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  1. Mun is sometimes spelled with an umlaut (ü), so it's likely the character getting messed up during forum software updates over the years.
  2. No. The FAA is going through their normal process for approving launches from a new site, which has always been a long process with a lot of paperwork. They're working on it, but the government usually doesn't work three shifts 24/7 like SpaceX does. Besides, Starship is in no way a competitor for SLS. Both vehicles will literally be working together to put humans back on the Moon as part of Artemis. A government conspiracy to slow Starship down so that SLS can 'win the race' wouldn't make any sense.
  3. The particular canyon I landed in is near the equator at the edge of one of the big craters. It's enormous and visible from low orbit so you shouldn't miss it if you pay attention.
  4. This is cursed beyond any definition of the word and I hope to the Kraken that the flaps won't be quite as far forward as this.
  5. It's definitely the other way around, referencing video games isn't on the engineers' radar. KSP, on the other hand, references a lot of real life spacecraft designs, and the octo-shaped probe cores is probably an example of that.
  6. These are RBoosts, they're incompatible with S20. Besides, we've already seen S20's Raptors, not sure where they're hanging out at the moment but there are certainly three engines designated for use on it.
  7. I reckon these are either destined for B5 or as replacements for B4.
  8. Launch in early 2022 is looking more and more likely.
  9. Thank you so much @UomoCapra, and good luck! May the planets always be aligned in your favour
  10. This. The train of thought here seems to be 'lots of engines = bad' Starship was not built with 1960s Soviet technology. It does not use single-use engines that cannot be static fired before launch. It does not have a poorly programmed flight computer. If you're going to criticise SpaceX, go ahead, but consider that their engineers just might know what they're doing
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