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  1. @panzerknoef, could it give the spreadsheet a bit of editing? Which is about adding manufacturers name. Some of them are missing, not just mine. But if you'd like to add one yourself, here's my guidelist : @NightshineRecorralis Habu Industries @Bottle Rocketeer 500 Kerbobulus @lobe LOBE @FahmiRBLXian Frontinco / Frontinco Group / Frontinco Aerospace Corporation @Kerbolitto BolittoAirlines (wait wut? Anyways badass plane, bro) @Potato flavored waffles Transky Company (Note that Co. stands for both Company and County) @Kebab Kerman KlankCo @lapis Lapis Industries @KestrelAerospace Kestrel Aerospace @hoioh Skaled Komposites More coming soon.
  2. Though, review thoughts might be bad since it's slowest among the slowest. That's even the takeoff speed of the Jumbos here.
  3. IIRC the parachute cuts whenever it saw clipping? (GTA 5 Ideology but Works Sometimes™)
  4. *Corrects glasses* Well IMO it's, yes, @Potato flavored waffles, the crew will, but then there's another issue. @neistridlar, I don't think a Supersonic Paramotor will be possible (Not talking about engines) since the characteristics of a flexible / collapsible wing / (That's the correct aviation term referring on paraglider's wing). I actually once had many attempts building a Paramotor, but still wouldn't fly correctly. The wing itself 'tilts' backwards which then acts like a pure parachute which adds drag and pitches your craft up too much that you stall. In fact, rolling and yawing is also another problem to combat with. You might need to play a bit with the 'wingtip' paragliders to roll, and yawing might just tumble over the whole plane. And one paragliders isn't enough to generate necessary lift. You might'd like to work at NASA, pick a Gulfstream from their storage, take the wings off, make a giant flexible wing (The paraglider one, not the Rogallo hang glider one), put it on the Gulfstream, take a parachute with you, take the plane for a spin and cross your fingers hoping it didn't crash. If it's crashing then get out but don't hit the engine, you'll be pwned for life, otherwise. So that's it, my word or two on flexible wing airliner.
  5. As a response from the crowd... If we can't use Rocket Motors & Fully Electric for an airliner (Aka crazy, mind blowing-driven Airliners (Though giant 5km Wingspan BWB Airliner is allowed but as of now no one had done that, but I have that as an ambitious plan)) then we can't have flexible wing Airliners able to get into service; at least before 2025. *Corrects glasses* Basically AFAIK you may build a plane you're willing to fly in, which also gave me an idea why excessive part clipping is prohibited. Remember the Late-2018 Battery(?)-In-Fuselage (Aka crazy clipping) Incident one made a while ago, in here? One could imagine a flight from Honolulu, to Waimea, HI with a Big Batt Boi sitting in the middle of the aisle, and in fact the immense heat won an hourly wrestling with Air Conditioner cooling (Or heating in some climates). Anyways, thanks, @panzerknoef. Actually, to correct you, I've associated my company name with the plane, it's Frontinco Aerospace Corporation. Hope you could correct it Alternatively you could also put Frontinco Group.
  6. I've checked the one at the link last time provided. I didn't see mine. https://i.imgur.com/wr6Kifi.png Or is it added just now? EDIT : I've saw the latest revision just after posting this edit.
  7. FahmiRBLXian

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    No. Boi under meh is @kerbiloid.
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    Nahh. You're right, boi. TUBM is @Gapone.
  9. FahmiRBLXian

    The user below me...

    Nope, but Drone Cores do. I even once tried making a Flip-able Coin using a Mk2 Dronecore and some parts to distinguish between Head and Tail. TUBM has a not-so-potato Work PC which able to play some heavier games. Like mine.
  10. FahmiRBLXian

    Guess Who Will Reply Next?

    Since when, man? @GRS?
  11. I'll give it a try. KAX eProps!!! Frontinco Aircraft & Spacecraft Corporation, A Subsidiary Under Frontinco Group Of Companies Hey there! I'm @FahmiRBLXian, would like to announce our next development and launching of more Aircraft into our Liner line of airliners. This will include Turboprop-Powered and Jet-Powered Rough-Field Airliners, Prepared Runway Airliners, Business Jet-Scale Airliners and Electric Airliners. However, due to Non-Enviromental Friendly regulations ask for Kerosene-to-Electric powered aircraft, we'll launch two variants; partially electric and fully electric, just in case the Global Warming issues on Kerbin continue to develop. Check the spoiler below for extra message.
  12. FahmiRBLXian

    Ban the user above you!

    @lapis Banned for banning a typo. @GRS banned for 1. Not being in a network lag just like my last edit. 2. Asking someone not to paying you attention.
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    Banned for being invisibke
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    Rate the location....

    Well since that 10km Base Diameter Floating Castle is basically like a 10km Size asteroid... PS : Anyone ever encountered an asteroid that big ingame?