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  1. I finally made it work! Thank you. I had to, delete "FlareReplacer" and delete "sunFlare" and "sunSpikes" in scatter. (add black or blank png was making weird graphical glitch). One last question If it's not too much. Do you know how to change the inclination of the accretion disk ? I mean mine is totaly vertical compare to the planets orbit : https://ibb.co/3CxSKTL https://ibb.co/fCT3d91 Thank you for helped me, and for the time you spend in modding
  2. Okay, so, I have deleted every mod, to check if it was mod conflict, but no is still like this: https://ibb.co/B4v8FPh https://ibb.co/Yp7rvV2 https://ibb.co/sPLcS11 https://ibb.co/5ks6xb5 Probably me that doing something wrong with config. I put "Singularity foldder" into gamedata, then I copy "Singularity.CFG" and past into gamedata, then I edit it like this: Singularity { Singularity_object { name = Sun gravity = 200000000 hideCelestialBody = true useAccretionDisk = true accretionDiskNormal = -0.5,0,1 accret
  3. Thank you for answered me. My CFG is like this: https://ibb.co/vLtmKbP However in the game I only have this: https://ibb.co/Y3Lyvw5 . I have the accretion disk but not the "lens" https://ibb.co/W0dyKH5 And Kerbin's sun isn't "hide". I know that's a detail, but I need it to be like this video . Thank you for your time.
  4. Hi there! I have a problem with the mod, I did read the wiki, and copy past to change Kerbin's sun the for the black hole, hoewer it said "And the Sun into a black hole with accretion disk (provided the texture is there)". How do I set the path to the texture? I have EventHorizon installed for the texture, but how do I explain the CFG file to use a texture of a black hole? Sorry If I'm dumb but I really need to know how to have the black hole instead the sun. ps: I noticed the "warp space" effect around the sun, but I can't see the black hole.
  5. Mirror Trailer A KSP Cinematic Movie for the 22th december.
  6. Hi, people it's been a while, if you are waiting Emiko Station Ep02, I explain here on a update video of my channel, that I'm not working on it for now. But no worries, I will still working on the ohters episodes of Emiko Station right after I finish my current project. See ya
  7. Hi, is there any way to delete those disco light ? Please ? https://ibb.co/vZZ4cyh https://ibb.co/2Mgwrn8 https://ibb.co/tPhMHR9
  8. Hahaha Yes, defenetly impossible Maybe you will have the episode 4 for it next year
  9. Hahaha.. Well.. I could use you 20 extra days sure But you need to convince the others to wait if it's ready long before the 26th october LOL
  10. I planned to cover the all Emiko's story. I have a busy July and August, so I don't really have the time to work on Episode 2 already. I justed selected few musics and try to imagine of how of to adapt/film some stuff.. In the best estimation, Episode 2 will be for october, then I'll do a video of mine for the 22th december to celebrate my 2 years of cinematic on KSP, then I'll comeback to Emiko Station for an Episode 3,4 and 5 in the current of 2021. I would love to finish it, right before KSP 2
  11. Hi people, first, thank you for your very generous and kind feedbacks I post the Emiko Station Ep 01 OST playlist, as I saw that people enjoyed the musics Some are missing because they are not coming from Youtube, if you really looking for a specific music that you can't find, DM me and I will give you a link. Thank you. See you
  12. Yep, but it was very hard to film that.. I've tried, in one of the shot, you can see it's seperate at a moment.
  13. Oh yes I have a lot of projects And when I means projects, I mean videos that are mostly written and have 99% to exist in the future.
  14. Well honestly I wasn't sure at all about the subtitles, font, etc... Next time I can definitely do two wall of text per page. It's actually faster for me.
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