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  1. This one isn’t really doing it for me. Keeping the old models while adding super-busy textures is not a good combination. The FL-A10 is the only one that looks alright, and it’s still a bit busy-looking. And while we’re here, the variant names need a go-over. The ‘white’ variant of the ADTP-2-3 has black stripes on it, while the ‘black and white’ variant on the FL-A10 is in fact grey and white.
  2. RealKerbal3x

    Rephrase the scentence above!

    Grey krypton.
  3. It's literally just sound files. As long as Chatterer itself works on 1.5.x (IIRC it does) this should work fine.
  4. RealKerbal3x

    Kerbal Space Program Update 1.5 Grand Discussion thread

    Some people have weak computers and can’t run visual mods. It would make more sense to have them toggleable.
  5. @Waz I'm a little confused as to how I'm supposed to install EVE configs, specifically the Para-Sci atmosphere pack. In the OP, it says to replace the sample 'BoulderCo' config folder with the one from the pack, but as far as I can see there is no 'BoulderCo' folder in the latest release's ZIP file. Am I just being dense? Many thanks
  6. RealKerbal3x

    Really Really Really Tall Building

    Floor 5014: A giant space amoeba.
  7. True. Although I think when we talk about KSP 2.0 we mean ‘KSP 2’.
  8. RealKerbal3x

    [1.4.X] KS3P

    This looks awesome....but I am a bit confused... @The White Guardian is this just for making screenshots look better or is it just visual enhancements for the game in general?
  9. RealKerbal3x

    Does personality affect the kerbal?

    I guess they like the shiny flames.
  10. RealKerbal3x

    Ask the Mods questions about the Forums!

    On mobile, often if you tag someone and select their name from the list it sends you all the way back up to the top of the page. It's really annoying
  11. RealKerbal3x

    [1.3.0] Kerbal Engineer Redux (2017-05-28)

    @cybutek is no longer maintaining this mod. Ask @jrbudda instead. And yes, this is a great suggestion!
  12. RealKerbal3x

    Google Picture War RELOADED

    Not sure what that is, but I'm sure a lovely SUPERNOVA can destroy it.
  13. RealKerbal3x

    Ban the user above you!

    Banned for rounding.
  14. RealKerbal3x

    Really Really Really Tall Building

    5012: You see the Kraken hit Bop at several thousand kilometres per second, before being pulled to the next floor by the USS Enterprise's tractor beam.