksp on official poster

    On my side I heard the KSP music in a cooking TV show
  12. Show off your drawings!

    I made this one with my old photoshop 6.0. The picture use was an CFM 56 I shot during a Paris Air show, the rest is made with my tablet. It's actually an old picture I made it 2005. I no more making picture this style, but it was suited to the thread I think =)
  13. Show off your drawings!

    Ok, technically not a drawing, just an old photo composition.
  14. New Years 2017/2018 Megathread

    Happy new year, France =)