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  1. Klaniakea supercluster can work with Homeworld, because Klaniakea adds multiple star systems.
  2. I acknowledged this, but unfortunately I won't do this as this violates the entire lore and story of the mod
  3. Those scatters you made will be for Klaniakea right? But I forgot to add your credits, oopsies.
  4. Duna's South bend canyon connecting into Vamallas Marallos
  5. Eve (In Klaniakea lore) is very turbulent and affected by Kerbol's gravity, resulting in high wind speeds and gas-giant like cloud patterns
  6. -20 social credit xP Wolf 359b - A sulfur world composed of Sulfur Dioxide, Methane, and chlorine. This gives it a bright yellow tint.
  7. Got bored, made planet. What should I do with him? Suggest!
  8. Saturn and Uranus (analogues) (to scale compared to eachother)
  9. *Optional blue Jool, dunno if i can figure it out. We'll see Check Imgur page for what is deprecated.
  10. All the bloom you will ever need. The Smush-a-noob TUFX Profile! Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International (CC BY-NC 4.0) Before =After Downloads! Here! Post your pretty pictures as well!
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