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  1. Yep, Peter Ray proposed me to work on ep.2 in June. And then i've become a PE member
  2. Lol, but i know you , saw you on PE discord server. Actually i worked as cameraman and editors for OP Duna ep.2.
  3. Woah you got some hawk eyes Yep, guess they were doom anyway
  4. Thank you. Yes the clifhanger is here for Mohole 3 ( the last of Mohole series ). Mohole 3 is going to be a nightmare to do, ( already writted ) KSP is great to make story, but at the core it's a game, so i'm very limited sometimes. But thank you for your response , really appreciate it.
  5. I use 1.4.5 ksp version, but can move to other version if the mods requiere it. The first ship, i'm looking for it's a SpaceShip ( not huge ) that can land and liftoff from Duna. The SpaceShip need to carrie two little one seat ship. Well this actually And a Base with a dome, something like this
  6. Hello, i make Ksp cinematic-movie, and i, for my next video, need a lot of complex different craft. i have some really specific need, but can be ready to accept what you can do. For more information you can respond here , or contact me via discord at Oraldo Revak #9385, or skype Oraldo Revak ,or by mail. Oraldo.revak@hotmail.com Thank you
  7. Mohole 2 a 30 min. Fully voice acted Cinematic-Movie is here. Hi everyone, this the sequel of Mohole 2. As always i waiting for your feed back. Thank you to everyone who will watch the video, all reaction are aprreciated. See you for more.
  8. Thank you that's very kind. Can't wait to have some feed back when it will be out
  9. For ksp formus . MOHOLE 2 Trailer. Ksp Movie Hi here is the trailer of sequel of Mohole. Please check the description before or after watch it. Thanks for taking the time to read the description. First Mohole is estimate to comes out at the 22 of june, but it can be later. I also going to release two version of it. One with the kerbalish language and one with voice actor.There's three people so far who help me, but i'm looking for more male and female . You don't need to be a great actor, just have a decent mic. You can join me at: -oraldo.revak@hotmail.com -discord "oraldo revak 9385-- -skype "oraldo revak" and just coment here. thank you to any people who watch like and coment my video. Please consider to subscribe, there's a lot of ksp movie who will comes.
  10. Thank you. You are working for Occupy Duna ? Because i asked a question and they never respond. Good joob though. You are right on the point Mohole 2 trailer will be soon out .
  11. Depends, sometimes is the limitation of the game, sometimes is the limatation how my imagination. "Chrome steel and coconuts" Whaaaaaaaaaaaat ??! Don't get it.