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  1. Radiation from the sun? Well, I suppose with a thin atmosphere that would make sense.
  2. Long range SSTO: anything beyond Kerbins SOI (Duna, eve, laythe, ect)
  3. My list (Landing): Kerbin (duh) minmus mün duna ike gilly (tip: use RCS to land) duna Jool orbit laythe bop/pol eve (one way) eeloo eve (return)
  4. hello KSP players! I have a challenge for all KSP players here. Easy level option 1: go to Minmus in under 50 parts. Easy level option 2: go to Minmus under 20 tons. medium option 1: go to Minmus under 25 parts medium option 2: go to Minmus under 10 tons hard option 1: go to Minmus under 10 parts hard option 2: go to Minmus under 5 tons impossible: Minmus in SRBs good luck!
  5. Let’s see, the first KSP video I saw was, ummmmm... I think it was hazard-ish. It was some kind of large passenger plane. But I can’t really remember since that was like 4 years ago.
  6. hello KSP users! i need ideas! i do rockets for missions so try to not give me any SSTO ideas. try to make them easy but not to easy (like mun minmus or duna). thanks. please post ideas in comments section.
  7. Welcome new forum users! its good to see you here today. the forums is a great way to spread your ideas and also to just talk about KSP. please tell me how long you have been here (new or old!).