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  1. I think I found a typo in the CTT patch for NFLV 2.0. @PART[nflv-fueltank-adapater-5-75-1]:NEEDS[CommunityTechTree]:FOR[NearFutureLaunchVehicles] { @TechRequired = specializedFuelStorage } @PART[nflv-fueltank-adapater-5-75-2]:NEEDS[CommunityTechTree]:FOR[NearFutureLaunchVehicles] { @TechRequired = specializedFuelStorage } Those should be "nflv-fueltank-adapter-75-5-1" and "nflv-fueltank-adapter-75-5-2", respectively, correct?
  2. Well I want all the other new stuff in restock 1.1.0 . I guess I can try it
  3. For those of us on 1.8.1 due to Kopernicus, can we just delete the new mainsail and skipper files?
  4. Beta 0.9 in 2015 after I watched Interstellar in theaters!
  5. Stock career mode is actually pretty bad, in my opinion. It's just science mode with grind. And reputation is completely useless unless you use the admin building, which destroys any sort of balance with funds/science/rep.
  6. I didn't even think about sidereal vs solar. I learned something today.
  7. On the Delta-V map, geostationary orbit is said to be at an 8968.11 km altitude. However, in-game that altitude doesn't show a period of 12 hours. Am I missing something?
  8. Ok great. I guess I'll have to decide which one I want handling the upgrades. Nice to know the maintenance cost is still there. That's important for the tycoon feel, haha.
  9. Turning off the building upgrade system will disable the maintenance costs, though, right?
  10. So I haven't actually been using this cool mod, since I wanted to keep the career I was already doing going, but I plan to use it in my next play through. I have a question about KCT interaction. I like to use the building upgrades to determine build rates, and not the upgrade point system. What bad things happen when you let KCT handle building upgrades?
  11. Was gonna make a response, but 4x4cheesecake got to it first and did a better job than I would have.
  12. Most contract packs will still work in newer versions of KSP. You just need the latest version of contract configurator. You can always install them then press F10 at the main menu to see if there are any errors (red font).
  13. I'm still on 1.8 but I'm using the experimental version with no issues (2.6.2 beta).