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  1. Very cool. Thanks for the detailed response. I'm using a couple of older contract packs on 1.4.3. Does Exploration Plus require any tweaking to work? I'm almost to the point where I'm not using any stock contracts haha.
  2. Yeah I knew it would be more complicated to code, just wasn't sure how much more complicated. I just barely understand what's going on when I look at the C# on github. Heck, using that table I made, it's not hard to do the math and manually change the building cost to give a KSC cost that you would have if my suggestion was actually coded in. Speaking of balance, what settings do you use for reputation/funds? I think I remember you saying you reduce the reputation rewards.
  3. @severedsolo What do you think of doing something like this? I would reduce the Kerbonaut wages and the active vessel cost even further while using this. A 40000 fund cost at the beginning seems high, but really after you've orbited Kerbin, your reputation should be around 100, giving you over 200,000 funds in the next "month". I didn't include the launch pad and runway in the building costs since they're not actually buildings that employees work in. The launch costs would simulate their maintenance.
  4. "Nowhere near ready yet" and released 20 hours later.
  5. Looks like friendlyInterval is also not loading into a new save if you change the default .cfg.
  6. There is a bit of an exploit possible on the boot camp contracts, but I'm not sure how you'd fix it. If you hire a Kerbonaut BEFORE you accept the boot camp contract, the NextKerbalHireCost() goes up, so you get more money back.
  7. Sorry, looks like the issue was I was doing this: MB_DISABLED_AGENTS { Agent = Kerbal Space Tourism Agent = Kerbal Academy } I tried changing it to this, which halfway works: MB_DISABLED_AGENTS { Agent = Kerbal Academy & Kerbal Space Tourism } It offers me 100,000 funds for the first space tourist contract. However, if I click off of it and back onto it, it's back to reputation reward only. If I then decline the contract and let it regenerate, it offers the funds again. Not sure if I'm using the correct MM syntax.
  8. Also, minor bug report. KSP: 1.4.3 Windows 7 64-bit Problem: Reputation decay option does not remain enabled after exiting game, then loading up your save again. Mods installed: Monthly Budgets 4.4 Reproduction steps: Start new game, enable reputation decay, exit game, reload game. (Also does not remain enabled even if decayEnabled = true in default .cfg file) Log: Output Log
  9. You just place that in a .cfg file anywhere in Gamedata, correct? I can't get it to work for Kerbal Academy. MB_DISABLED_AGENTS { Agent = Kerbal Academy }
  10. Or you could just view the whole space program as entirely government subsidized, so tourists don't pay.
  11. I worked my way back to Oh Scrap 1.3.1 and the bug is gone. Don't know if this helps. EDIT: Found a workaround which may provide more information, still using Oh Scrap 1.3.4. Go back to the space center instead of recovering your vessel, disable KCT, recover the vessel, the reenable KCT.
  12. Doesn't look like that's the case. I made a second vessel and loaded it, then reloaded the "pad tested" vessel and the Generation is still 2. Also, I just realized that this bug does not happen if you uninstall KCT.
  13. @severedsolo I just can't leave you alone. KSP: 1.4.3 Windows 7 64-bit Problem: Generation also increments by one after recovering craft and hitting "Quick Apply" in ScrapYard. Mods installed: KCT ScrapYard Oh Scrap! 1.3.4 Module Manager 3.0.7 Reproduction steps: 1) Create craft on a launch clamp to do a "pad test". 2) Stage the engine 3) Recover 4) Load craft and hit "Quick Apply" in ScrapYard. 5) Previous Uses is 1 and Generation is 2 Log: Output Log EDIT: Looks like something screwy is happening down at line 23659 and beyond in the log. Not sure what it means, though.
  14. Quick question: does the reputation decay before the budget is awarded or after?
  15. Between this and KCT we pretty much now have a management game haha.