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  1. HLS announcement confirmed for 4pm EST on Crew-2 press conference stream!
  2. It's Pol, not Puf. I'm pretty sure Puf is the eyeball planet.
  3. They do them every other week, so we'll be waiting until next next Friday.
  4. HLS downselect might be announced today: (I'm hoping for Dynetics and SpaceX)
  5. The celestial bodies in KSP (ie, moons, planets and the Sun) are 'on rails' in terms of physics, meaning that no matter how long you push, you won't be able to shift them. Asteroids and comets are technically parts rather than celestial bodies to enable grabbing them and pushing them around, meaning that they have no gravity. And you don't really 'land' on something with no gravity, it's more like docking. Also, none of the asteroid or comet sizes are anywhere near Gilly's size.
  6. This is a proper deep dive! I love reading about this sort of stuff - maybe I'm just a nerd, but then again, who here isn't?
  7. As has already been established, this guy and his website are full of mulch, but if he wanted to appear a little more credible he could have at least used the metric system.
  8. If they also added altitude/velocity sensors you would essentially be able to set up an autopilot, which would be awesome.
  9. Out of hold now, New Shepard high-altitude flight test in 10 mins
  10. Didn't they disable chat? I'm not seeing it on my stream.
  11. Wen hop I think I'm overusing this joke, help
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