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  1. This can be changed if necessary, see here. Regarding a compatibility patch: you need to know that kerbalisms Settings.cfg and Profile cannot be patched by MM, they are loaded before MM gets to run (Kerbalism injects a couple of features into MM based on that configuration). If you need a separate profile for KerbalHealth, I suggest to replace our KerbalismConfig with your own. To make this play nice with CKAN, you could mark KerbalHealt as incompatible with KerbalismConfig, and add this bit to KerbalHealth.netkan: "provides": [ "Kerbalism-Config" ], "conflicts": [ { "name": "Kerbalism-Config" } ]
  2. Open the Kerbalism window while in the VAB, that will tell you if scrubbing capacities are adequate for the number of kerbals you have on the vessel. All capsules come with enough scrubbing capacity for as many kerbals as it has seats for. So if your Kerbals still die of CO2 poisoning, my best guess would be that the vessel ran out of electricity during your mission. Did you stay in shadow for a prolonged amount of time, maybe did the mun transfer in the shadow of kerbin? Yes, it does. What contract is it? Stock, or a mod? Well, that's unfortunate The "good" news is: I'm just reworking the drive capacity assignment for probe cores and command pods. If not configured per part (which is a HUGE task, considering the many part mods out there that add command capsules and probe cores), Kerbalism will auto-assign a "good" capacity to all probe cores and pods, based on their position in the tech tree and price of the part. Base capacities for parts that are later in the tech tree will be much higher, but there will no longer be any storage capacity upgrades in the tech tree. You can see the preliminary results here for different setups, modded and non-modded. Remember, the "storage cap." is short for "base storage capacity" and can be increased up to 4 times of that in the editor. The HECS will get 1250 MB base capacity, which gives it 5000 MB when maxed out. And 5GB should be enough for everyone
  3. See here: WildBlueIndustries defines an Atmosphere resource in GameData/WildBlueIndustries/ClassicStockResources/Templates/Storage/Atmosphere.cfg that has a much higher density than the atmosphere used in Kerbalism (0.005 vs. 0.00000125) resulting in command pods carrying masses of atmosphere that can go up to several tons.
  4. It's not related to any part, it is a well known bug in Kerbalim. It's being worked on, until then just don't enable or disable habitats in flight. It could be that the drive capacity upgrade does not work for the HECS, I don't know any more (too long ago). Did you increase the capacity in the editor? To the degree that this is currently possible, it already is. Regarding heat management and radiators, please read further up.
  5. Heat is a topic that keeps coming up, and there's a fair bit of background information in a github issue, as well as the discussion 2 pages back in this thread. Long story short: it is very difficult to get a heat simulation with the accuracy and predictability required to avoid killing kerbals in error, especially when dealing with habitation climatization and environment conditions like sunlight and shadow during time warp. If heat is going to be a thing in Kerbalism, it likely will be a dumbed down simulation that works, instead of an accurate simulation that kills your crew without justification. Don't get me wrong, nobody here has any qualms about killing kerbals - as long as it happens with a justification that is understood (and caused) by the player.
  6. The way habitats work will change. Same for radiation shielding, active and passive. There will be more part updates coming, and it's going to be fantastic
  7. Nowadays, most of the work is done by @Gotmachine - all I do is getting out of his way
  8. Kerbalism 3.6 : New parts, less bugs and more bureaucracy For all KSP version from 1.5.x to 1.9.x Let's all say our farewells to the good old pressurized containers and hex cans, and let's welcome the new containers for food, water, oxygen and everything else a kerbal needs! Changelog: New radial container parts (Arkolis), soft-deprecation of the old pressurized tanks and the TAC hex cans Ability to show/hide individual vessels in vessel list (SirMortimer) Mesh/model based habitat volume/surface evaluation : improve accuracy for non explicitely supported parts (Got) Adjusted existing habitat volume/surface configurations (stock, SSPX...) (Got) Tweaked engine burn failure function to be more predictable (SirMortimer) German localization (Woeller) + other localization fixes (TinyGrox) Add CommNetAntennasInfo to incompatible mods warning (Got) Feature #587 : Included experiment system : allow for tiered experiments (RP1 request). See wiki for documentation : (Got) Feature #588 : API methods for Bureaucracy integration (Got) Fixed incorrect EC consumption of antennas / transmitters (Got) Fix for #546 : Account for stock requireAtmosphere/requireNoAtmosphere experiment definition restrictions (Got) Fix for #544 : Disable interaction in experiment popup when control unavailable (Got) Fix for #554 : In flight science now removed instantly when a part/vessel is destroyed (Got) Fix for #568 : Missing experiment name in action groups (Got) Fix for #596 : Universal Storage 2 goo canister animations (Got) Last minute fix for #605 : EVA Kerbals getting free resources (SirMortimer)
  9. A programmer had a problem. He thought to himself, "I know, I'll solve it with threads!". has Now problems. two he
  10. Two things about planet packs that are relevant to Kerbalism: Configurations for radiation belts. Many planet packs already include a configuration that just applies the existing belt models to new planets, and others have dedicated configuration in Kerbalism (like beyond home). The length of one day will depend on the rotational period of the home body, the lenght of one year will depend on the orbit of the home body around it's star. So, depending on which planet pack you use, 1d 5h will mean 11 hours (stock), 29 hours (RSS) or something in between (I don't know how long one day is in the others). This affects all indications of time in Kerbalism, like for how long you're going to have oxygen, how long experiments run, durations of data transmissions etc. TL;DR: don't worry, it's taken care of We use a generic formula that tries to find out if an engine is a big first stage lifter (that will get 1-2 ignitions) or a maneuvering engine (30+ ignitions) or something in between. Hypergolic engines (monoprop) should have no ignition limit. I don't know. Kerbalism has no configuration for Pathfinder, and I don't know what it does exactly. Adding support might be doable with a bit of configuration work, see here.
  11. Kerbalism 3.5: There’s No Place Like Space Kerbalism for KSP 1.9 Kerbalism supports all KSP versions from 1.5 to 1.9 Other changes Hidden resources set to not being drainable by the drain valve introduced with KSP 1.9 Fixed an issue with gravity rings Removed MiniAVC Added german localization (danke, Woeller!)
  12. Getting there... Resource consumption for the unloaded rover, handled by Kerbalism.
  13. @maja would you mind if I'd take a look into this? I just got BV to compile on my system, and I think I could understand the intention of the code. <Snip>