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  1. Sir Mortimer

    Kerbal Space Program Breaks Ground with a New DLC!

    How will this work? Will it be similar to how the Sentinel telescope works (deploy experiment, then leave it there, and when finished you can collect the result)?
  2. Kerbalism does indeed calculate a value for surface and volume, but that value is based on the bounding box of the part, assuming that your part is cylindrical. It is a rough estimate at best, and wildly inaccurate for anything else, especially inflatable parts. Eyeball it and you'll have a more accurate value than that.
  3. Nope, Kerbalism doesn't calculate volume or surface, it uses whatever values you provide in your config. You should be able to just merge these two into one: MODULE { name = Habitat inflate = ...all the others... volume = surface = }
  4. Stop what you’re doing and start looking at Kerbalism 3.0. Those messages are a thing of the past, they no longer show up in the new science mode.
  5. If your Kerbals sink, you’re running version 2.2 which is broken. Either go back to 2.1.2 or get on the discord server if you’re interested in playtesting version 3.0
  6. You'll be able to add a high capacity antenna which is automatically going to be enabled for data dumping only
  7. Kerbalism is about killing Kerbals, not about helping to keep them alive
  8. The savegames will work with the final released version. In fact, I think you can even load old savegames without game breaking issues. We were able to avoid breaking compatibility after all. KCT should work New horizon will be an issue: if there are new bodies, they won't have magnetospheres, van allen belts and radiation parameters. But the bigger issue I think is that new horizons replaces the central body of the universe with something that is not a sun, and that will cause issues.
  9. But prepare for low bandwidths Transmitting data with a Communotron-16 from low mun orbit
  10. The crew report taking that long is an issue with the configs that we since changed. You'll be able to do a full crew report and a goo with your very first Mk-1 pod sitting on the launch pad. Trust me, I absolutely hate having to do multiple launches for the same experiment, but this is different. You still will be able to do all the experiments in one swoop, it just might be tricky to do that.
  11. Nope, it wasn't. It was probably you working with an existing save with the new version. That doesn't work in the version you have.
  12. You will have to adapt your play style. For example, to get the science from the lower atmosphere, I shoot up a sounding probe that will deploy chutes at 5000m altitude and then, as slowly as possible, glide down to the surface, to give the experiments as much time as possible to complete. A radiation reading uses some 8 minutes, a temperature reading is relatively fast at 2-3 minutes, a barometer scan runs for 15 minutes. And those are the short experiments. If the experiment doesn't get enough time, you still get some value out of it, but you'd have to repeat it. Now, you'll be facing 2 problems: First problem, the experiments usually generate more data than can be stored on the vessel, so you'll have to transmit them back while they're running. That, of course, requires a direct link to a relay or to Kerbin. And transmission bandwidth is very limited, especially in early career (but that can be mitigated by attaching a bunch of antennae). Second problem: antennae and experiments need electricity to run, and some experiments need quite a lot. A goo container for example needs to heat the goo up to a specific temperature, and doing that will use up almost all of the battery capacity of a Mk-1 pod by the time it is finished (10-11 minutes). So you have to figure out a way to generate electricity, which will be a problem especially in early career when you don't have solar panels. You will have the possibility to run a Monoprop+O2 fuel cell, but be VERY careful with that because they'll suck out all the O2 you have and then some. I just lost Jeb and Valentina because of that. Running experiments in high atmosphere will require some clever engineering, maybe you'll have to fly a plane at high altitudes while the experiments on board are running. Launching a rocket into a suborbital trajectory will no longer work. It will be fun to see what engineering solutions people will come up with to get the full value out of a material bay
  13. OK, tried that version now. Everything looks as it is working as it should: there are no exceptions, I can build and launch a flea, I can do science and x Science won't see anything. Note that this was a bare stock intall, only Kerbalism and x Science! installed. So whatever is causing your exceptions has to do with something else.
  14. Ah thanks, didnt see that earlier.