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  1. It's still possible but the box you have to hit to get to that link looks smaller than before.
  2. Hopefully not, I doubt anyone here wants SpaceX to turn into Boeing 2.0. Some people on the NSF forum have noted that they seem to consistently have more issues with new boosters vs flight-proven ones. If true, it goes a long way to prove rocket reusability as a solid concept.
  3. @CardZLol How much memory (RAM) does your computer have, and how much storage space? It seems to me like KSP is taking up all of your RAM, and then asking for more, forcing your computer to temporarily allocate some of your storage space to be used as virtual memory. As far as I know KSP has a bit of an issue where it uses more and more memory over time, so that would explain why you see more and more of your storage being taken for use as extra RAM. Since you said that removing all of your mods didn't help, I would try uninstalling and reinstalling the game just to be sure. If that doesn
  4. "Nice plastic mock-up! Here's our flight-proven vehicle!"
  5. I'm now using @HebaruSan's Stylish dark theme and it's much easier on the eyes, although it does make some elements a bit harder to see. Now that I can look at the new theme on my PC, I can say that I still prefer the old version. This new update makes the forum look a tiny little bit sleeker at the expense of some useful little features.
  6. @Star-Eagle yeah, there was an update, and I'm not really much of a fan. Full discussion in this thread:
  7. Yeah, you can see them painting the nosecone at the end of this video: But where did you see that they're painting SN5 white as well? I don't see any sign of that.
  8. There's definitely some complex plumbing going on around the thrust dome. Obviously there's the big CH4 (I just realised you can do subscript/superscript ) downcomer coming through the centre of the LOX tank, but there's also the smaller downcomer from the LOX header, and it all has to feed into the engines. It'll get even more complex when we see Starships with RVacs. I have mad respect for these engineers Also:
  9. I don't know. We've seen the stump of the LOX header's downcomer on the forward bulkhead, so we know it at least runs through the CH4 tank, but beyond that I don't know if that line runs through the LOX tank or just empties into it instead. Seeing as propellant needs to flow from the header tanks to the engines even if the main tanks are empty, I'd guess it's the former but since we don't have official schematics of that area we can't know for sure.
  10. I was wondering about that, they're going to need to be able to restart the engines mid-flight. Simulating it with a static fire would be a good idea.
  11. Most likely, unless something was amiss with the static fire and they need to do it again.
  12. A few pics from yesterday of SN8's nosecone (credit @Nomadd on the NSF forum)
  13. Yeah, I think that camera is a little overexposed.
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