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  1. Pressurization / Habitat implementation is a bit messy right now, and it might very well be that it doesn’t work well while on ground. Does it work in space? Try cheating it into orbit and see what happens. Won’t be perfect either, but there is some code that might mess with you while you’re in an atmosphere with oxygen.
  2. Experiments are rerunnable (for contracts) and that number tells you how often you did them. You shouldn’t get any science points for reruns, tho
  3. There is a fix for that, it is supposed to be in the latest SSPX release (just a day or so ago). Try updating to that version, please.
  4. NASA doesn't add an off switch to stuff until it absolutely positively is necessary to have it. That way noone can accidentally push it
  5. @Shaddow Phönix @SuicidalInsanity Kerbalism adds a few things to all parts with a crew capacity > 0, using a generic approximation to calculate a few relevant numbers (habitat part module, estimated habitat volume and hull surface area, life support system capacity etc.) Those generic numbers are based on the size of the parts collider and, while not accurate, will not be gamebreaking wrong. It will work. It could need a few tweaks here and there, maybe define some capsules as unpressurized or without life support capability etc., but all in all it will be playable.
  6. Good to hear you like it As for antennas: currently there is no way to plan or estimate Kerbalism data rates in the VAB. There was some discussion about that a while ago, it might be added at some point, but until then you fare best when you adhere to the following tips: For anything that is not within the Kerbin system, always use the strongest antenna you can get your hands on - it will still be too slow. Especially at Jool and beyond. Add as much data storage as possible on your probes, that way you can gather as much science as possible while you have only limited time while exposed to a new situation, f.i. in a flyby that will collect data within hours but needs weeks to transmit it all. Redundancy. Add a second antenna, and make them high quality. You don't want to send a probe all the way to Eeloo only to see the antenna fail shortly before entering its SOI. And try to avoid sending interplanetary probes during times of high solar activity, especially when operating in closer proximity to the sun (like on Eve or Moho). Radiation is damaging to data transmitters. Don't mix antenna types, or at least if you do, don't activate the weaker antennas while transmitting data. Having weak and strong antennas at the same time will increase your range a bit, but it will also decrease the data rate.
  7. Do you mean implementing orbital decay and/or station keeping in Kerbalism? Discussion yes, but it won't be done. Certainly not within Kerbalism, I would strongly suggest to keep the functionality in a different mod.
  8. You won't be vey happy with ModuleManager removed, you absolutely need that. This will probably be tough to troubleshoot on the forums. Could you join the discord server (see OP) and ask there?
  9. Mike Aben has a great series in progress, KSP 1.7.3 (i think), one video per week, 30-45 minutes, uses a couple of good mods and talks a lot about kOS programming. STHedgeHog just started a very beginner friendly series (his 4th!) with KSP 1.8 and Kerbalism. Couple of videos per week, ~30 minutes.
  10. Here are some tips. Most effective is probably to build the ship in a specific way and then use it as a shield.
  11. No. 1.3.x support was dropped a long time ago, and we dropped 1.4.x in this release. Seriously, update. You're not going to get any updates any more, for no mods - not just Kerbalism.
  12. I just looked into this. For a proper Kerbalism support, all you need is determine if a vessel currently is powered or not, and skip the resource processing that is happening in BVController.
  13. Quite the opposite: Kerbalism will recommend that you remove DynamicBatteryStorage if it detects it. It's a listed incompatibility. DBS comes with Near Future Electrics. That is probably true in this case. The reason is that, in order to correctly handle resource/EC production for unloaded vessels and during time warp, Kerbalism has to use a custom implementation for resources and therefor cannot support part modules that generate EC without it knowing about it. That is why the reactor part modules are gone and you don't see the original UI that comes with it.
  14. Most of it, I think. There might be reduced/odd functionality with reactors (haven't used any so far), some of the bells and whistles won't be there, heat won't be a problem and you might be able to do things that you're not supposed to, like transfer plutonium between partss. But overall the mod isn't broken. I'm using them in my current career(s).