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  1. I'm using your second solution in a 6.4 scaled Kerbin, so no RSS or RSSVE. But the loss of ground detail when I switch to scaledSpace (I've set it to 100km altitude) is really sad. I'd like to try the other solution, and find a happy compromise between them. I haven't seen any explanation for how to actually apply solution 1 anywhere in this thread in a way that makes sense on a rescaled stock system, rather than in RSS/RO/RSSVE. The linked MM patches have all been removed, and other references are made to RSSVE, which I don't use. How can I actually use solution 1 in practice on a 6.4x K
  2. This link doesn't work any more. Is there somewhere to still get this MM patch?
  3. Getting this nullref spam from Oh Scrap. Any ideas? Could Mandatory RCS be causing this?
  4. I use BARIS alongside KCT and Scrap Yard. I have built a plane, which has now developed loads of failures through BARIS. I have recovered the intact plane to the SPH (so it can be used again without rebuilding it), but I can't fix the failures from the hangar. Nor does swapping out the broken parts for new ones (using ScrapYard) fix the problem - the failures just jump to the new parts. Could a feature be added, to allow funds to be used to repair a stored craft when using KCT and ScrapYard? (And before anyone suggests it, I'm still very early in a UbM career at this point, so don'
  5. Ok, I can't get you a log right now. I'll see what I can do later. That seems a shame about the low likelihood of engine failures though. I'd have thought the engine, being the most complicated thing on a rocket after the guidance system, would be far more prone to failures if it's not tested properly. What kind of engine failures can occur? Does it just shut down, or can you get gimbal lock, underthrust etc?
  6. I'm not getting any Oh Scrap failures with liquid engines at all. Untested solid rockets fail all the time, and I've had a control surface failure too, but never any problems with liquid engines (from this mod). I'm also using three other mods which produce failures: Dang It, Kerbalism and Kerbal Launch Failure. I'm also using Engine Ignitor. Could any of those be causing a conflict?
  7. Ok. Does that mean that compatibility with contracts is being worked on and I should just sit tight?
  8. The new science system is very cool. But I do miss the stock survey contracts. Is there any way to have surveys (or something similar) work alongside Kerbalism's science feature? Maybe in the form of an additional 'spot survey' button on the various experiments, with very low science return?
  9. Is this compatible with 1.6.1, and has the issue with changing LAN to zero fixed in this version?
  10. Any chance of a variant of the 1.875-1.5m Gemini service module that doesn't have all the struts on the inside and is open at the top? I'd love to be able to have a solid retro pack nestled in the top of the SM (similar to the real Gemini) but at the moment it just gets caught when you decouple the SM. Even better would be a two-piece Gemini SM, so you can decouple the bottom parts to reveal the retros.
  11. Still loving this mod. The most recent thing I've noticed is that when a Kerbal goes on EVA, the pressure in the pod drops due to the lost volume, and has to be topped up again. Which got me thinking... Have you considered changing the Habitat/Pressurisation mechanics to reflect the complete venting of atmosphere when Kerbals go on (or come back from) EVA? I think it would add another great layer to your simulation, built on core mechanics that already exist in Kerbalism. To really make it amazing, you could even incorporate it with a toggle to turn crew helmets on or off inside the pod (
  12. What should I put in a MM patch to remove all functionality from the test weights except for their... well, weight?
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