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  1. Yeah, if I remember correctly it's meant to do a 2km hop, which will require the fairing. However, it's possible that if SN5 survives its 150m hop, they'll give it a fairing for the 2km hop and let SN6 do the first 20km bellyflop.
  2. Just find your Kerbal Space Program folder, right click, click 'copy', navigate to a different folder, and right click to paste.
  3. @Probus That's a LEGO Saturn V, but it looks like they're selling it preassembled, maybe.
  4. More likely just another planet. Another solar system would probably be stepping on the toes of KSP2.
  5. I always go to the Mun first, out of habit. Despite Minmus being easier to land on, I feel like there's a progression from Mun to Minmus - once you've got landing on the Mun down, you should have no problem landing on Minmus - but now you've got to worry about Minmus' inclined orbit.
  6. That suit is available as an EVA suit through the suit picker. It's just a variant of the standard suit. I do second the motion that it should be able to switch IVA suits as well though. Maybe I'll open a bug tracker ticket for that.
  7. I'm thinking the mystery dome is either for another test tank (probably SN8) or for a full Starship vehicle, possibly SN9 (since we've already seen a thrust section and downcomer).
  8. Agreed, better launch clamps that can be used for proper launch towers would be a fantastic addition. And while we're on the topic of launch clamps, they really need a visual redo. I mean, look at them...
  9. @Just Jim @Oraldo revak I just finished watching and I'm blown away. Chills the whole way through, it's a masterpiece I cannot wait for the next instalment