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  1. Just asking @neistridlar if he's still doing this mod or not. Because I'd like to request... Some re-modelling of the 737 cockpit since the 'curve' above the cockpit windows makes it look not really early Boeing-ish (I know this is meant to be modular but some sort of 2.5m to 737 cockpit adapter would be appreciated) 767/777 cockpit should be a 757 cockpit with some sort of a slightly-clipped part to turn it into a 767/777 cockpit 737's CFM56s Rolls-Royce Trent XWB for the A350 parts Early-Airbus widebody (A300-A340, skipping the A320) cockpit Rolls-Royce Trent 700 for the requested A330 parts Early A350 design cockpit (example in spoiler) 747 parts because I've seen a hint of it on GitHub. Early A350 cockpit concept for anyone interested:
  2. Wangsa Maju, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
  3. 5209: You found the pre-reform tyler1. You gotta watch out since he's about to rage.
  4. 5207: Your Samsung chocolate bar has melted. You have to think on what to do next.
  5. Floor 5192: There's a Samsung Experience store inside the charging port of a giant Galaxy Fold. You carefully approach the store, hoping to not getting electrocuted. Once you're there, you've picked up your Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G you pre-ordered, but then forgotten. You also got freebies; a pair of Galaxy Buds+ with its casing, a Samsung Wireless Battery Pack, a Samsung water bottle and a pack of coffee powder and chocolate bar in Samsung's own wrapper. Source in spoiler: You decided to leave your edible Samsung in your pocket, then you began searching for a restaurant, but then you realize the next floor is on top of the screen of the giant Fold. All you have to do is find out; something's could be there.
  6. So tonight I've just done a Reddit . Super easy tbh. My Entry Here's the highlights:
  7. Lock screen, the official KSP wallpaper that has Jeb chilling while there's an explosion in the background. Zombies are obliterated due to toxic inhallation, the blast and the fire. Home screen, also the official KSP walpaper, but with Gene Kerman at the Mission Control. At least I can get some info on the zombies's location using both the M700 & M4435 scanners, alongside the Surface Scanning Module on my main space station orbiting Earth (or Kerbin, depending on where this zombie apocalypse takes place).
  8. *cries in boarding school and having a toaster to play KSP* TUBM is in the middle of a concert.
  9. True. Dacia 1310 Dune Buggy from PUBG Antonov An-225 Mriya Boeing 737 Max 8 but it carries weapons instead of Kerbals An ICBM from a movie (available on my KerbalX) U-41 Ptakojester / Skycastle from Just Cause 3 / 4 respectively. TUBM is still bad at doing interplanetary transfers.
  10. *Slavic Russian fire sneeze* *explosion* @GRS
  11. A-firm TUBM is on Mobile atm