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  1. A docking module, with 10 50 docking ports of different ports from the Stock game, @Nertea's Station Parts Expansion, Wild Blue's MOLE & @benjee10's ReDirect mod. (BTW I couldn't remember whether MOLE ever have docking ports or not since I have 60+ mods installed with no visual mods. I have too many parts and incompatible Janitor's Closet (EDIT: Thus not working) only added insult to the pain)
  2. So ever since @Commodoregamer118 & @XB-70A pioneered the airplane errors in the Generate Errors! thread, I got qn idea for this game. So rules; Tell a brief history / background of an airplane by adding a twist to its story. By means of airplane, fixed-wing, powered airplanes only. No gliders, rotorcraft or even autogyros, etc. Try using UpGoer5's terms, but not for the whole post. Only a few parts of it. Forum rules Example: "Airbus immediately jumped to larger planes as opposed to tiny ones since Airbus got their money from the high-council boys." And that example started the game.
  3. Florida Man apparently got roasted by YouTuber GrayStillPlays while the god-YouTuber tortures the Solar System.
  4. Get rid of the domes and we'll get the station hub we very seldom use.
  5. Error X870: Operation cancelled, usaf.exe won't accept addon. Check file configuration and try again. (I think the whole airplane errors gave me a new idea for a new forum game)
  6. 1. Yes, closed. But don't worry, it'll be revived. We're just discussing a (literally) few things. 2. Mostly not. AFAIK the wbole backlog will be removed, there'll be sessions where a limited amount of submissions are allowed to be sent in, etc etc from our PM discussion. So unless you resend your submission, yours wouldn't be reviewed. Backlog is really like [insert highway name & time].