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  1. Yes, me again... After many succesfull manned flights, i decided to do a probe flight, but ran into the following problem (while playing with RemoteTech). Rhode Launch site is NOT located anywhere near to Mission Control (205km away, no line of sight). Is there any way to correct this or is it ment to be this way? I know we can easily bypass this by launching your satellite system manned, but i love the challenge of doing it unmanned. Yes, allready mentioned before, Rhode is referred to as Kerbin
  2. Think Kopernicus ain't updated yet. so gues not.
  3. Champ, will do. and keep continue to explore your awesome galaxy!
  4. I do. You think that it might be caused by that? Didn't have it on my stock-install with that dlc
  5. Check. Isn't a big thing though... on 3 out of 5 missions that returned back to surface of Rhode. i'm running into an issue while trying to "recover" the mission. Cannot recover craft or return to space center trough menu or altitude bar. Have to go EVA and press the (than orange) text in main menu. Tells me that save will be reverted to last autosave point (somewhat minutes ago), but does end the mission and gives me all the science... Not sure yet if this is related to mappack or to something else..
  6. Home planet feels somewhat unattracting to explore. might be because of all the sand. But i LOVE the rest... Haven't been outside the soi of Rhode yet, love sending crafts to Ash and Armstrong and have a flyby on Lau on return just before re-entry... Great job with this planetpack! btw. noticed that "Rhode" is still refered to as "Kerbin" in mods like KER...
  7. Im so going to start a new career here!
  8. Another Nertea mod. this excrements got to be good!
  9. dxeh

    [1.6.x] Outer Kerbin

    Hi! Great to hear. Looking forward to your content. About update, not currently seeing the need to update it. should be working with current version of ksp and no issues have been mentioned worth updating at this state. As for the gravity, tend to keep it as it is at this moment.
  10. dxeh

    KSP 1.6+ visual packs?

    AVP runs perfect on 1.6.x with current eve version
  11. Oi. Im currently troubleshooting my new install of KSP with latest devbuild version of Kerbalism (2.2.0). Installing my mods one by one and encountered a few of Nertea's mods that used to work in the previous versions, but somehow don't work at this state. Cryogenic Engines (latest) Kerbal Atomics (latest) Near Future Electrical (latest) These three mods all depend on "DynamicBatteryStorage" what seems to mess up the Kerbalism GUI planner in the VAB/SPH I remember reading somewhere that DBS caused errors before, as it has to do with EC on timewarps and such. Just for my curiousity, what is the Kerbalism GUI Planner working on, as this "DBS" mod causes it not to work. All other features of Kerbalism seem to remain working just fine, in VAB/SPH and in flight. It just causes the GUI planner to not pop-up when clicking the icon. -------------------------------------------- @PiezPiedPy seem to be related to the Dev build. Rolled back to latest stable 2.1.0 and have no issues what so ever...
  12. dxeh

    [1.6.x] Outer Kerbin

    Made the bodys to be enjoyable, not realistic. but will look into it.. Thnx for the feedback anyway!
  13. dxeh

    [1.6.x] Outer Kerbin

    Funny, as i normaly run Kethane with Kopernicus without probs
  14. dxeh

    [1.6.x] Outer Kerbin

    Never had that issue while testing it on both stock-version and fully modded version of KSP. Did you try warping without MechJeb2 Warp Helper, as i haven't ever used it. (or even known about it's existence)