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  1. @jimmymcgoochie please don’t paste whole log files into your post - it causes issues, especially for mobile users. Link them from somewhere like google drive or dropbox.
  2. Do we have any idea when the Dragon IFA test is meant to happen yet?
  3. I did. All of the More Servos parts are featureless grey in 1.8.1. I can't speak for the SLOTH, because I don't use it.
  4. @damonvv @JadeOfMaar I've been trying for a while, but I can't seem to get Starship's shiny metal finish to work. I made sure that my copies of both the TE beta and TU were up to date, and made sure that all of the reflections were turned on in the settings, but the ship is still shiny black instead of shiny metal. I'm not sure what it is I'm doing wrong - is there an add-on pack for TU that I need to download, or do I need to force OpenGL for it to work?
  5. Usually free school laptops are Chromebooks, or something similar. They’re not good for much except web browsing
  6. I’m just sad that they don’t plan to reuse the capsules. The design just screams ‘REUSE MEEEEEE’. Propulsive landing would have been epic too, but that’s not going to happen either
  7. I love LEGO. I have the Saturn V, as well as a few Technic models, because they’re cool. I just wish they made Star Trek sets as well...
  8. I built an SLS complete with Orion spacecraft, despite my I'll-believe-it-when-I-see-it attitude towards that particular rocket... The fancy plumes are from Realplume. I highly recommend it, because its plumes are far superior to the stock ones. Big shout out to @Zorg for keeping it maintained! I even created the ICPS, with its multitude of struts. Moar fancy plumes! Hullo Mun! Back home safe.
  9. Heeeey! The KSP Challenges are back! I'll probably pass on this one, since I've done countless Apollo-style missions already, but it's good to see them return!
  10. Sadly it's cloudy (as normal) over here in the UK And there go the sats!
  11. If they could have just delayed five minutes, I would have been able to see it live At least I'll be able to see SES-2 and payload deployment. Well, whatever. That was a flawless launch and booster landing. Sad that they didn't recover the fairing...
  12. Actually, I believe it’s not available through those means anymore, but it’s still in the game files. Look under Squad/zDeprecated (it’ll be somewhere in there), and move it to Squad/Parts/Command (or something like that) and you should be able to use it.
  13. Could you possibly direct me to that download? I've never used TU before so I don't really know what I'm doing - when I installed TU all of the Starship parts were a shiny black instead of silver.