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  1. I was hesitant to install MOLE because I didn't think I needed it, but now I think I should. Those new parts look awesome. Also, just a nitpick Your Soyuz first stage core is a little should be a smaller diameter where the boosters are mounted. (also, check out this website, it's got 3d models of pretty much every rocket - it's an excellent resource).
  2. Realistic Progression 1. It's basically a mod for Realism Overhaul/Real Solar System players that adds realistic career progression.
  3. Flight Results Outcome: Catastrophic Failure! [00:00:00]: Liftoff! [00:00:02]: Separation of stage 1 confirmed. [00:00:05]: Mike Hughes went on EVA. [00:00:08]: Mike Hughes collided into Terrain. [00:00:08]: Mike Hughes was killed.
  4. I'm guessing Q3 2020 - hopefully the new-studio shakeup hasn't delayed things too much.
  5. Okay, this looks like a pretty cool game. I have many questions... Are you planning on early access? What sort of price are you thinking about? What are the system requirements (i.e, can my potato run it?)? I will be following this
  6. As I expected, SN1 is coming together quickly.
  7. Wow, finally some news! I'm really looking forward to this game now...loads of cool footage in that video too!
  8. Yeah, some of the S-IVBs went into heliocentric orbit, and some were deliberately crashed into the Moon to calibrate the seismometers that the astronauts put on the surface.
  9. The article says it's biopropane, so yeah.
  10. I really, really like building and using reusable, easily reconfigurable hardware. That way, I can use it for multiple missions while keeping the cost down.
  11. @Hotel26 The Mun has a fairly low mass, but it'd still probably be best to stage your ships from low orbit to benefit from the Oberth effect. I would build an interplanetary transfer station in LKO, though. Launching from the Mun just makes it harder, as you'll have to line up the position of the Mun with your ejection angle, while still remaining in the transfer window.
  12. @gentlemale Are you playing in career or science mode? If so, you may not have unlocked the robotics yet.