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  1. Just wanted to share this... I'm just starting to use KAS+KIS. I tried them out a few weeks ago. However, last week, after downloading the latest versions of KAS and KIS, I noticed that I can no longer stack the sockets and hooks in both current and legacy parts. After much time searching, I found out that KIS allows other mods to override its stackable item logic. So I changed GameData\KAS\Patches\MM-KIS.cfg to add the section in bold below to force KIS to allow stacking of the affected parts. I didn't bother adding the legacy parts because they're deprecated. KAS already defin
  2. I recently discovered TweakScale - in addition to the other mods I'm using - and it got me wondering, why not just make TweakScale a standard? The mods I'm using have different kinds of containers that come in different sizes cluttering up the parts catalog. CCK helps a lot sorting them out by mod. But wouldn't it be simpler if the modders just create 1 part that we can customize the size via TweakScale; and markings via B9PartSwitch? For example, SSPXR lets me change the container type and the decals on the container changes to reflect the contents. I understand that TweakScale is not a g
  3. I'm on KSP 1.4.5 Win10. Yes it works. Toolbar button shows up fine, even if my vessel doesn't have a docking port installed Just like with any other mod, get the latest version of ModuleManager and install that first. The ZIP file I got had MM 3.0.6 bundled. I just copied the NavyFish folder and ditched the bundled MM 3.0.6 because I already have MM 3.0.7.
  4. I'm on KSP 1.4.5 Win10. Screenshot below shows the exact version and build number - in-game version stamp near the lower left corner at the bottom. The installed mods are Vessel_Viewer_Continued-0.8.7.zip (JSI-RPM is included) , ToolbarControl- (do not confuse this with 000_Toolbar), Click_Through_Blocker-, and ModuleManager-3.0.7.zip.
  5. Holy clap, I never knew!!! I just finished building a shuttle using the mk4cockpit-2/Vulture pod. I see now what I'm missing. All the MFDs work! I didn't complain about the mk4cockpit-1/Thunderhawk displays before because I think it'll be awkward to fly using IVA anyway. The 60x30 MFD screens for MechJeb don't display the menus for some reason. And I have to "turn on my seat" to reach the auxiliary toggles/controls on the side. But with the Vulture, everything is front-and-center for the pilot. And all the MFDs work! Granted, visibility is limited. It's like looking through arrowslit
  6. Regarding the mk4cockpit-2... I'm on KSP 1.4.5. I'm a dev myself (boring business software, not the bleeding-edge game dev like the modders). So I understand the frustration of trying to support users who use an application on an unsupported release. So I accept that I'll have to live without it until @nertea is able to fit it his schedule. I have to say, @nertea, I admire your ability to juggle all the mods you're supporting. Back to the cockpit-2 issue... Having looked at KSP.log, I see that the textures for cockpit-2 are all successfully loaded. So there should be no reason why KS
  7. I had the same issue before. Fixed it by re-reading the dependencies. Installed Click Through Blocker and ToolbarController as specified. It's working for me now.
  8. Sorry for the delay... I uninstalled all mods; then added back the ones packaged with SSPXr 1.0.5. Below are images I took of the issue. The images are out of order - sorry about that. The last 2 were taken before I installed the Collide-o-scope mod to show the meshes. You can see there that when retracted, the B-EX-2 port behaves as if it's still extended - it's propping up the airframe in the pictures. I then installed Collide-o-scope to show the collision meshes. The rest of the pics show that the collision mesh for the B-EX-2 are the same when retracted or extended. The
  9. 1st time I saw the images of the parts, the detail blew me away. I just downloaded version 1.0.5 of SSPXr. I see that the collider mesh for B-EX-1 Extensible Crew Tube has been fixed (I used to have 1.0-A3 installed). Can you also fix the B-EX-2? No biggie. I'd even say the issue is cosmetic since the B-EX-1 has been fixed. Many thanks!
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