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  1. The game really likes to crash when you're going from one screen to another at the KSC. You're not the only one with this problem. Hell, my VAB locked up my entire computer yesterday from me plugging in a spare mouse.
  2. ...ok, how the hell is anyone getting longer loading times with mods than me without mods?! Is it the RAM or the CPU?
  3. About 30 minutes from desktop to KSC, of which 10 is on the loading screen, 5 is of the blackness afterwards, 10 is on the main menu.
  4. If I recall correctly, going inwards in the system is most efficient if you: Drop out of your current SOI at the trailing end (ie. the part opposite of the direction the body is moving in). Start your burn about 90° away from your orbital position being directly between the target and the body you're currently orbiting. I think it's best to wait until Laythe is eclipsing Jool and then start your burn when your orbital position around Laythe is about 90° away from being directly between Laythe and Jool so that you only need to burn once, but I don't know if it's most efficient like that (basically, nudge your maneuver node back and forth until you get the lowest periapse around the sun with the dV you're burning). All I know is that once you're out of Jool's SOI, you are now orbiting the sun in a prograde direction and slowly falling inwards, so you only need to burn retrograde to drop down to Kerbin orbit. But as @VoidSquid says, the difference between hitting Kerbin's atmosphere prograde or retrograde is only a few tenths, if not hundredths, of a m/s at that point. If I'm wrong with any of this, everyone can feel free to correct me because I've never been to Jool myself and am extrapolating this from a Kerbin->Eve rendezvous.
  5. First unmanned mission for Eve has left Kerbin orbit today. Payload consists of a relay satellite and a Gilly rover. Had some technical difficulties with the transfer burn because as it turns out, KSP crossfeeds the fairing's interstage nodes, resulting in the transfer stage engine having emptied the relay's and the rover's fuel tanks before its own. Nothing a quick manual transfer didn't correct, but still annoying. I'm not sure if I'll be able to pull this mission off. According to maneuver node simulations, I need to shave off 1100 m/s to stay in Eve's SOI but I have nowhere near enough fuel for that, so aerobraking is my only option, which I've never done before. On the other hand, I'm still within Kerbin's SOI so I'm able to fine-adjust the Eve periapse with minimal dV expenditure. What do you guys say, how low should I go? I'm currently on trajectory for an 83 km Eve periapse and have 213 m/s left in the transfer stage, plus a couple hundred more in the relay and about 1k in the rover's internal and drop tanks.
  6. I hope they continue the old part remodeling. Been thinking yesterday that the Swivel, Reliant and Thumper are in need of a Terrier-style facelift.
  7. What did I do in KSP today? Nothing, actually. Some more experimentation was on the table but in the end, the game refused to work at all. First start, took nearly 45 minutes to reach the menu, after which it promptly exited to desktop without any errors. None on-screen, none in the logs, not even an application error in the Windows event log, it's just poof, exited. Second start, took about 30 minutes to reach the menu, then hourglassed for another 20 minutes, then hanged so badly that I had to physically restart the laptop because I couldn't even get to Task Manager. This behavior started since I installed Making History. Before that, the game loaded in about 20 minutes and had a few more minutes of idling at the menu before becoming responsive but since I got MH, it fails to launch at least as often as it does. I'm not even maxing out RAM, but Windows memory compression is spinning the hard drive so badly that it completely locks KSP out.
  8. I for one didn't even know autostruts were stock until I saw them in the VAB despite explicitly remembering not having installed it as a mod. From the way everyone was always gushing over it, I always assumed it was just a popular mod like KER or FAR.
  9. What I hate the most? When I'm trying to get a plane's trim (that is, rotating pitch control surfaces enough degrees to make the plane fly level with minimum SAS assistance) just right and the game crashes with an access violation after about 20 reverts. Or, more recently since I got MH, when the game suddenly decides to completely stop for several minutes to the point where every single click pops up a Windows notification that KSP is not responding and asking if I want to kill the process. At one point, I clicked no and Windows killed it anyway.
  10. 800 meters on Kerbin equals 4000 meters on Earth, which is within human tolerance without an oxygen mask.
  11. Quick calculation says Laythe's sea-level atmospheric pressure is equivalent of being 800 meters high on Kerbin.
  12. I've been considering snatching up the DLCs for a while now, was just waiting for a sale. Maybe I'll do it this time.
  13. The Mun is close enough to rendezvous without maneuver nodes. From a prograde equatorial orbit, burn just as the Mun starts peeking out from behind Kerbin; it's not 100% efficient dV wise, but it works. It's apparently possible to rendezvous with Minmus in a similar fashion as well, but it's much more precise. With 10% science, I found that the tech progression is surprisingly well-balanced. You get just enough points from Kerbin and munar orbit to develop the Terrier, the materials bay and 1-2 other tech 4 nodes to reach the Mun with. Similarly, cleaning out the Mun and Minmus gets you enough points to develop all tech 5 and around 2-3 tech 6 nodes to get you interplanetary. Send a temperature/pressure rover to Ike and that's another tech 6 node for you. And that's if you don't minmax and conserve your points towards specific goals but unlock every node at the current level before proceeding to the next, nor does it account for science boosts from strategies and the MPL.
  14. Haven't played career yet, but I'm planning on 10% science, no extra ground stations, no interplanetary flight until after Kerbin's SOI has been exhausted of all science, no Moho or Dres until after Eve orbit, Gilly and Duna/Ike are similarly done, no Jool or Eeloo until after Dres. I'd also prefer to limit my facility levels to: VAB/Launch Pad: no level 2 before lunar landing, no level 3 before Jool R&D: no level 2 before lunar landing and until all science within Kerbin's SOI that doesn't require offworld EVA has been exhausted Tracking Station: level 1 while within Kerbin's SOI, level 2 until Jool The only problem here is that without a level 2 TS, I can't use maneuver nodes, which makes it extremely hard to reach Minmus and the Mun's non-equatorial biomes, since I basically have to eyeball the maneuvers.
  15. Startup loading, about 5 minutes for the main menu to appear and another 3-4 for it to become responsive. Exit loading, around 15-20 minutes from KSC to desktop.