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  1. @Caerfinon that should work. Thank you! This is probably a dumb question, but does contract configurator use C# syntax for some of its code? That would explain why I can't figure out how to do stuff, because I have very limited coding experience. Specifically, the DATA nodes are where I struggle. It's easy enough to code in requirements and parameters.
  2. Thanks, @Caerfinon. I had completely missed the types on the right side before. What I'm trying to do is make some contracts to award kerbals XP by going into LKO for long durations. I've always thought it was silly that a Kerbal could spend a year in orbit, but all he had to show for it was the ability to hold prograde/retrograde. Here is my code so far. I think it will get the kerbals up to Level 2. The problem is I need to tell "crew02" to select a Kerbal that is not "crew01". Anyone have any tips?
  3. Is there anywhere I can find a list of available expressions such as this? targetBody = AllBodies().Where(b => b.HasOcean()).Random() Specifically, the terms that end in (). Where can I find those?
  4. That's worth trying out! Mind sharing what value you raised extinctionThickness to?
  5. That's a nice observation. I didn't even think about Kopernicus. I wonder if the Frog God @R-T-B has any insight. The color differences and the sun flare issue could even be separate issues. EDIT: I just went back to Kopernicus Bleeding Edge Release 7 (earliest one for 1.10.1), and the issue remains. This is not a definitive answer, of course, but gives us a little more information.
  6. @[email protected], I have some logs and some screenshots. KSP Version 1.10.1 JNSQ 0.9.0 Kopernicus Stable R34 EVE Redux Scatterer 0.0632 and 0.0723 Logs: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1ip76-oC5F8OMPgjO4L-PZxuBlcJOyrdP?usp=sharing Dusk, Scatterer 0.0632: Dusk, Scatterer 0.0723: Mid-day, Scatterer 0.0632: Mid-day, Scatterer 0.0723: You can see it's just a color issue, and may just need updated configs. I actually prefer the mid-day color of 0.0723. But the sunrise and sunset do look much better in 0.063
  7. @RyanRising Let me know if you want me to try some tests as well. Maybe some reports and logs can help @blackrack help us JNSQers.
  8. Unfortunately, I have no idea what the fix is for this. I saw this post, and decided to downgrade to 0.0632 myself. Have you noticed any major issues playing on 0.0632?
  9. Thanks for making this. Didn't know about a couple tips you had in here like deleting the JSNQ Breaking Ground dll
  10. I've been playing JNSQ on 1.10.1 for a while with no issues. Just get the 1.10.1 stable Kopernicus, and you should be good to go.
  11. This is really cool. Thanks for this.
  12. I've used them, but I put a regular 1.25-m heatshield below them. I only used the ablator on the pod for small suborbital hops.
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