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  1. RealKerbal3x

    Stock Boeing Pelican, *HUGE AIRCRAFT*

    That is a mahoosive plane. What FPS SPF do you get?
  2. RealKerbal3x

    Say a phrase, and complete it

    cheese Colour or _____?
  3. RealKerbal3x

    Rate the location....

    In my sorting pit Where even is that? 6/10
  4. RealKerbal3x

    Ban the user above you!

    Banned for banning @guesswho2778, who is obviously a total legend.
  5. RealKerbal3x

    Say a phrase, and complete it

    life Oh no, not _____
  6. RealKerbal3x


    You can make it!! Surely as an extra challenge, you should bring the buggy back to KSC too!
  7. RealKerbal3x

    KSP Weekly: Mapping with Magellan

    To be honest, they might be. Remember the build-up to 1.4 and Making History? SQUAD teased the revamped 2.5m fuel tanks in KSP Weekly, but they turned out to be slightly better than advertised when they were finally released.
  8. RealKerbal3x

    KSP Weekly: Mapping with Magellan

    @SQUAD the new Mk1 Pod IVA looks fantastic, as does the new white variant. Good job on those probe cores too. Keep it up! EDIT: I just noticed the WARNING: HATCH MAY OPEN detailing
  9. RealKerbal3x

    How famous are you?

    9/10 I read your fanfics!!
  10. RealKerbal3x

    The food you're craving right now...

    Nutella. Mmmmmm.
  11. RealKerbal3x

    Derail this Thread

    Star Trek is better than Star Wars.
  12. RealKerbal3x

    [FORUM GAME] Rate the avatar of the person above you.

    7/10 Penguins are nice.
  13. RealKerbal3x

    Ban the user above you!

    Banned for being a suicidal maniac.
  14. RealKerbal3x

    The user below me...

    You are correct sir!! How did you know? TUBM is in school right now.
  15. RealKerbal3x


    If you have a sizeable bump on grass, isn’t it just a small hill rather than a dune? I think it’s only a dune when it’s on sand. But you are almost there! Yoo can doo eet!!