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  1. The symmetry mode switches because you're mousing over a part that was attached with 2X symmetry.
  2. Real aircraft do, on the other hand, have fly-by-wire avionics. And KSP aircraft kinda do require SAS to stay level over long distances because setting trim in the SPH to keep the plane level during subsonic flight causes nose-up at supersonic speeds and vice versa, optimizing for level flight at supersonic causes nose-down while still subsonic.
  3. In what way beyond what they already have with mods? You already have what you want as an optional feature from the community, why insist that it must be compulsorily shoved down on everyone's throats? We could have an entire galactic civilization's number of KSP players on the high end for all I care. I refuse to frak over anyone and "there's more of us" is not an excuse. I know what I said is controversial among players who have the means to own high-end hardware, but let's not start tearing into each other over it because this isn't a democracy where whichever camp yells the loudest wins it all. The decision over whether to make such an important change ultimately rests with Squad, not the community. We can ask them for features but they're in no way obligated to comply, just like how they haven't yet made life support stock despite unceasing demands to that end every couple of months.
  4. Hence why I said make the single part be a NERV cluster. We already have multi-nozzle engines and one of them (Poodle) is even a vacuum-spec high-impulse engine, so there's a precedent. Which is still 500 people too much in my books.
  5. Why not just make it multiple NERVs clustered together inside a 2.5m shroud? This came up about a year or so ago but my response to any cosmetic changes that substantially raise the game's hardware requirements is a definite "no". KSP is already a tough enough nut to run with satisfactory performance on old hardware as it is. Should there be mods that make the game prettier? By all means, people whose rigs can take the nicer graphics should have every bit as much fun with the game as everyone else. Make it stock and lock people with potato rigs like non-gaming laptops out from being able to play at all? Hell no. Touching up the planets' surface is fine and I think the skybox should get a touch-up too, but no making the game require 2-3-4 generations newer video cards.
  6. Oh wow, I'm actually being referenced?! Well. If that's the case, I'm available for a second opinion if you need an ear to toss your ideas at, @Starseeker Which indeed makes sense. My logic for arranging the tank lengths the way I did was: Giving the second smallest tank to the basic gimbal engine and the second largest tank to the no-gimbal power engine was so that researching the power engine also allows the player to lower their launcher's part count. Lower part count is a good thing. Giving the smallest tank to the high impulse engine was because the engine's high efficiency means you don't always need the bigger tank. Having the small tank means you can better control how much fuel you want your upper stage to carry. Putting the largest tank on a separate node was so that the player can optionally expend additional science to lower their launcher's part count even more. The base idea is to make it so that that none of the tanks are obsolete right from the get-go due to something even better being unlocked at the same time. All of them have a purpose at the point they're unlocked in. And now that you mention it, giving the Stayputnik SAS as a part upgrade once the OKTO is unlocked makes sense, I just don't have any experience with part upgrades.
  7. Agreed. One contract idea that comes to mind is "collect science here with a rover that landed at least X distance away and covered that distance on wheels" (ie. no powered biome hopping allowed). Or "collect X type of science from every biome on this celestial body using unmanned craft only". Slow, but gives a really big payoff if you actually do successfully waste your time on it.
  8. You're missing the fact that the Wolfhound is at the end of the tech tree, so you'll get it later than its stock counterpart in terms of size. That balances it out because you still need to use the Poodle until you reach that point. I genuinely can't see why people are so upset at the Wolfhound's high Isp when it's late-game. Of course it's gonna be powerful. Shall we now nerf the Nerv and the RAPIER as well? And I personally feel that more than one Making History engine is actually underpowered. At the 1.875m diameter, the Bobcat isn't enough to launch even a Mun lander in one stack and you can't cluster more than two per stack without clipping, the Kodiak is flat-out USELESS at the point you get it and once again limited to two per stack before it starts clipping, the Cheetah is unlocked too late to be useful as a middle ground between Terrier and Poodle it should be.
