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  1. SN12 is getting scrapped, seems like they're definitely skipping right to SN15:
  2. @king of nowhere Without trying your craft myself, I'd say at least part of the problem is lack of control authority. As far as I can tell, the only part on your craft providing control is the tiny reaction wheel in the probe core at the top - you're lifting off on SRBs that don't have gimbal control, and the fins you're using are fixed and can't contribute to control. Since you don't want to use the Rhino when lifting off, I'd recommend adding some larger moving fins.
  3. The meaningless green number under my profile picture just reached a big round number!
  4. Scrub for Transporter-1 due to weather.
  5. I'll add to the welcome, @LogKyles! It's good to have you here on the best community on the internet
  6. @Arugela This is a good video on why moving even the tiniest moon is really hard:
  7. I'm currently studying physics, maths and computer science. The aim is to be an aerospace engineer. It's difficult but I think I'm getting there.
  8. Kopernicus is only the framework that makes planet mods work, for the planets you mention you specifically need the Outer Planets Mod.
  9. Things are constantly changing and current information suggests they're not even going to land Super Heavy with legs anymore. As Damon said, best to wait for some official info.
  10. In this dev diary post they did talk about how they were making explosions better (as well as other VFX), but nothing about terrain deformation or anything like that. I agree though, deformable terrain would be pretty cool, even if it wasn't persistent. If it was persistent though, the system could lend itself to other applications such as more immersive mining or surface levelling for base/colony building.
  11. Isn't that only with part test contracts? I don't remember ever getting a space station/base/satellite contract that required me to have a specific part before I unlocked that part.
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