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  1. Images from the Procyias B star system, one of the couple of handcrafted and handwoven planetary systems coming soon. More photos to be seen on our discord
  2. When I say custom text, I mean adding like extra lines of information (ex: Habitable? Colonizable?) Also, the latter. (me & some others authoring a mod) You have a nice mod here
  3. Question about your mod, can we add custom text with this? If not, thats fine. Great mod from what I'm seeing! Will be using it for an upcoming mod.
  4. We might be having a q&a tommorow! Feel free to join us and ask questions. https://discord.gg/mRP38YQP?event=945575357682184222
  5. https://i.imgur.com/7mL7XZh.mp4 Due to a change in how things will be teased, I will not give specifics on what this world is. This is to keep the surprise there when you first explore these new worlds.
  6. I can't seem to get a video to embed so: https://imgur.com/Q8h1gle https://imgur.com/AVIAzlu
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