  9. Me, I flat-out don't give a damn what Elon does between rocket launches. Partially because I'm against the whole "ostracize this person for all eternity, waah waah waah!" thing that's all too prevalent these days whenever anyone steps out of line for what's considered politically correct and partially because if Squad would really care about this sort of thing, they wouldn't have included Making History's Soviet-themed parts after what happened to Komarov due to the Party wanting a PR stunt for Lenin's birthday and wouldn't have included the Big-S parts either after the deaths of the Challenger crew due to NASA managers rushing the launch. Allowing those but excluding SpaceX would be a colossal double standard, no matter how much of an idiot Elon makes of himself. Anyway. Things I'd like to have in future updates: Landing gear than can fully retract into the fuselage, yes. It could work as either legged variants for existing fuel tanks, or as radially attached parts that invisibly clip into the stack while retracted. I think this latter one would be easier to implement. Give the existing landing legs variants that allow the player to choose between horizontal and vertical clearance - that is, allow the legs to reach out further away from the lander, increasing the size of the ground contact area for better stability on a slope but at the cost of the landing leg not being as tall, meaning you have to choose between increased stability or decreased chance of tailstriking on touchdown. If that's not an option, then just give several variants with different leg lengths. Speaking of which. A structural rail part of variable length and possibly width, designed to be mounted radially so that if whatever engine you're using on your lander is too big for your landing legs (ex. LT-05 versus Terrier, LT-1 versus Poodle), you can offset the landing leg downwards to reach the ground without half of the landing leg's mounting visibly hanging in the air. Visual overhaul for the Reliant and the Swivel. Pretty much all the other engines got a pretty-up so far, so why not these two? Visual overhaul for plane parts. The Mk1 cockpits and crew cabin, the intake and the Mk0 tank are the ones most in need of retexturing. To a lesser extent the Mk1 tank needs something done with the texture as well, since it almost always ends up rotated in weird ways when radially attaching it. Wings would also be good with a smooth all-white texture as an alternative to the current black-trimmed-hodgepodge one. Drop tank parts for planes that have built-in radial decouplers and do not cause horribad drag like a standard decoupler would, optionally with an advanced tweakable that automatically stages off the tank once it's empty at the cost of the player not being able to drop it manually anymore. And if we're already at it, how about some conformal fuel tanks? A quality-of-life mechanism for making it easier to snap elevons onto wings with minimal clipping regardless of wing orientation. Fixing the MEM's off-center CoM. It's been years, Squad, what's keeping you? Let the player fine-tune how far apart the dynamic attachment points are on an Engine Plate. It's annoying when two engines are not enough thrust but adding a third causes the engine bells to clip into each other. Alternate configurations of the existing vacuum engines that also double as size adapters. I'm thinking something like an upside-down FL-A5/FL-A10/R-type adapter with half a dozen or so exhaust nozzles at the circumference (visually firing diagonally outwards rather than downwards but the thrust vector points downwards) rather than one or two bells in the middle, leaving enough room in the center for an inline attachment node. Merge the 1x6 and 3x2 solar panels into a single part as variants, along with a few more possible combinations. Inline solar panel part. Basically a quarter-length Structural Fuselage with four OX-STAT panels equidistantly integrated into its circumference, sunken into the surface deep enough to seamlessly maintain the 1.25m diameter with no extra drag. Optionally, it can also close shutters over the panels to disable power generation but withstand reentry heat better. Of course, the integrated nature of the panels means no sun tracking. Zero-gee passenger cabins in more sizes. 1.25m has the Mk1 crew cabin, but its interior is very much not that of a zero-gee cabin. I'm thinking a fairly minimalist cabin with a one-guy-behind-the-other sitting arrangement, similar to the Mk2 inline cockpit or the KV-2 pod. Optionally, the cabin's diameter is slightly larger than 1.25m, about the same as if the Mk1 lander can was circular rather than octagonal. For 1.875m, I'm thinking a three-seater cabin where the passengers are sitting either facing outwards, back-to-back with each other, or rest their backs against the rear of the cabin with their heads pointing inwards in a trefoil formation. Refer to the Ares capsule in The Martian to see what I'm thinking of. For 3.75m, I'm thinking something similar to the Hitchhiker Storage Module but with a double-deck internal design similar to the science lab, with three seats per deck and a ladder in the middle of the IVA space. And if we're already at crew arrangements, how about a late-game high-visibility 1.25m command pod, something like an External Command Seat sitting in a spherical glass dome the size of a KV pod for 360° panoramic visibility? Which way the seat is oriented relative to the pod's attachment point (ie. whether the attachment point is behind, below or even above the seat) is an advanced tweakable. No top attachment node and nothing can be radially attached to the pod. No monopropellant storage and no built-in reaction wheel because there's visibly no space for it. Slightly lower than average impact tolerance due to the outer hull literally being made of glass. Heat tolerance about on par with the Mk1 lander can due to all the glass, plus the canopy is slightly wider than 1.25m so shielding it during reentry is difficult. Optionally, the part would also have a shutter-like heatshield that covers the canopy from the bottom up when deployed, making the pod as heat-resistant as the Mk1 command pod at the cost of losing the visibility. Not sure if the canopy would also function as an EVA hatch. If it does and the above heatshield is implemented, buttoning up disables the hatch.
