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  1. Hi, is there any way to delete those disco light ? Please ? https://ibb.co/vZZ4cyh https://ibb.co/2Mgwrn8 https://ibb.co/tPhMHR9
  2. Hahaha Yes, defenetly impossible Maybe you will have the episode 4 for it next year
  3. Hahaha.. Well.. I could use you 20 extra days sure But you need to convince the others to wait if it's ready long before the 26th october LOL
  4. I planned to cover the all Emiko's story. I have a busy July and August, so I don't really have the time to work on Episode 2 already. I justed selected few musics and try to imagine of how of to adapt/film some stuff.. In the best estimation, Episode 2 will be for october, then I'll do a video of mine for the 22th december to celebrate my 2 years of cinematic on KSP, then I'll comeback to Emiko Station for an Episode 3,4 and 5 in the current of 2021. I would love to finish it, right before KSP 2
  5. Hi people, first, thank you for your very generous and kind feedbacks I post the Emiko Station Ep 01 OST playlist, as I saw that people enjoyed the musics Some are missing because they are not coming from Youtube, if you really looking for a specific music that you can't find, DM me and I will give you a link. Thank you. See you
  6. Yep, but it was very hard to film that.. I've tried, in one of the shot, you can see it's seperate at a moment.
  7. Oh yes I have a lot of projects And when I means projects, I mean videos that are mostly written and have 99% to exist in the future.
  8. Well honestly I wasn't sure at all about the subtitles, font, etc... Next time I can definitely do two wall of text per page. It's actually faster for me.
  9. Thank you everyone, I feared that it was maybe bad, but that i could'nt see it.. It's been alot of work, much more than I anticipated, but I think it was worth it Thanks again JustJim and everyone who watched it. Now... Time to think op Emiko Station Ep02! HEHEHHE
  10. EMIKO STATION The Movie Ep01 / A KSP FAN FICTION ADAPTATION / 1h20 Cinematic by xDark Monkeyz EMIKO STATION The Movie Ep01 iS HERE! It's been a very long work to create this video, but it's finally done. Emiko Station The Movie is the adaptation of the Fan Fiction invented by JustJim "Emiko Station". I would like to give him a huge thank you, to allowed me to adapt his amazing story. And I'd like to thanks al the people who will watch the video, that's mean alot to me. I would also like to precise that, it have been by far the longest and maybe the hardest video I've done. So there's 100% chance that there might be some errors sometimes... Also, I've tried to be as faithful (loyal ? True? I'm French sorry I don't know which word to use) as possible at the original story. I had to add or "adapt" some stuff, I hope it won't be blasphemy LOL. And for finish I would really love to have your feedback, it's really important to me. Good or bad, I just take everything, don't hesitate. Thank you all!
  11. YES! The rendering is done, I'm uploading it now. It will be available in 10 hours or so. I can't wait
  12. OH MY GOD... After 8h it's seems I had a power failure... Damn Here we go again... https://ibb.co/6t8RmD5 I will keep you inform when it will be finally ready to upload on Youtube...
  13. Thank you guys for your understanding. I just started the rendering, the estimate time is 21 hours... ( I need to steal one of those Nasa's Pc lol). Then, I will have to upload this more than 20 Go monster I can't wait to show you the first episode See you real soon.
  14. Hello everyone, I'm sorry to announce that Emiko Station Ep01 will be delay for 24 hours. ( I underestimated the render time, and my upload internet connection is pretty bad) I still have a little bit of audio mixing to optimize. The video itself is ready and done, just some tweak are still need to be done. I'm completly alone on thoses cinematics, and this one is the biggest one I ever done. 1h22, +1000 shot, 37 music etc... I worked very hard the last 6 days on the "edit", but still I just couldn't be ready for the 1st July. Sorry. This what the project look like, https://ibb.co/s1HFx34 see I have alot of thing to handle. Now Only remain the audio effect and audio mixing. It's 1:30 AM here. So yeah... The release will probably be for the 2nd July instead of the first, sorry again.