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  1. Aww, but i'm just asking if they had the intention to update
  2. Excuse me, are there any serious consideration to push this whole large RSS/RO/RP-0 mod pack through to 1.8? seeing as how 1.8 is the last major version of KSP before the big 2 and possibly the last major code change to the game as well as much better optimized?
  3. I run a 32gb i7 8750H with a GTX1050ti, how much should i get in FPS? Also fun fact i showed this to my (65 YO) mother and told her it's actual NASA footage and she believed it lol.
  4. The change shape thing doesn't appear for me, only the change texture. I use 1.7.3 and the latest version of this mod. Please ask for any details you'd like. Is this a known bug?
  5. So i have these weird boxes of light that are appearing. I run KSP 1.7.1 WITH DirectX11. The GameData folder's mods are all with the latest version. Here's the imgur album:
  6. In my experience, DDG is a Guided Missile Destroyer, CVN is a Nuclear-powered Carrier. CG is a missile cruiser, SS is a sub. SSBN's a Nuclear-powered Ballisic Missile Submarine, SSGN's a Nuke Guided Missile Sub.
  7. Just wondering if there's anyway to disable or stop the animations from playing as every animated parts in my welded craft's just extended itself. I use the latest version of this mod on KSP 1.7.3 with Breaking Ground and Making History. along with the latest version of the following mods: BDarmory Continued, TweakScale, Throttle Controlled Avionics, HyperEdit, Physics Range Extender, Mouse aimed-flight and Kerbal Engineer Redux
  8. Hey man, what happened? most of your Threads' locked and links' broken, hope you're ok?

  9. So here's a Russian-ish Ship (inspired largely by the Slava-class) i built earlier using parts from this, SM Marine, SM Armory Gunz, and SM Armory Rocketz, i used Destroyer Sterns and Hulls, along with a Small Modern Superstructure Middle cut thingy for the superstructure xD, i would be flattered if this 68 parts boat could get to the front page though. And also i noticed i can double jump, or even triple jump up to almost 10m while standing on the Ships, while not on land, though i think it's probably KSP's interaction with Crafts' fault and not the Mod's.
  10. Any idea why the tumblehome bow part looks like a normal bow with a patch of added model instead of like in the picture?
  11. Just a suggestion, Maybe add larger motors? i wanna make landing legs and stuff, and i don't know how to use Inferno Robotics (the motors just stuck there, checked the groups and the actions, but it seems like it's blocked by something and starts wobbling) or maybe make it compatible with tweak scale, thank you.
  12. So, using DirectX11 makes the VAB/SPH part selection menu's Texture goes missing (just a blank silhouette), in KSP 1.5 there was a mod that fixes this by changing the VAB/SPH texture with another one, here it : The bug: is there an equivalent of this for KSP 1.5?
  13. lol so i was just plain unlucky then xD welp, waiting to download 1.4.5 anyway! Thank you very much