  10. After thinking over the feedback I got in this thread, I started a separate project for cleaning up the tech tree. This time, I'm not adding or removing nodes or connection between nodes; all that changes is which part is on which node, trying to follow a methodology that's both logical and convenient for the player. It's still a work in progress, but some of the things I already came up with: Start node contains the Mk1 command pod, the Mite, the small parachute and the thermometer. Nothing else. No Modular Girder Segment because it frankly doesn't have much purpose here beyond as an alternative to the service bay, ie. putting it between the command pod and the parachute, then mounting all science gear on the girder rather than the command pod so that it doesn't burn off during reentry from contact heat transfer from the command pod. No KV-1 pod because it's completely uncontrollable at this point. Basic Fin is nudged one tech level later. Flea is nudged one tech level later. The Mite is here instead because frankly, it doesn't have much purpose otherwise. Same reason why the Shrimp is now tier 2 (Engineering 101). The Rocketry line of nodes now include more than just the engines. Decouplers are handed out in the same node as the first engine matching their radial size. Radial decouplers are also unlocked in this line, as SRB size increases (Kickback/Pollux unlocks the strutted decoupler at tier 5, Thoroughbred unlocks the hydraulic manifold at tier 6). Stack separators are unlocked on the Construction line of nodes. Mid-size fuel tanks, adapters and Making History engine plates are also paired together with the first engine of the same size so that the player can start using their shiny new parts immediately, rather than having to buy another node first. The 5m engine plate is the sole exception, found on the final Fuel Systems node in tier 8. Access to the Making History engines is now much quicker. Stock: first medium tanks on tier 4, Bobcat on tier 5, Cheetah, Kodiak and medium-size engine plate on tier 6. New: first medium tanks and Kodiak on tier 3 (same as Reliant), Bobcat and medium-size engine plate on tier 4 (same as Terrier), Cheetah, Pollux, large-size engine plate and medium-to-large adapter tank on tier 5 (same as Poodle and Kickback). The Skiff, the Wolfhound and the Mastodon were left as they are for now. The Precision line was shuffled around as well. Stock: Spark, Ant, Baguette and Oscar-B on tier 5, Twitch, Spider, Puff, Dumpling and Doughnut on tier 6. New: Spark, Twitch, Puff and Baguette on tier 5, Ant, Spider, Dumpling and Oscar-B on tier 6. Sepratron was moved to the Rocketry line on tier 6 (same node as Mainsail), the Thud, the tiny-size decoupler and the FL-A5 and 10 adapters plus the Making History medium-to-tiny adapter tank have all been moved here to tier 5. To facilitate the earlier use of the Puff, the tier 5 Fuel Systems node now unlocks the first inline monoprop tank. Only the largest fuel tanks of each size category are in the Fuel Systems line of nodes, rather than all tanks after small-size. The inline RCS tanks are now also here, spanning across the entire line with one tank per tech level ordered by size. Construction line: 1.25m fairing is unlocked on tier 4 rather than tier 5 to make it easier to launch the KV pods and the Mk1 lander can. All fairings, stack separators, heat shields and almost all docking clamps (with the exceptions of the Mk2 one and the Making History inflatable one) are now in this line. Making History structural tubes are distributed as one part per node, in order of increasing diameter. Same with the flag parts introduced in KSP 1.10. Station components are available from tier 6 onwards and you get the more useful ones (radial attachment point, six-way connector) sooner. Control parts: The KV-1 unlocks in tier 3, on the same node as the first nose cone. The tiny reaction wheel has also been moved to this node, one tier earlier, so that these two parts can be used together as they are meant to be. The Stayputnik is still in tier 4, but on the Flight Control node rather than the Basic Science node. The