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  1. i get the following after updating...
  2. Installed all dependencies. Mod shows up in the toolbar, but it doesn't seem to work. I can change the settings from it, but my game still sticks to the regular values (x4 in atmo and such)
  3. love this techtree. But somehow hate it's overall layout in the R&D.. is there a way to re-arange them for a better overview?
  4. Thanks ill go for a constellation around it, as it is multi use than
  5. Still running this on the beloved 1.8.1.. Curious IF there is even a geostat possible around rhode, or is that in the orbit of Lua?
  6. tested it for a while on a new save. and i like the setup! this is a keeper for me. thnx
  7. hehe. good point. No worries.. Will give this a go on Beyond Home. So far looking good.
  8. will check this out on my new save! Edit ; As kerbin ground science is set to 0. Does science gathering away from KSC with, lets say, rovers, still work?
  9. Awesome! Thank you for planting that flag on Phybi and Izmi!
  10. So i know the dev's are doing a great job on converting this to 1.9 But is there any way we can get a status update on that ? If not. i understand
  11. doesn't work properly in 1.9 indeed. Yes it gives orbital references as AP and PE and such. But the function of dV readouts and manouvrenode readouts doesn't seem to work on my end. Also my KER UI positions reset every time i boot the game. Edit : was using the version....
  12. Ref Extra-Consumptor -> CommNet Antennas Info [WRN 19:55:48.498] [ModuleManager] 2 warnings related to GameData/Extras-Consumptor/CommNetAntennasInfo/Configs/ModuleGeneratorAntenna.cfg @PART[*]:HAS[@MODULE[ModuleDataTransmitte*]:HAS[#antennaType[RELAY]]]:LAST[CommNetAntennasInfo] { tempVar = #$MODULE[ModuleDataTransmitte*]/antennaPower$ @tempVar *= 0.00000000001 MODULE { name = ModuleGeneratorAntenna isAlwaysActive = false INPUT_RESOURCE { name = ElectricCharge rate = #$../../tempVar$ } } }
  13. love the new NF eXploration... allthough antenna path rendering does NOT work when RemoteTech is enabled..
  14. Current version comfirmed to work with 1.8.1. Will update this version later this week, and might even start working on an new addition to the pack!
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