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  1. Hello, how can i install 1.0 or 1.1 for BGE?
  2. Hello, i installed kopernicus so i must use 1.7.1. BGE is not working on this version for me. Why? I thought it's made for 1.7.1.
  3. Hello, i built a strongback using hinges i think. It wiggles all around, that's the problem. I made a video showing the problem. Sorry for watermark.
  4. Even tho RSS is showing 1.6.1, it might be functional on latest kopernicus version. The only problem is that it’s companion and other dependent mods might not function on 1.7.
  5. I get “locked” status, meaning i got totally no control. I just found that it’s the same on all rockets.
  6. Hello, i built etoh with slenno that is now standing on modded LC-19. Altho, my controls are locked. How can i solve this?
  7. It’s nice to add support for RN. Only thing is, the pad itself is the right size, but the clamps have diameter for smaller rockets if i add boosters to my R7.
  8. Thanks. Also, do you plan to make a node on R7 engines to support modular launch pads?
  9. MacOS seems not to allow me to open it. It just hops on the hotbar but doesn’t open.
  10. Hello. I downloaded ckan.dmg for my macbook air (high sierra) and it says that it needs to be updated (the ckan app). Can someone do something with this please?
  11. Hello. I built a sputnik 1 in RSS/RO (1.6.1) and using mechjeb to fly. After decoupling the boosters, the core doesn’t gimbal on yaw. How can i solve this?