same node also includes the KV-2 pod, the Z-100 battery and the surface-mount Communotron, but not the standard Communotron (that one's on Basic Science). The OKTO is still in tier 5, but on the Advanced Flight Control node, right next to the second reaction wheel and the Stratus MP tanks. The QBE is brought forward to tier 5 to the Miniaturization node (where the Clamp-o-tron Jr. used to be), right next to the HG-5 relay, the tiny decoupler and stack separator and the tiny flag. The Mk1 lander can is now in the Landing node rather than the Advanced Flight control node, still on tier 5. On the same node are the smaller extending ladder, the micro landing strut and the long-range searchlight, all for building that Mun lander. The HECS is on the same node as in the stock tech tree but is accompanied by only the antenna parts, the structural cruft was tossed out of the node. The Making History Mk2 command pod is now on tier 5 on the Space Exploration node (same as the Hitchhiker Storage Module), along with the matching-size heat shield, service module and the inflatable airlock (which is something like tier 7 in the stock tech tree). This is also the node for the short-range searchlight. The Mk1-3 command pod was left where it is, but the cupola module was split off to Advanced Exploration (still on tier 6) along with the External Command Seat (which was brought one tier forward). The Mk2 lander can, on the other hand, was pushed up to tier 7 (Heavy Landing), sharing a node with the KV-3 pod and the LT-2 landing strut. The MEM is now on the node (Advanced Landing) directly between the Mk1 lander can and the Mk2 lander can, rather than on the same node as the Mk1-3 pod. It shares the node with the longer extending ladder and the LT-1 landing strut. For solar panels: Tier 5 unlocks both the OX-STAT and the OX-STAT-XL. Tier 6 unlocks only the extend-only solar arrays. Tier 7 keeps the Gigantor and the fuel cell. Tier 8 is where the extend-and-retract solar arrays are unlocked, alongside the Fuel Cell Array. Tier 9 keeps the RTG. For science: Start unlocks the Thermometer. Engineering 101 (tier 2) unlocks the barometer. Basic Science (tier 4) unlocks the Mystery Goo. Space Exploration (tier 5) unlocks the accelerometer. Advanced Exploration (tier 6) unlocks the atmospheric sensor. Field Science (tier 7) unlocks the gravioli detector, the materials bay and the science lab. The SENTINEL Telescope and the Survey Scanner were left where they are. Advanced Science Tech (tier 8) unlocks the magnetometer, sharing the node with basic ISRU and the Surface Scanner. Experimental Science (tier 9) has the heavy-duty ISRU and the Narrow-Band Scanner. I haven't touched the aircraft nodes yet, but one thing I'm definitely going to do is merging the aircraft landing gear into the aircraft nodes rather than the Landing nodes. Probably also going to shuffle the radial intakes over to the Aerodynamics line rather than the Aircraft line, since that's their alleged purpose. Like I said, it's still a work in progress. But since this one doesn't add/remove any nodes or node connections, it should be compatible with mods that extend the stock tech tree.
  11. Among other things, I'm still yet to figure out how to put a KV-3 pod on the Mun with the same tech as my other landers. Damn thing is heavy; using the same launcher as the rest of my Mun rockets leaves me 500 m/s short. And I'm also currently waiting on a Duna transfer window in order to launch my first manned mission outside Kerbin's SOI (or to be exact, the first one that didn't return into the SOI after a few minutes). Oh, and I gotta do my first career game too sometime in the future. Hence why I said I got things to do. The great majority of that 1000 hours I spent in the VAB re-re-re-re-re-redesigning all my stuff over and over and over again, not in flight.
  12. As of today, I officially have 1003 hours clocked in the game according to Steam. Still got plenty of things to do.
  13. That's not a heat shield, that's a fairing base. This is a heat shield. It keeps flipping over because the fairing base has huge drag due to its blunt shape.