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  1. Hi, I am wondering if a feature could be added where a toggle can apply the decal globally to every part of the craft, not just the part it is attached to, say i wanted to apply a camo the the entire craft.
  2. is there a way where we can make 1 conformal decal apply to every part of the plane, instead of just the part it is attached to
  3. yes this is a known issue, just don't press crtl/cmdz when you have the pwing window open, you can do it when it is closed. to fix it, no restart needed, just quit to main menu and open it up from there
  4. I found a similar problem in 1.10, i am not using CKAN, just directly from the releases zip, also running 1.10, will post logs ASAP. ( worked just fine for me though. Many Thanks
  5. could we please get a proper f-15E cockpit? sad there isnt an actual one in any ksp mod. also the new parts look sick!
  6. 100% agree, or at least an option to make a decal applied to whole craft not just 1 part
  7. hey, I absolutely love this mod but I was wondering if there could be an option for the decal to be applied over every part of the craft, not just the attached part (e.g you could plaster an entire pattern on to your plane that has like many parts.)
  8. mainly for wing tip thickness and tip width so a sharp point can be made or is is possible to have the cap to be 0.001
  9. hi, thankyou so much, everything works flawlessly, however, one of the previous version i used allowed values for things like thickness/width... to be 0, now it seems like there is a hard min cap at 0.050, is there a way to remove this cap?
  10. hey, just a suggestion, can the devs add a thing in the right click so we can know the mass and the lift of the part, would be super useful! also personally i think the deflection speed of procwings should be higher than 25(to like maybe 40 or even higher). after all the wings are really heavy compared to stock, would make sense if they performed better
  11. i think the max range of hekv is like 40 km, that means u need a low (under 80 km) kerbin orbit and fly ur plane as high as u can, then u launch it as it fly over u, I did it once.
  12. I think the vessel spawner is broken in ksp 1.10, (at least on mine(mac) and one other person's computer)
  13. is it possible you also add the control authority for pitch yaw and roll separately? like for instance having a surface pitch like 50% but roll 100%, that would be really nice! Thanks!
  14. Will the recompile be a fix for shader issues such as blackwings on mac/transparent wings and include the new features? also would it be for 1.10? Thanks!
  15. i had that issue along with the rsc also being all pink, however, I downloaded the newest update specifically stated that it "fixed mac and linux shaders" and it totally worked on my end. So try that maybe?
  16. does anyone know why the cheetah/raptorjet has weird com, its like a meter in front of the actual model, its really throwing off my com on my crafts, can this be fixed?
  17. any one else desperate to have a good looking good performing f-119 engine, really hope nmb comes out with one!
  18. i recently updated to ksp 1.9.1 and found that the latest Proc Wings still have the "black wings" issue due to macs force opengl, however, an older version seems to not have this issue. Can someone take the time to compare the 2 and find a solution? https://drive.google.com/file/d/1XfjoAc4p7MI17i4p_s6nw3mUvBe3VZGF/view?usp=sharing i use a mac and the link above is an older version of procwings but seems to be working alright, it is also free of "black wings" glitch on macs
  19. i was trying to use the rotary bomb rack to shoot missiles but it does not shoot the missiles out in the direction intended out towards the yellow arrow, instead, it shoots out away from it's original position. (first one works perfectly, second one shoots to the right, third one more to the right...)
  20. like the internal ecm is only for rcs reduction but does not really do any jamming, when i add 2 bda ecm jammers, they dont work as well(not as effective strength drops from 2100(random cockpit) to 1580(f-22 cockpit)).
  21. is it possible to make the internal ecm in the cockpits toggle able cuz it interferes with the bda ecm jammer
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