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  1. i think its great!!!! (thats all)
  2. please don't tell me you blew it all on crypto
  3. Comparing an inflatable heat shield to a cheat button that flies a rocket for you is not a good comparison. I get why its usefull, but also, a big part of ksp is about flying stuff they build for a lot of people, adding this vastly diminishes that sense of achievement.
  4. Mechjeb should not be in the base game, just no. if you want something to fly it for you it should need to be downloaded. I get that it's vital for you in ksp 1 but, adding it to the game would take away the difficulty that makes the stock game fun for like half the players.
  5. Guess i just have different tastes than you, idk what else to say?
  6. you underestimate how good modded ksp 1 can look a lot I think, like, Blackrack's clouds actually are arguably more impressive given they have a low-performance impact on the game for what they are. I'm just saying, it's not all bad, and I'm actually gonna miss this art style a ton.
  7. hoping that parallax doesn't make ksp 2's surface scatters look puny, otherwise, it has seemed fine so far in the dev footage.
  8. yes. but terraforming means the texture of that moon is not a texture but a simulated changing landscape, that would take so much processing power and then the person who wrote this would cry about the lag.
  9. I wish you a speedy recovery, I had surgery in July, I get recovery can be pretty difficult! (btw imagine having surgery done to your Achilles tendon as a just turned 18 years old, that was me! I am proud that i did it though, because i can walk so well now and am less disabled!)
  10. again, tell me how can they implement this without breaking the game's base code. I have coded before, have you ever? I'm only asking because things like the terrain system tend to not be something in games like this that can change without rewriting most of the code. this game would not be designed for it. This is a problem with their game's framework. can you loveing replace a framework without making the whole building fall apart????????????? no.
  11. the terrain system in ksp never was designed to have the textures of planets change like that while you loaded into the game, so I feel like this is unfeasible because they would have to rewrite the entire terrain system and rendering and loading systems from scratch. Side effect: in the process, break every mod, and every saves. it would liquid off a lot of players basically. I presume its a similar situation with ksp 2.
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