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  1. Hey guys, I know I saw an answer to this here, but that was already some time ago, what multiplier does BDB use to get it’s KSP size?
  2. Hey guys, just a quick question for Cobalt, are there going to be C-8 parts? If not, it’s pretty confusing it’s on the ‘officialy unofficial’ wiki, and it would be good to notify Friznit. But man, C-8 and maybe DA Apollo would be crazy, don’t you think?
  3. Hey guys, is it possible to attach heavier parts on EVA? I want to attach a Tantares solar panel to my Mir core module, but it’s too heavy
  4. Is this currently compatible with RSS/RO, or do we have to stick with RealPlume for some time?
  5. Not Tantares, but I think TantaresLV does Does anyone know about a manual I could use to assemble the mir modules? The craft files provided just don’t seem right (for example, the core module is missing a rear docking port).
  6. Hey all! I don't know if anyone else has this bug, but the N1 tanks and engines have pitch black textures and the config names, not english names that the player should see. The same thing happens with what looks like a VA escape tower, just without the black textures. KSP Version 1.10.1, installed the newest version thru CKAN.
  7. Hey guys, sorry if anyone already asked, but how do I make RO patches for part mods?
  8. I tried both with link and without link (i have a 5 level pilot, they should be able to create them), and still nothing.
  9. I would definitely love to see some bases, those from For All Mankind and maybe some that were planned IRL?
  10. Hey there! I recently started a new modded science save. The important mods I have are BDB and Research bodies, because those are the ones not working/involved in the problem. All mods are up-to-date thanks to CKAN. Full list can be found here (1.8.1):https://pastebin.com/QD8Hu25f Log: https://uloz.to/file/hirgc6qPuvLu/player-log (Note this is a czech website, you might be unfamiliar with. Don't worry, it's safe.) What I did before and might help in reproduction of the bug: Build Sarnus V with MEM and Kane block II from BDB, fly it to the mun and crash the MEM there, go to KSC, try to make a manuever node. If someone knows a solution, please let me know. I also don't have the mod research bodies in my gamedata folder, I'll try to solve that tommorow.
  11. In what state is this mod currently? I have it installed for RO, but for example the docking mechanism is non ro and i can’t change textures on other things than the cockpit.
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