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  1. Hey Jesuit. I've been a while away from KSP, though digged it out a few weeks ago and started over, using your SimplexTT Mod. Will the new update apply to my existing save, or will I need to start over with the new update as well? I installed it via CKAN. Kind regards.
  2. Thanks for the reply. Yep, CTT was installed. Could be I've overseen it when I played around with different Tech Trees. Will give it a new try at all.
  3. On my way to check it out. Thanks for your effort. =) EDIT: Just recognised some overlapping in the techt tree:
  4. Your reply was as fast as I remembered As I said, I didn't played for quiet a time and have to fiddle in again. I prefer Kerbalism over Ifils (wich was my first life support mod though) as I really like the UI and all the part it brings with it. It's not over complicated in terms of ressources. I can remember times, when TAC had almost half a dozen ressources to obay, wich was too much for me. However, take your time with your project. I know it from other stances as well as reallife how sad things can go, when you overdo something. Speaking for me and the most of the fellas he
  5. A purged version of KCT would be marvellous. Just taking time to build vessels would be enough me at least.
  6. Hi @theJesuit I am a bit out of the theme at the moment, as I didn't played KSP for a while now and just going to start it again. =) Anyway, I am not sure if it was mentioned earlier in this thread: Somehow I have the feeling, that the reaction wheels are far too early and that the 1.25 m fairing should be earlier in the game. Also I'd like to see some support for the Sounding Rocket mod in the early game. Midgame wise the mod was just fine, as I remember right. I am not using many part mods or colonisation mods, as I try to stick as close as possible for what is feasible in the
  7. Hi folks. I just encountered some crashes in the last time. Mostly it comes with some real performence issues, but it's not regular and I can't reproduce it as well. Error Log List of Mods: (all mods are loaded from CKAN except Unmanned before Manned + UbM Extended) Thanks for help and kind regards.
  8. Both mods are nice, no need to apologise for yourself. Thanks for the reply, though.
  9. I know, that the original mod didn't worked well with Kerbalism? I am now wondering, if it is still the same? Kind regards.
  10. Nice to see your very quick respond. =) I would see probes and pods in two different branches, may even divide the pods in to MK and KV series, but not sure about that. One thing, I just recognised with my new play threw with the SIMPLEX tree is as well: I would put some simple RCS thrusters and tanks infront of the reaction wheels, if you want have it more historical progression wise. Also the 1.25m fairing I would love to see a node earlier. At the moment I am failing to get to space with just the Stayputnik pobe. Mods I play with atm are mostly Sounding Rockets, Firesp
  11. Finally a new nice tech tree mod. Thanks for it @theJesuit Like the clean crisp design, though I think a few more nodes would be nice. Especially for separate command pods and probe cores. Dividing into sovjet and american parts would be nice as well, but not suitable for this mod. Kind regards.
  12. Since you updated Kerbalsim last, I get an error massage, while updating. So I deinstalled Kerbalism and now I am not able to install it again with the fallowing massage: Other mods are not a problem to installed. I use CKAN however. Hope you can help. Thanks in advance and kind regards. EDIT: Just saw Bersagliere81 has the same issue and your answer, that it's caused by CKAN. So, please don't mind the post (haven't found a possbility to delete my post yet).
  13. Ahm...I have to apologise. I just recognised, the arrows are there if I am in sandbox. I guess, I have to research more techs in the carreer mode. Sorry, my bad.
  14. Hi there. I just tried out Kerbalism with 1.4.1 (knew it from earlier versions already) and I am not able to change the ECLSS in the VAB. The two systems, installed are Scrubbers and Pressure Control, but I can't swap them with Propalent Fuel Cell for exemple. There are just no arrows there. =/ Any thoughts? Kind regards.
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