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  1. What did you do in KSP today?

    @Kronus_Aerospace I think you have an addiction to Spark engines. You should go and buy one of those breath spray things that people get to quit smoking
  2. @awsumindyman I know but my laptop doesn’t have much memory and I can’t just fill it up with KSP stuff— I need it for other things as well
  3. KSP Weekly: Under the surface of Titan

    Shut up and take my funds!!!!!!!
  4. What did you do in KSP today?

    I love how people get a game about space exploration and immediately start building pineapples, trebuchets and Tie fighters
  5. What did you do in KSP today?

    Today I miserably failed at putting a shuttle into orbit. The mission: STS-2. The premise was to put my first space station, POLAB (which stands for Polar Orbiting LABoratory.... a proper NASA-style acronym) into orbit. The station is small: it is put into orbit in one launch. The initial ascent went a bit sloppily, with me kind of straying off the north vector. During the first orbit insertion burn, I ended up passing up the apoapsis a couple of times. The shuttle’s external tank ran dry with an apoapsis of 107 km and a periapsis of 40 km. Damn. Then I timewarped too far (I hit the . instead of the /, dangit) and passed my apoapsis. Kerbal Engineer reported that I had 9 m/s of delta-V. Only nine. I think KER is glitching out. Annoyed, I tried to reload a quicksave I made after SRB sep. Shift-F1. What was weird was that A: the game would not let me quickload and B: pressing Shift throttled me up and brought my delta-V down to 7 m/s, but it did not put a dent in my fuel. Weird. I reverted to launch because I knew that I could not get to orbit now. One of the things that I have learned while playing KSP is if something is annoying you, go and do something else. So I worked on my expendable crew vehicle, the Aries. I finished building it and did an abort test, which went well. I don’t know what I’ll do tomorrow. Most probably I’ll do the first Aries CTV mission to LKO. But I don’t know.
  6. So what song is stuck in your head today?

    One of the jazzy tunes from the VAB. Probably because I'm listening to it right now, 100% volume in my headphones........
  7. Question: I bought KSP on Will the DLC will be available there, and if so, how do I download it?
  8. *Fails to land space shuttle at KSC* Me: How am I gonna land on target? *Finds this mod* Me: Yay! Open CKAN! *Installs version 1.7.3* Me: Cool! Let's go and watch youtube or something! *Finds version 2.0 on forums* At least I worked out how to update mods on CKAN.
  9. My shuttle (just like the real NASA one) has a separate OMS system and main engines. The OMS engines use separate fuel, so I don't know if that's the issue. But thanks for trying The Trajectories mod looks really helpful actually. Since I don't actually have a hardcore gaming computer (the MET clock is yellow most of the time for me) I don't want to have too many mods, but I can probably make an exception.
  10. I have three questions. Not raging at this mod (it's awesome) but question 1: On a shuttle mission I brought 19 tonnes of payload to LKO and still had 345 m/s of delta-V remaining. On the next flight, I brought about 3 and a half tonnes of payload to LKO and only had about 50 m/s of delta-V remaining. Any idea why this is? Question 2: I have flown 3 shuttle missions using this mod so far. The first mission, I de-orbited and had to ditch the shuttle in the ocean about 100 km off KSC. The next mission, I de-orbited wrong again and landed hard in the ocean not far off the east peninsula, destroying my wings and two of the main engines. On the third flight, I followed the landing guide @Pak made, and it was quite helpful, getting me a landing spot in the grasslands west of KSC, about 25 km out. But I want to land on target at the KSC, so where's the best place to deorbit and what's the best way to fly my re-entry and landing? (If it helps, I'm using a slightly modified version of the CA Mk3 Orbiter from KerbalX) Question 3: During the final descent, the shuttle kept wanting to pitch down, despite my attempts to get my vertical speed under 10 metres per second. My vertical speed on landing always ended up being over 15 m/s, enough to break off the wings. I even tried using the RCS and OMS to pull up, but to no joy. Pulling the drogue chute did not help either. How do I make a good, safe landing?? Sorry to be nagging, but I want to make sure that my shuttle works properly and that I can fly it properly.
  11. What did you do in KSP today?

    I keep posting things I did yesterday instead of things I did today. @Xeldrak maybe we should rename this thread to 'What did you do in KSP yesterday?' (joking of course) I was planning to land STS-1 back at KSC, but damn IRL stuff (I swear the rest of my life is only there to stop me playing KSP ) stopped me from playing for that long. Roleplay alert: pretend that bad weather at KSC prevented them from landing. I just designed a new training aircraft, the Lancer. It flies pretty well, and can get up to almost mach 3. But it is too heavy for making a good landing. Also, no pictures. Sorry. Bit of a disappointing KSP-time actually. Wait, I'll find a random screenshot from my folder... There we go..... a pic from my landing on Minmus to keep you happy. Er..... thanks for reading I guess.
  12. What did you do in KSP today?

    Damn.... No screenshots. I guess I pressed Shift-F1 slightly wrong (damn Windows hotkeys, whenever I press F1 it googles 'how to get help in windows 10.) Well, whatever, I'm sure I can describe it just about good enough for you to see it in your head. Today (actually yesterday) I launched STS-1, the first shuttle to carry crew. We managed to get to orbit just fine, and warped round into daylight to deploy the KerboSat 1 payload. Here's when I noticed something weird. On UTP-2, we carried a 19-ton payload into orbit and still had about 350m/s of delta-V remaining, probably enough to perform a rendezvous. But on STS-1, we carried a three and a half ton payload into orbit and only had about 50 m/s remaining. Might be a glitch with Kerbal Engineer. Luckily, once we released the satellite, our delta-V grew to 506m/s. The satellite's booster stage, supposed to get it into a higher orbit, had 4 kilometres per second of delta-V. I could probably send it to Duna or something. Once the satellite had got to its 700km orbit, I positioned it towards the planet to start its 'scanning'. Rather than release the booster stage, I elected to leave it attached, as it could be used for orbital manoevring. Wouldn't want to waste that sweet, sweet delta-V, would we? After that, I switched back to the shuttle to see how they were doing. They seemed happy, and Kelzor even went out on EVA. Then I checked up on the external tank. It re-entered the atmosphere after only one pass, and the re-entry heat was so intense that it blew up the forward tank. Eventually the tank splashed into the ocean and was completely destroyed. Leaving our brave kerbonauts in orbit, I went back to KSC to have a bit of fun flying one of my planes around. Behold... the Planey Plane Mk3! This pic isn't from today, but I just wanted to show you this thing. It's incredibly stable, does all the stunts you want, and can break the sound barrier easily. But I have found a way to trip it up! Simply pull up into a steep climb, then press Q or E to roll. It starts to tumble and spin! If you're high enough, you can pull up and start flying normally again. Have a pic of my Concorde replica as well, because why not. Bye for now!
  13. What did you do in KSP today?

    Service bay: I’m free!!!!! You are on an escape trajectory out of this plane of existence. Also, how is the MET clock only at about one hour? Freaky time.
  14. Show off your awesome KSP pictures!

    He, he, what pics to choose? Space shuttle 'Dislantis' (see what I did there) in orbit. Below: my first Mun landing and my first Minmus landing.
  15. Do you remember your first exposure to KSP?

    I was first exposed to KSP a year or two ago, when I watched kurtjmac's videos on YouTube. The annoying thing was that I didn't actually own a computer at that time, so I (infuriatingly) could not play the game. Fast forward to Christmas 2017, and I actually have a computer that I can play Kerbal on. It's only been a couple of months and I've already landed on the Mun and Minmus and even built a space shuttle.