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  1. Hey, I completely re-installed the game and all the mods. Make sure to nuke your game directory as well so nothing remains, don't just uninstall. Edit: Also, make sure you install OPT Legacy, the other ones don't work.
  2. Yep, even without WS the Pylons still explode whenever they're bolted directly to the ground, but not if on some other piece which is ground-attachable. Weird.
  3. Just quickly testing it without WS and trying different combos. I have 79 mods so just making sure its this one.
  4. Just to confirm another person whose KAS ground pylons explode the moment I move out of physics range with WS installed.
  5. Thanks a million (again) for the great mod! I just updated everything to 1.6 (clean install, newbie player) and I can confirm what some people are saying that the KIS surface attached stuff (like the ground base starter nodes) explode when you move out of physics range. I noticed it since I usually attach stuff via one of these pylons, I plop it in my base and attach my different modules to each other via this. But what I can say is a great improvement is that my bases don't explode on load anymore since we can connect stuff together and have it NOT docked! Excellent change!
  6. Edit: Nevermind, it's just about enabling previous versions. Weird. I also did a clean install to 1.6.1 today and for some reason lost the ability to install most but not all of your mods. It's really weird. Also having some issues with other mods, like B9, which should be compatible but is giving me an error message. The KSP version is 1.6.1 (logged in once without any mods) and as you can see I can install some 1.6.9 (?) mods.
  7. Hey, I'm having a similar problem as the person on the previous page. The parts it lists are from Near Future Construction.
  8. Suggestion: option to hide the disassemble button unless the Kerbal is holding a tool. I keep accidentally hitting it.
  9. Blast, I don't think I did. Thanks anyway! I'll do it the old way and disable everything bit by bit to see what mod it is... these loading screen tips are gonna kill me. Edit: Found it! It was action groups extended! Removing it restores the stackability. Imma send a message to Linux.
  10. I meant from my previous saves, so I could look at what I have activated in it.
  11. No, but the Hangar mod seems to add it, at least it seems to have scaleable stuff. Disabling it didn't help, also a mod I didn't have before. Is there a way to extract a modlist from a savefile? That would let me compare.
  12. I don't think so. I'm on version 1.4.1 since most mods seem to work on that. Should I try removing all except KIS & KAS? Is there a way to export the modlist? Edit: Wait, I did! Configurable Containers by Allista, but removing it did not fix the issue.
  13. I did a clean install of ckan & all mods after encountering a bug where I can't stack items anymore (portable struts, connectors) but the clean install didn't fix it. I've got both KAS & KIS via ckan. Any tips? Investigating previous instances I found on the web it seems to be modulemanager that messes it up. It's weird cause I had KAS, KIS & Module Manager installed manually, but after switching to CKAN after my clean install stuff stopped stacking.
  14. Hey, thanks for the great mod! I'm trying to build a VTOL mobile base for Minmus using the Feline Rover (Lynx) as the basis. TCA doesn't automatically understand that I want sideways pointed engines for quick horizontal turning (which is painfully slow in VTOL mode), regardless if I put them in "thrust & manoeuvre" or just "manoeuvre". How do I set up this mod so I have downwards facing engines for altitude, sideways for turning and backwards for orbital thrust?