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  1. Je m'excuse du retard, elle est à moitié corriger. Mais la personne qui s'en occupe, prends son temps.... Malheureusement... Mon objectif est dans la semaine, mais ça ne dépends pas que de moi.
  2. Thank you, that's actually my 10th cinematics, I gathered experiences and skill all along to be able to do "Mirror". Good luck with your cinematic I wonder what's beyond eloo
  3. Thank you Yep, YouTube can be weird sometimes. What's the WDYDIKSPT?
  4. Thank you. And sorry for the typos. I admit that I havn't check the Kerbalish version that much... Well Emiko Station Ep.02 is the next project. It will be as long as the first episode (~1h20) so it's going to take some times, specially that's there's difficult thing to "adapt"/find a way to do it in KSP. My target is May. Ps: and thank you for joinned my discord server
  5. Thank you This was in my head for way too long. Next move will be Emiko Ep.02
  6. Here it is! "Mirror"! After 6 months of work, I finally finished it. Mirror is a Interstellar fiction adventure involving the four legendary Kerbals we all know. This video has been by far, my most ambitious project! 63 minutes, 826 cut, hundreds lines of diaglogues, 15 musics, +30 crafts (Ship and Interiors) and so on... Please, feel free to give your thoughts, good or bad
  7. Hello dear fan of Emiko Station I hope everyone had a GOOD Christmas and will have a great new year! Anyway, I'm close to finish my current project "Mirror", it's now schedule for mid-january. So when it will be done, I will finally start Emiko Station Ep.02. I already have the musics and the ideas of how to film the chapter 16 to 20. However, I have to admit, that making Emiko Station Ep.01 was way harder than I thought, and my KSP is hardly stable with all thoses saves, and mods etc.... So I hesitate to do a fresh new install. But that means that the visual
  8. Next year, you will have to chose between Emiko Ep 02 and Ep 03!
  9. I finally made it work! Thank you. I had to, delete "FlareReplacer" and delete "sunFlare" and "sunSpikes" in scatter. (add black or blank png was making weird graphical glitch). One last question If it's not too much. Do you know how to change the inclination of the accretion disk ? I mean mine is totaly vertical compare to the planets orbit : https://ibb.co/3CxSKTL https://ibb.co/fCT3d91 Thank you for helped me, and for the time you spend in modding
  10. Okay, so, I have deleted every mod, to check if it was mod conflict, but no is still like this: https://ibb.co/B4v8FPh https://ibb.co/Yp7rvV2 https://ibb.co/sPLcS11 https://ibb.co/5ks6xb5 Probably me that doing something wrong with config. I put "Singularity foldder" into gamedata, then I copy "Singularity.CFG" and past into gamedata, then I edit it like this: Singularity { Singularity_object { name = Sun gravity = 200000000 hideCelestialBody = true useAccretionDisk = true accretionDiskNormal = -0.5,0,1 accret
  11. Thank you for answered me. My CFG is like this: https://ibb.co/vLtmKbP However in the game I only have this: https://ibb.co/Y3Lyvw5 . I have the accretion disk but not the "lens" https://ibb.co/W0dyKH5 And Kerbin's sun isn't "hide". I know that's a detail, but I need it to be like this video . Thank you for your time.
  12. Hi there! I have a problem with the mod, I did read the wiki, and copy past to change Kerbin's sun the for the black hole, hoewer it said "And the Sun into a black hole with accretion disk (provided the texture is there)". How do I set the path to the texture? I have EventHorizon installed for the texture, but how do I explain the CFG file to use a texture of a black hole? Sorry If I'm dumb but I really need to know how to have the black hole instead the sun. ps: I noticed the "warp space" effect around the sun, but I can't see the black hole.
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