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  1. The elephant in the room here is EVAs - if Dragon docks to Hubble via the port that's already there, there's no way for the crew to do an EVA unless the side hatch is modified to be capable of opening in space. I believe crewed flights can't carry anything in the trunk because of launch abort COM concerns, but I can see a way around that by installing the airlock atop F9 Stage 2 (rather than attached to the inside of the trunk) and doing a transposition and docking maneuver a la Apollo after launch to retrieve it.
  2. Looks like we've got some dual booster test campaign action to look forward to!
  3. Good launch, Photon and the payload are now coasting
  4. So, production at the Cape might begin sooner than we think...
  5. No worries there, I'll certainly be following along with Buffalo 2 until release! (Especially excited to play with tiltrotors again, it's been a while since I last did that with the original Buffalo)
  6. @Angel-125 Just dropping in to say how awesome this is, Buffalo has never looked so good! This is probably a long shot given that you're planning to retire from KSP1 modding soon, but any chance we could see Heisenberg's Bison get a similar revamp? Would be fantastic knowing how good the DSEV refit turned out, but if you have too much on your plate already do ignore me. Whatever happens, I'm really looking forward to seeing your modding adventures in KSP2
  7. I'm launching Orion using Starship and there's nothing any of you can do to stop me For real though, my potato PC really doesn't do this mod justice. I've had a lot of fun playing around with it, so I'll add to the chorus: Many thanks for making this, Benjee!
  8. At least as far as I can see, there's no way you're going to make any kind of profit from settling Mars in the near (or maybe even far) future. So, you have two possible justifications: Doing it to 'make life multiplanetary' Doing it because it would be awesome The first certainly holds some water as a 'backup' for life on Earth, but any base on Mars will probably be the equivalent of an Antarctic research outpost until everyone on this forum is long gone. Anything approaching a city is a long, long way away, and a self-sustaining one even further. So, instead, I think we should be attempting to settle Mars not for any particular practical purpose, but because it would undoubtedly be the greatest challenge humans have ever faced. If we can prove that we can live on Mars, chances are that we can live anywhere in the solar system. That, to me, is exciting in a way that remaining confined to Earth could never be. The vast majority of our resources will, as they should, be spent here on Earth solving the predicament we've got ourselves into. But as for what the other 1% or so should be spent on, I think no one puts it better than SpaceX themselves: It's certainly not a rational desire, and maybe it was born out of reading too much science fiction, but it really just boils down to something very simple - I think humans colonising other worlds would just be the coolest thing ever.
  9. While parts like the MEM and the service modules really only have one use, I've found that most of the Making History parts have plenty of uses outside historical recreations. The 1.875m and 5m tanks are just as modular as any set of tanks in the base game, the Wolfhound and Skiff are great for efficient upper stages, and the spherical re-entry modules work out nicely as compact but crew-dense command pods. There are some balance issues of course, but if you treat the parts like anything in the base game, rather than limiting yourself to using them for recreations, they're a nice expansion to the standard parts catalogue.
  10. The cheat menu is a pathway to abilities some consider... unnatural.
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