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  1. Granted. You couldn't do any ATC contact (Since you're overly stealth) , got lost even you're flying VFR (Since you're flying really low in thick fog) in the middle of downtown Chicago, IL, almost hit several buildings and when you got outta the fog, you've escorted by another F-22 & two F/A-18 Super Hornets. I wish Lockheed Martin started selling stealth jets to the outside of USA.
  2. Granted. Now people made you feel itchy all the time. I wish my laptop's black screen problem gets resolved. I got my assignment in there!
  3. I was supposed to this challenge. Right now. But my laptop recently got its display dead. Tried resolving that according to the video HP Support made (Sijce my laptop is a 2012 HP Pavillion g4), but so far yields nothing but a black screen and a running HDD & fan.
  4. 46 (+) Found a thic, high-explosion missile in my bomb bay. Didn't realise that. Inbound at enemy under one minute. Standby.
  5. Floor 28 : You see a CFM International LEAP-1B, General Electric GE9X, Rolls Royce Trent UltraFan and Pratt & Whitney PW1000G on their test rigs on full power. You almost got sucked in, but you've managed to grab on a nearby door handle. Next to the door is another handle, you've grabbed on it and opened the door. You've made it in and you're finally safe.
  6. I mean, Tsar Bomba has significantly more than twice the power of Little Boy and Fat Man.
  7. Good question. It's a fake Note10, if a counterfeit would ever exist. Why is the Samsung S10e isn't called S10-?
  8. They would never built one. Kerbals supposed to end up in space. Why did Samsung removed the headphone jack on the Note10 & Note10+?
  9. 41 (+) Tower, Whitebear 10K-M95, cleared for takeoff, runway 18R. Will fly runway heading, climbing to 10,000ft.
  10. Can confirm that even my Mom's Note9 displays cursive writing. I think this maybe applies to the mobile version of the forums.
  11. Well I kinda hate reaeing a Comic Sans text but TBH our Standard 1 Science textbook used that! (BTW I saw Comic Sans as a cursive writing on my Samsung Grand Prime. Didn't tried with my Mom's Note9 yet)
  12. Floor 22 : It's what supposed to be a nuclear & disasters shelter during the Great Kerbin War & Black Hole-Kraken-Kerbolar System close pass-by event. EDIT : Can anyone give me more bone-chilling ideas?