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  1. We’ll still be getting 1.8, since that has been announced but not released yet. Beyond that, we’ve no idea what direction updates are going to take.
  2. I’m looking forward to multiplayer. It’ll be interesting to see how it’s implemented, and it’ll be fun to play with my brother like we always do with Minecraft. I used to be a bit of a cynic of KSP multiplayer before KSP 2 was announced, but now it’s been confirmed and we can put an end to people constantly begging the developers to ‘add multiplayer’, I’m excited for it.
  3. Yes, I should have said ‘shouldn’t’. It’s very annoying how the term has come to be associated with Windows. I’m a Windows user, but I’d still feel sorry for Mac/Linux users if KSP2 is only available for Windows. I do think it’d be a major missed opportunity by Private Division if they don’t release on Mac and Linux as well.
  4. Because it probably is... Offtopic, but...whyyyy did you change your avatar? I can’t recognise you at a glance anymore!
  5. Luckily, it will indeed be moddable. Source (scroll to near the bottom).
  6. ‘PC’ doesn’t mean ‘Windows computer’. It means ‘personal computer’. If KSP2 only supports Windows, then they should have specified - instead, they just said it was for PCs. I’d assume that covers Windows, MacOS, and Linux. Plus, why would they exclude Mac and Linux users from playing KSP2? A lot of KSP players use those platforms, and I reckon a lot of them want to play KSP2. From the perspective of making money, it would be in Private Division/Star Theory’s best interests to ensure that the new game works on all of the platforms that the old one does.
  7. Despite my worries about my potato computer bursting into flames when I try to run the new game, my hype levels have reached extreme. I’ll take a ticket, @GregroxMun. Good to see you back in that engine
  8. I’m going to keep playing KSP 1 alongside the new game for a while at least. I have so many mods and other stuff that’s going to take some time to reach KSP 2.
  9. Oh. My. Goodness. I’ve always thought that KSP just needed to start over to fix some of its problems, and this looks like a fine way to do just that. Colonies, interstellar travel, multiplayer, enhanced graphics OH MY! My only worry is that the system requirements have increased enough for my old laptop to be a sobbing puddle on the floor...can we have any input on this @UomoCapra?
  10. @damonvv Any chance you could make a Near Future Props version of Rodan’s IVA, for those of us using computers not beefy enough to run MAS IVAs?
  11. At least they got the stream going this time...I never want to hold again...