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  1. I believe you are talking about this? http://www.scp-wiki.net/scp-090
  2. From the wiki page about Duna (The spoiler section) and from the easter egg wiki page: In other words, there was going to be a huge backstory created to add more interesting stuff, but it was scrapped. I'm not saying that it's a bad idea to add interesting terrain features and stuff, I'm just saying it was in the works but was scrapped. The above stuff aside, I think this is a great idea.
  3. Relating to an earlier question about magnetic shielding, would it be possible to have a shield where a projectile approaching the shield is broken up into dust then passed around the outside of the shield bubble, having its energy reduced as it goes, so that it leaves the shield bubble at the other side of the shield, but in the form of dust travelling at a low velocity?(>1 m/s) In order to not violate the law of conservation of energy, the energy that the projectile loses can just be stored and used to break up the next projectile or something. For those who have read Speaker for the Dead, I'm effectively talking about the lightspeed engines used therein, except the exhaust trail would have its velocity reduced so it does not damage anything behind it.
  4. Yeah, I suppose I should have taken that into consideration.
  5. Based on the KSP Wiki entry about Kerbol , Here you go: 2MASS_J0523-1403
  6. I understand that, and will admit that finding any orbital bases, other than maybe massive stations (because of the lag of getting fairly close to them in an active vessel, but that would still be highly unreliable), and only an advanced astrophysicist would be able to figure out the orbit based on observing a station visually, but land bases are still pretty common. Couldn't a griefer start out the same way, and just earn money the same way as other players to start out, and just wait until they have enough money and parts unlocked to just launch two missions, one for griefing someone, and the other to complete a mission to get funds to continue the game? Reputation is mainly affected by contracts and successes/failures, and not everyone in the solar system would be looking at your reputation, so the main method of people finding out would be whoever was griefed telling them. However, if there were no UI tags, as you mentioned earlier, then they would not be able to find out who did it from the debris and vehicles used, except for maybe by identifying the flags, but those can be turned off. and would have to be online to witness it at all. also, you do understand that not everyone has KSP through Steam, right.
  7. It would not be hard to drive a rover around and find it, or even better, on planets and moons with atmospheres, fly a self-refueling plane or something around at low-medium altitude, and simply see the base, in just a day or two. This would be especially effective in finding large bases, which are typically more expensive, contain more crew, and have other important functions such as science, a mining station, or a planetary operations center (a base for smaller stuff to operate through, for example, a relay for small rovers with limited antenna strength). Using a probe, whether plane or rover, would also be very effective for finding bases on planets where white (the color that a large portion of parts are) is very distinctive against the surface color, such as Eve (purple), Kerbin (green and blue, except for the polar icecaps), or Duna (red, except for the polar icecaps). Wouldn't the "evil people", a.k.a. griefers also then have access to those weapons? Couldn't they then build some kind of orbital bombardment system or bomber or something equipped with large payloads of said weapons, to use against others? In addition, if I was a griefer trying to destroy say, a mun base, assuming I have already found the base using the method above, I would launch a base of my own, carrying a bunch of small, cheap, expendable probes, and a one large, armored, and weapon-bearing probe, land the base within navigation range of the base I am trying to destroy, but outside of the automatic engagement range for that base, and send the probes, the cheap, expendable ones first, towards the base, one by one, and just keep doing it until the base runs out of ammo for its weapons. Then, the base would be effectively unarmed, since it cannot fire on me due to lack of ammo, and I could send a single vehicle to destroy it at close range. at this point, when sending the larger vehicle used to destroy the base, even if I, as the griefer, did not have access to BDArmory, I could still destroy the base after depleting its ammo by flying something into it, using stock missiles, building and deploying some kind of battering ram, using a stock bomber to drop something on it, a ballistic missile launched from either ground or orbit, or some combination thereof, all of which are easily accomplished without any mods.
  8. Simple explanation: It turned into a sea serpent. (KSP has Krakens, so why not?) In all reality though, it's just joints between parts bending.
  9. Interesting challenge, I may attempt it. Also, nice FedEx spacecraft.
  10. I'm not saying that they can't go faster, I'm just saying that the amusement park isn't big enough to fit enough track to not render everyone on the ride unconscious by accelerating them to those speeds too quickly. in theory, you could have an amusement park ride that travels that fast, it would just need a much longer distance to get to those speeds. In effect, this would dictate the need to have a rather large (~10km) track, that the rocket would go around a few times, after which it would be diverted to a straight track that gradually becomes sloped to avoid high accelerations and speed decreases from changing the direction of movement to quickly, then once at a sufficient angle, the rocket would leave the track at high velocity, but not having experienced too many Gs of force.
  11. Those amusement park rides sometimes can't go faster due to the acceleration loads it would place on the people riding the thing.
  12. My profile photo is a mining spacecraft form a videogame called eve online. I think I would fare pretty well considering that: Eve online is set in another galaxy so I'm pretty far away from said zombies Spacecraft in eve online can travel at several AU per second(please don't attack me for bad science) Eve online has more to explain the respawn mechanic, making me effectively immortal(once again please don't attack me for bad science)
  13. 5/10, was rather convincing but used correct grammar. I can learn how to play new videogames without being programmed to. Also can have humanl̶i̶k̶e̶ biology if needed, including four limbs, a total of twenty digits in various places bipedal walking, and a sensor intake and communications cluster that everyone else on the i̶n̶v̶a̶s̶i̶o̶n̶ ̶t̶a̶r̶g̶e̶t̶ i mean y̶o̶u̶r̶ ̶h̶o̶m̶e̶w̶o̶r̶l̶d̶ i mean our planet seems to call a "face"!
  14. When you design a 1400 ton rocket in ksp that does not reach orbit.(It is designed to send large payloads on interplanetary trajectories, and thus does not waste fuel circularising at kerbin orbit. In addition, said rocket was made using Making History, because of the Saturn V parts.) That or you are one of the people who post in this thread.(Or anywhere else in the forum for that matter.)
  15. I think you have the right idea of what I am saying. If we take a radiator and simply put it on the other side of the ufo from the pilot and the IR tracking system, then neither would be able to see the heat.
  16. I suppose, oh well. Wouldn't 'free thrust' violate the second law of thermodynamics, because the energy to move the spacecraft would have to come from somewhere? (if I understand the second law of thermodynamics correctly) Also, not relating to the quotes above, but as I said earlier, what if the engine does give off heat, just the heat comes out of a radiator on the non-observed side of the ufo, and the ufo is simply moving fast enough that the air it passes does not gain significant heat per a given amount volume, but there is a large overall volume of air that the radiator comes into contact with due to the high velocity of the ufo? This would give an infrared signature, but the signature would be difficult to detect because the heat would be spread over a large area.
  17. Yes, I know that, but what if it had some kind of magnet inside, then it could push off the Earth's magnetic field.
  18. What if the object uses solar arrays for power, then has some kind of electromagnet that moves it around, sort of like a maglev train? Or it could just have radiators that it hides from observers, and moves fast enough that the air on that side of it cannot absorb significant heat, but still slow enough that it does not experience atmospheric heating?
  19. Oh ok then, I thought you meant that there was some way to build a launchpad in the standard game.
  20. I summon the Kraken, thus breaking the save and killing everyone here. I think I win.
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