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  1. I was summoned @JIMMY_the_DOG. @Dr. Kerbal?
  2. Also nay. @Souptime? Is it time for soup?
  3. I threw him into jool (sorry) @JIMMY_the_DOG? Are you there?
  4. There is a town, on an island called Kiribati, named Poland. There is also London.
  5. Fact: a long time ago, it was illegal in Vancouver to sell ovens on wendsdays. There is a town in the middle of the pacific ocean, on an island called Kiribati, called Banana.
  6. What is the difference from a hyperdrive and a ksp flag? Nothing. Once the flag is speed glitched they go just as fast.
  7. Behind a ship and a bit to the right of the ship is called “fine on the starboard quarter.” another fact. FOR THE MILLIONTH TIME, IN CANADA, WE DONT LIVE IN IGLOOS!!!
  8. Nah Man i threw him down the Moho hole. @Misguided Kerbal?
  9. My ship was also 100% stock. I am now planning my next mission to Gilly . Originally the Ike mission was support to be a Gilly mission but I changed my mind.
  10. Granted, the seat is alive and when you sit on it, it eats you. I wish for a better PC
  11. I also recently did my first interplanetary mission to Ike! All was a success and I had an extra 1K of delta V when I returned to Kerbin. Congrats @PigeonThePilot
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