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  1. I haven't tried yet, but it's probably going to work just like the old version. Let me know if you see anything that's broken.
  2. You would be mistaken Kerbalism comes with a config file for tantares.
  3. You can offset the center of the magnetic field along the axis, but yes: the axis goes through the core.
  4. My best guess is that the "maintain stability for 10 seconds" part of the contract fails because Principia keeps changing the orbit information all the time. My advice: cheat it to completion, and never take such a contract again, ever. (They're boring anyway)
  5. quadrupole moments: no. These radiation fields look still as they did a year ago (the doughnut shape), they weren't changed with the new radiation model. You can look into Radiation.cfg, look at the radiation belt of earth and how that's set up, and then go and try to find a good model for the ice giants. It's not exactly straight forward, you'll need some imagination and the help of the desmos links in there. Let me know when you've got something you like
  6. Kerbalism 3.9 : traditional hotfix release For all KSP versions from 1.5.x to 1.9.x Fix missing closing bracket causing reliability configs to not be applied Kerbalism will not work properly if there is any other mod doing resource simulations for unloaded vessels. TAC-LS (can be used with the ScienceOnly config) and DeepFreeze both use the mod BackgroundResources, and both have the option to disable that in the settings. Kerbalism now forces that setting so that it won't interfere. I don't think that USI/MKS has a similar feature, and even if it did there could be other problems. Didn't investigate for a long time. Oh. Will update that some time
  7. Kerbalism 3.8 : maintenance release For all KSP versions from 1.5.x to 1.9.x Some bugfixes and mod compatibility updates : Fix #635 : NaN propagation happening (usually) on SOI changes. Fixed deployed science experiments giving the full science value on the first transmission event Fix #620 : Allow DeepFreeze (and TACLS) compatibility by disabling their background processing difficulty setting Fix #618 : Use the new Kopernicus 1.8+ MM variable for disabling the Kopernicus solar panel module Fix #628 : Ground experiments does not work with "Science = false" Fix #630 : (Bureaucracy support) Pass a very small positive number as science value when a subject is completed to preserve stock contract functionality. Fix #625 : TestFlight no longer is hard coded to disable reliability, this is done via configuration instead Fix #610 : Fixed BIRDIE experiment requirement so it can be done Fix for TU support configs (LiOn) Korean localization (Vannadin) Reduced radiation damage on some equipments (solar panels, transmitters and antennas) Remove engine failures if EngineIgnitor or PayToPlay is installed The sun always had that, it just had a different form in previous versions. Kerbalism doesn't change the way the Communication network works, it just uses whatever link is provided to transmit science. There are a few gaps in ground station coverage in low orbit of Kerbin, to get around that you'll need a few relays in higher orbits.
  8. Let me know when you’re done. We’ll add the patch file to Kerbalisms configs (not to Interkosmos).
  9. The problem with WBI is that WBI comes with its own set of resource definitions that conflict with the resource definitions that kerbalism uses, which leads to a wild list of issues. It was not fixed because it is not fixable, but it will be fixed in the next version at the cost of broken backwards compatibility with existing save games. It has nothing to do with how kerbalism changes stock systems and everything to do with lacking coordination with resource definitions. besides, the list of mods kerbalism is incompatible with is surprisingly short, you might want to take a look at the Wiki.
  10. What you need is another reason to go places, then? My suggestion: install ContractConfigurator and the Contract Pack: Anomaly Surveyor contract pack (ignore the max. version on the contract pack, it works fine)
  11. If you can hold back for a while, we'll probably be able to have MM-Patches for Kerablism profiles.
  12. I think it disables the stock survey contracts (take measurement over location X below altitude Y contracts), but nothing else. I think stock KSP offers only one "progression type" contract at any point (Return to Kerbin from orbit of X), maybe you still have one open? In mid-game I usually go to places that have launch windows available, and pick up the matching contracts later if I get them.
  13. I don't think so, besides the science storage everything should work as it is.
  14. Nope, it won't work. SM will not even "see" the science that is on the vessel, because Kerbalism uses a proprietary storage method.