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  1. rock and roll. the new features seem pretty fun. thanks
  2. hey i was wondering if you did this on purpose... if you have a ksp version past 1.8.1, ckan wont update kerbal health past 1.3.8 because kh 1.3.8 is listed as compatible with ksp 1.8 and later, whereas kh 1.4.x is listed as compatible with ksp 1.8 to 1.8.1. sorry that was an ugly sentence. does that have to do with the new features? anyways what i really want to know is if ive been using the old version successfully should i go ahead and try the new one? or is there an actual known reason not to?
  3. huh. my tweakscale has never had a companion... is that something i should have already been using? probably... ok thanks. hopefully i wont be back talking to the rockstars of the game world. that was flattery and i hope you liked it.
  4. hey there, just wanted to drop in and let you know nerteas near future solar pack and tweakscale arent getting along... showstopping and some other frightening text. i initially posted this over there first but some people thought i should let you know. i also forgot to save my log but i can reinstall nf solar and get a new one if you want. heres a snippet i posted last night to at least give you an idea.
  5. hey there, i was digging through the log after getting a frightening warning from tweakscale and i managed to find the sixteen "showstopping" parts were from nf solar. heres a a choice excerpt from the log now side note... i dont really know what im doing. so lets see if i can attach my log and hopefully this is the right place to post this. thanks! ok so i dont know how to attach my log and rather than pressing backspace im typing more. so anyways let me know if you want it and if so, how to post it. thanks again!
  6. Downloaded then! Thank you for your contribution! I'm realizing that all the games I like to play have at least 20 mods installed. This type of thing is as big of a contribution to ksp as anything else, except you don't get paid!
  7. i realized that might be the case after i posted this. then i effectively made the same request on the realchutes page... but as far as the chute spread vs. chute function, kerbals arent cheap, but they apparently are more than willing to ride any death coaster i can make.
  8. anyone given this a go with 1.5 or 1.5.1? i googled it and the link definitely said 1.5 but upon loading the page there was no mention of anything past some 1.4 version. im really jonesing for some nice landing gear and those grid fins... sorry if this has been covered. im not good at digging through forums.
  9. hey great stuff! one request though... can you implement the spread angle option? i currently dont use real chutes only because of that. it really bugs me when the parachutes are clipping and spread angle really helps. if you manage it ill bake you a pie. i wont... but if its possible, consider it?
  10. hey thanks for keeping far up! i had never used it before and i wasnt going into all the recompiling of the outdated version myself to try it out. im glad you did though because its waaaay better than stock anyways ive got a request for a small fix, and really im not even sure if its ferram... but im almost sure. it seems like far is loading a plugin or what have you for realchutes even though i dont have realchutes. effectively all this results in is disabling the chute spread option but that hurts me pretty bad. maybe im ocd but those chutes clipping into one another kills me. anyways if anyone can guide me in the right direction itd be greatly appreciated.
  11. thank you very much. ive been making a fool of myself posting on various mod forums thinking they were all the mod that contained the parts
  12. thank you very much. ive been making a fool of myself posting on various mod forums thinking they were all the mod that contained the parts
  13. This mod does add the quarter cylinder shaped air filters, water purifiers, etc., right? if so, i dont have access to them and i can provide any relevant information if needed. if not then... nvm
  14. sorry then, good point. threats? wow... in all seriousness, this is a real suggestion. Whether its reasonable, feasable, or worth the authors time to consider, is beyond me. so sorry for my lack of perspective and context. i was hoping the 10 points might offset any, "make me the part i want" i may have put out there.
  15. ok... you probably are my favorite mod author for ksp. so as my favorite child, you owe it to me to prioritize updating this mod above the rest. yes, you owe me that ;D . anyways as far as im concerned this mod is essential for tacs life support. no! essential for all kerbal kind. +10 points nertea. have i buttered you up enough yet? get to work, my favorite child.
  16. I'm sorry but I've been checking around and I'm still unclear if Kopernicus supports proper tracking of multiple light sources / stars. The description implies it does not, yet that this seems to be one of the most popular ksp celestial body expansion mods implies it does. Perhaps I'm not the only one unsure about downloading and installing Kopernicus because of this? Perhaps the answer is clearly written somewhere and I missed it? Who knows? Anyways a response would be fantastic and if the answer is "yes it does", you could maybe recommend a few star system mods for everyone (mostly for me)?